Mar 12 2016

Dinosaurs at the Zoo!

Another busy week for dinosaur loving Cober Class. we started the week by finishing our brilliant writing about Greedy Dinosaur. Everyone has described our main character well and we are nearly all writing independently! For the rest of the week the children have been creating their own characters and have started a story map to plan their own story themes. some great ideas from Kitty, who had a tyrannosaurus shadowing a dinosaur and Oliver, who has introduced a time machine so that humans can return (lovely link to our role play, Oliver!). There are going to be more greedy dinosaurs, some sad dinosaurs and some terrifying dinosaurs! What an exciting set of ideas, I am looking forward to next week when we start writing.
Amazingly, several of the children are writing stories in activity time and most are remembering to organise their writing into sentences, great learning Cober Class.
Mrs Micklem went on a two day first aid course at the start of the week and it was lovely to have Mrs Page to support us for those days. Luckily, Mrs Micklem was back by Thursday when she drove the minibus to Newquay Zoo! What a great day, the weather was brilliant, the workshop was fantastic and the animals amazing! All the children behaved well and asked some good questions. All too soon we were back in the minibus heading back to school!
Story writing next week and making puppets for our stories. Another busy week in Cober Class!