Exciting Science in Tamar Class 9 Feb 2013

In their science topic about gasses, children in Tamar Class have been investigating what happens when an effervescent vitamin C tablet is dissolved in water. They learned that the gas which is created when the tablet fizzes in water is called carbon dioxide. When the tablet is dissolved in water in an air tight container (such as a 35mm film canister), the gas creates a build up of pressure inside the container until eventually… The lids pops off quite dramatically (see video).

The children explored this concept, changing variables such as: the amount of tablet; the volume of water; the temperature of the water and the degree to which the tablet is broken up. They made sure that they kept certain things constant such as: the type of film canister; the type of tablet; the surface on which the pop rocket was launched and the type of liquid inside the canister. They investigated the answers to questions such as: ‘how does the temperature of the water affect the time it takes for a pop rocket to pop?’, and ‘how does the amount of tablet used affect the heigh the rockets travels’…

The children Pages used on the iPads to plan and record their investigations. Pages allowed them to easily insert tables and pictures into their document.

As you can probably imagine, we had so much fun doing this investigation and the children learned a lot about the effect of gasses and about how to plan a detailed, fair test.

Click the links below to look at some of the children’s investigations:

Ben V, Guy, Molly Caleb, Alice, Henri grace, rufus lily sadie muirne Louis, Joanna Mya, Evie, Harrison paco, Daisy polly chelsea lucas vera, Tilly