Dec 18 2015

Daisy’s Chinese lantern lesson

Daisy in Lerryn Class decided to teach the class how to make a beautiful lantern, and it was a perfect end of term activity.

She did an excellent job of explaining how to make a lantern, and the rest of the class were impressed by the way that she took her time, spoke slowly and clearly, kept on trying until it was right, and knew exactly what she was doing. What fantastic behaviours for learning!

If you would like to make your on lantern at home, here is how Daisy showed us:
1. Take a piece of paper.
2. Cut a 2 centimetre strip off the top of the piece of paper.
3. Fold the paper in half along the longest side of the paper.
4. Carefully cut horizontal lines into the paper, making sure that you leave a gap to the top.
5. Sellotape the ends in a cylindrical shape.
6. Add the handle to one end.

It was an impressive lesson from a 6 year old! Well done, Daisy!