Eden 15 Nov 2011

As part of our topic this term on the ‘Jungles’ 4 classes visited Eden’s Rainforest biome. Each class took part in a different workshop and in Helford we became ‘Rainforest Rangers’. We statred off by identifying uses for parts of plants and most we decided would be good for shelter, cooking, storing water and protection. Our mission once in the biome was to note down anything we saw that would be good for food, shelter and water.    It was really hot and although the atmosphere was moist it was hard to breathe at times, especially once we were up in the canopy layer. This was part of our challenge; to survive the heat as Rangers. All our findings were e-mailed to Stuart, a Ranger in Borneo who would put our information to use whilst surviving in the wilderness of the Rainforest he works in.

We all had a great day. Take a look at our photos. Mrs G