Day 2 of the Paralympic Journey. 5 Sep 2012

Day 2 of the Paralympic Journey.

We woke up from a great night’s sleep and we were down for breakfast by 7:15. Mya appeared to be still asleep, responding to human communication with a grunt. All four of us devoured the great buffet that was on offer, including bacon, eggs and even Coco Pops, much to the delight of Guy! We checked out and made our way to the Olympic Stadium.

We thought the journey would take a fair amount of time, however, this wasn’t to be the case with extra trains being put on for the Olympics. Travelling through the capital, it was clear that the Olympics had captured the city, with people smiling and all talking about the wonderful event. After a short while, we arrived at the Olympic Park, to be greeted by the ‘Games Makers’ who were full of beans, even at an early time. We discussed and joked that if we had their job, we would struggle to be so happy for so long- they were amazing and always willing to help and share their wealth of knowledge!

As we were there in good time, we took the opportunity to walk around the vast grounds of the Olympic Park, home to amazing architecture in all shapes and sizes. We soon found the ‘Official London Superstore’ and we spent a long time looking at the wonderful selection of merchandise on offer. We bought a few gifts and then made our way to Olympic Stadium to find our seats.

We entered via Bridge A and due to some poor navigational skills managed to walk around the whole stadium by accident, before we realised our block was on the upper tier. Eventually we found our seats, which were excellently positioned by the start of the 100m track. The crowd were getting louder and the atmosphere was bubbling as the inspirational athletes began to participate in their particular event. Guy loved watching the blind Long Jump, which showed amazing skill and teamwork as they were led by their guide who clapped their hands to tell them when to jump. Mya enjoyed watching the wheelchair sprinters, who demonstrated their amazing upper body strength.

Inevitably, the end was nigh and we reluctantly made our way out of the stadium to grab some lunch. After lunch, we made our way back to the hotel to collect our bags and begin the long 8 hour journey back to Constantine, getting home around 10:45, ready for school tomorrow at 8:45 in the morning!

The trip was simply a once in a lifetime opportunity and will certainly treasure the experience for the rest of my life. The athletes on show proved that anything is possibly when you put your mind to it!

Guy said that ‘It was an extraordinary experience and it was incredible to see the athletes do what they do best even with their disabilities!’. Mya said that ‘It was different to any experience that I have ever had in my life’.

A big thank you must go to Mrs. Brooks for sharing the experience with us and ensuring that we didn’t get lost and to Mrs. Gilbert for being a part of the ‘Get Set for the Olympics’ scheme.