Tamar’s Shelterbox Fun 16 Mar 2013

We had a great day in Tamar Class on Shelterbox day. Firstly we used some explanation texts to answer some questions about earthquakes and then we watched a BBC video called ‘fierce earth’, all about earthquake rescue. We discovered lots of technical vocabulary about earthquakes such as: magnitude, tectonic plates, seismic, Richter Scale…

After play, David from ShelterBox gave us a fascinating talk about the work that the organisation does when earthquakes strike.



David told us that Shelterboxes weigh no more than 50 kilos, so after play, we found a couple children in the class who weighed about 50 kilos and we carried them around the school in the Shelteroxes to see how heavy that actually was. We thought how hard it would be for a family who might have to move a ShelterBox more than a few hundred meters.  We also thought about how hard the ShelterBox Dartmoor Challenge would be! Look at the website to find out more: http://www.dartmoorchallenge.org/. Mr Hitchens thinks the staff should have a go themselves!



Next we had a race to see which team could get two team members and a ShelterBox across the playground without touching the floor. There was lots of team building, problem soving, speaking and listening and collaboration involved. Have a look at this exciting video:

Mr Ajari’s class had made shelters in their classroom using their desks and tarpaulins; we tried them out:


In the afternoon we did some artwork based on a ShleterBox poster of a flood. Each of us drew 1/28 of it, and then, all the pieces were assembled to make a giant poster. It still needs a bit of work though!

It was a great day, full of fun and games and learning. Thanks to Mr Hitchens for organising everything.