Jan 20 2018

Dinosaur World

Our role play is now complete and ready to explore! There is an exploding volcano that you can crawl into, a raging river, trees, dinosaurs, eggs and a vast range of ferns. However, you do have to avoid the enormous carnivore T Rex which roams the land looking for food with his sharp teeth and claws! Intrepid explorers have to grab their binoculars and dive into the time machine to be whisked back 200 million years ago and emerge into a world ruled by dinosaurs.

We have been investigating the Triassic Period when dinosaurs evolved, some on two legs like the Coelophysis, a vicious carnivore, others on four, like plateosaurus, a plant eating herbivore. We have measured them and discovered some of the Triassic dinosaurs were nearly as long as our black area! Now we wonder whether there will be larger ones in later dinosaur times, we think there will!

In Science we have looked at some animal groupings and discussed vertebrates and invertebrates and found out that dinosaurs were reptiles and that many fossil remains have been discovered and scientists have been able to work out what dinosaurs were like.

We have also been looking at the world in these times and we’re all amazed to discover that land masses were not like they are now. Pangea was a joined land before the present continents were formed and over millions of years land masses moved and are still moving!

Already we have made lots of amazing dinosaurs and eggs for homework, thank you parents for your support and patience!

We are looking forward to finding out about Jurassic times next week when dinosaurs grew larger and spread further across the world. As always this topic has sparked the imaginations of the children and every session of free activity time is spent making dinosaur models, drawing scenes from Triassic times, looking through books or exploring a role play with binoculars in hand.