Dark heat by Rufus part 1 25 May 2013

Chapter 1: The dragons law.

James was in the living room moulding another clay dragon, soon he would take out the cork,burn it and put it back in again.To do this he would need to burn it until it went black,he had one problem: what would its name be? Gr’oth excellent name (all dragon names begin with a G). Geetal was calling out “Hrrrrr” every so often in case of  some one falling ill (or out of a tree), she was a potions dragon after all. Gr’oth would be a wizard dragon or a wishing drake (same thing really) to grant wishes and to make up, learn and use spells. Greel was standing by the door with a letter in his paw which he flew up to James. “Urrrrrgh what now!” moaned James “Hrrrrr” went Greel “What? some ones found the dragons law!?”

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