E- Safety Day in Helford 13 Feb 2014

In Maths we looked at how many children have access to the internet and who has their own device in which to to this on. Amazingly 18 children all have their own device; whether it be an iPad, phone, kindle, game console or tablet of some sort. Most children are supervised when on the internet, although some can access the net in their own bedrooms! We have all learnt how to be safe and hope to improve our habits online.
In Literacy we write as many rules as we could remember and then we had a chance to get creative and design our own Google face page. The task was to design a feature that would improve the internet for us. Most work included a hot spot or icon that would take you to another page. Our favourite was the 6 Nations Rugby design as this would give you all the latest rugby information, scores and players profiles in an instant. Others designed links to their own music, one had an ultra safe password which held information of all their favourite sites and one even included a small wave image that would give out the latest surf reports and advise surfers about the best beaches at that moment to visit for a great day in the waves. Cool!