Feb 4 2017

Dinosaur Facts and Poems!

What a busy two weeks for dinosaur explorers! We searched for eggs which had facts for us to collect and linked our science by looking at life cycles. We were able to adapt the crocodile life cycle and make a dinosaur one,  while we also studied the more complex butterfly and frog stages of life.

Thanks to Ruby’s mum, we have made walking dinosaurs and flying ones. Both are making our dinosaur corner look amazing! Now Georgina is helping us decorate dinosaur eggs, which will be the starting point for creating our own dinosaurs! Will they be carnivores or herbivores?

Finally this week, we have created descriptive phrases about Tyrannosaurus Rex, which we made into poems. We learnt how to move phrases around and improve them to make our poems more exciting.

Our maths has focused on understanding that numbers are made of tens and units as well as imagining the size of dinosaurs in metres!

More dinosaur tasks next week…