Mar 19 2019

Eden Camp Day 2

Another cracking day and so many members of the public have commented on our children’s enthusiasm and excellent behaviour. The staff at Eden have also been impressed with the  collaboration and team work from all our pupils.

We have had so much fun in our Storm Patrol and Potions and Commotions workshops today

Imy: Potions and Commotions is the best workshop ever. I love my wand.

Juno: This is the best time ever.

Erin & Faith: We want to stay for six weeks.

Henry: I don’t laugh very often but I am.

Penelope: I’m having the best time of my life.

Alex: Everything is my favourite today.

Rosie: I love being with my friends.

Charlie: The sandwiches are delicious.

Thomas: I’m enjoying collecting all the cups at meal times.

Mrs Dye: I’ve seen children believe in themselves and that has made my camp. Seeing all the children taking part,  having a go and being so helpful to each other has been a pleasure to be part of.

Miss Puxley: The children have been an absolute delight and they have been great company.

Mrs Ruberry: I’m already looking forward to the next camp.