Mar 21 2018

Delaware 2018

Well we all had such fun on this camp. For many it was the first time away without a family member and for some it was their first time ever sleeping away from home. There were some challenging times and every single child managed to persevere and make some wonderful memories. For some the new activities proved difficult, for others the heights and challenges of going out of their comfort zones was a huge test and for others getting to sleep in a different place without the same home, bedtime routines made it tricky. However, every single camper (all 48 of them + 8 adults) managed to succeed in not only getting over these hurdles, but in also having a fabulous time and becoming an even bigger part of our school family. What a pleasure they were to take away and spend time with.

We had continuous praise from members of the public for the children’s manners and good behaviour, willingness to learn and participate- even when the going gets tough. The Cornwall Outdoors Team commented on how well prepared all the children were and they had never seen or worked with such young, brave and eager children. All the staff and volunteers who took these children are immensely proud of them all.

So, here they are, the campers from each room of Delaware camp 2018