Dark heat part 2 by Rufus 26 May 2013

Chapter 2: Grathe.

Geetal and Gr’oth were learning spells again “Hrraaaarrrrr” blew out a very impatient Gr’oth.”Oh come on then” said James “I’ll teach you a dark spell” (Dark spells make you invisible) “Yes!” purred Geetal and Gr’oth together.

The potions dragon was in the kitchen mixing: water, dragon tear*, mint and tree sap. Soon she would  make a cloth bag, then she would pour all the mixture in and heat it. Suddenly without warning a dark heat radiated off the dragons tear. Her nostrils soaked up the heat and she fell unconscious, if she wasn’t she would have seen a invisible dragon go sneaking past and take the dragons tear.

*A dragons tear is a extremely powerful diamond tear drop, if you insert it in a wishing drake or wizard dragon their power will be limitless.

Grathe is a famous wizard dragon who will teach Gr’oth everything.