Mar 27 2017

Eden Camp Day 1

We have had a great day so far. The weather is amazing and we now have some free play before dinner. We are the only ones here and we have all qualified as Rainforeat Rangers this afternoon. The biggest biome is so hot today. The new rope bridge is open and we all went across.

As it got dark we took part in ‘Secret Biomes’ it was brilliant. We had the rainforest biome all to ourselves, just us, the plants and wildlife which all came to life as dusk approached. What a fabulous expedition. We played music, sang, did some art work with charcoal and torches, learned to Fox Walk, played games and loved the unique experience. The lights were supposed to come on but they didn’t which actually made the whole experience early exciting. We really had to use the torches for real to find our way out. It was brilliant!

The land train back to the biomes was fun and then we got to see our snooze boxes for the first time and the excitement started all over again!