Jan 26 2019

Dinosaur Fact Finding in Cober!

Cober Class have been very busy this week being ‘fact finders’! They used both information from the internet and non-fiction books to find out lots of different facts about dinosaurs. On the Netbooks, they wrote a fact file about either a Tyrannosaurus, a Diplodocus or a Triceratops. They found information on it’s length, weight, food and diet, how it moved and what it looked like.  Some of the children then found facts from different non-fiction dinosaur books and recorded what they had found. The children showed great perseverance when learning how to write on the Netbooks, which could be quite tricky at times!

After writing our fact files, we went outside to measure the length of each dinosaur that we had researched, to see how big they were. We couldn’t believe that a Diplodocus would have been almost as big as our playground!