Jul 17 2015

Extravaganza and Trails through the Rainforest!

What a lovely week when we were able to show Mums, Dads and Grandparents our amazing work this term. We also treated them to cakes and songs, supported by Mrs Micklem. It was a great turn out, thank you.
The rest of the week was spent on designing a route through the forest to a treasure, which we wrote instructions for. We had to remember time connectives and bossy verbs as well as extending our sentences. Brilliant work Cober, you are all ready for year 2!
This week we have also been multiplying using jottings and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We learnt how to make arrays which helped us count accurately. Look out Mr Anjari, we are Maths whizzes!
We also finished our explorer bags and now they have gone to the Cottage Garden show! Thanks again to Lyn who showed us how to sew on fastenings and handles.
We also had a visit from Val who shared her special memories of her daughter’s Hindu wedding. We saw lots of pictures and were able to try on a groom’s headdress and a bride’s bangles. What a ceremony, it was obviously very exciting.
Finally, we met our buddies. Jessica and Aidan were great and looked after the new children very well.

Make sure you come to sing at the recreation ground on Saturday evening at 6:30. It is the first time a class has represented Constantine School, so we need to have a good turn out. See you all there!

Last team point challenge: what helped us count in our Maths?