May 7 2016

Ecuador and Place Value!

A short but busy week in Cober. We started with a brilliant insight into rainforests in Ecuador, thanks to Violet’s Mum. It was great to see the orchids growing high up in trees rather than on the ground and fascinating to hear about efforts to save rare plants, as rainforests are cut down. After this we were able to create some great descriptive phrases to add to our canopy layer writing.
Wednesday was mask making in the afternoon, with monkeys adding to our growing number of animals! What will next week bring?
Throughout the week we have focused on place value in Maths. Counting in tens and units and making numbers with multi base (10 rods and ones) and arrow cards. Keep up the counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, forwards and backwards, it is very important in our calculations.
Finally, I hope you were lucky enough to be in assembly when we showed our rainforest pictures. They showed the four layers and some of the animals which lived in each.

Next week we hope to visit Glebe gardens to spot some of the common plants in our hedgerows and wild areas. We will be accompanied by Mrs O and Lyn, both flower experts! Now all we need is a sunny day!