Jun 10 2014

Day 2 – Harlyn Bay Surf School

Today was the second day of camp and everyone had an unforgettable day! The sun was shinning and we where all ready to start the day’s activitys. When we reached Harlyn Bay everyone was extremely excited to be doing surfing and coast stirring. The children where split into two groups, group one was doing surfing first and group two was doing coast stirring first. After a while we swapped around, I was really excited to be coasteering but a bit nervous too. When we reached ther first rock to jump (30cm high) it looked a bit scary but eventually I managed to jump it. After a lot of swimming and a few more jumps we finally reached a 4 metre drop – I hesitated at first but was so proud when I did it! Then everyone came back to camp and had some relaxing showers. We are now about to go outside for some games and free time.
By Chelsea