Feb 6 2016

Dinosaurs, cooking and weather watch!

Another busy week in Cober Class, starting with making dinosaurs out of 2d shapes and ending with making dinosaurs out of junk! This week we started creating poems, collecting descriptive phrases and trying to expand them. A tricky task but we will continue next week.
On Thursday, Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle made rock cakes with us and brought some buns to decorate. There were lots of ingredients to make the recipe delicious!
On Friday, we went outside to see what was happening in the garden. We were amazed by the signs of Spring and talked about the unusually warm temperatures. We found a lot of damage from the strong winds we have had too.
We also found out that our favourite dinosaurs were the brachiosaurus and the spinosaurus! We made a pictogram to show this, it was interesting to see so many different dinosaurs in our results.
Finally we showed our junk model dinosaurs in assembly. We even managed to teach Mr Wild something- he didn’t know that there was a dinosaur called an ankylosaurus!
Next week will be filled with poetry and lots of skipping, ready for Friday!IMG_4321.JPGIMG_4349.JPG