Jul 2 2020

Cornwall Virtual School Games 2020

As the end of the first ever Cornwall Virtual Schools Games draws to a close along with National School Sport Week I just wanted to let you know what a week we have had! We joined over 10,000 unique participants and nearly 40,000 individual results registered, which is AMAZING!

It has been overwhelmingly positive week so many children getting involved and getting active with their teacher, families and friends in school and at home. We take our Physical Education, school sport and physical activity very seriously and always promote the enjoyment and fun elements with all our children and staff. As a bonus we were delighted to finish the week having been awarded with eight medals in the following categories:

Gold- Volleyball Year 4

Gold Volleyball Year 5

Gold Tennis Year 3

Silver Tennis Year 4

Bronze Tennis Year 2

Bronze Tennis Year 6

Silver Gym & Dance Year 3

Silver Making up the Miles Year 3

You can spot some of us in action on the attached videos:

Day 2 Boccia and Bowls

Day 3 Gymnastics and Dance

Day 4 Volleyball

Day 5 Tennis

The School Games has been great and have been enjoyed by us all and here are some quotes from our children and staff:

Erin Y4 “It helps me feel connected to my friend who I haven’t seen at all in lockdown “
Lucy Y4 “I like doing the miles and adding up over the day”
Sophie Y2 “I like the gym”
Morva Y1 “I have done lots of running”
Emilie Y1 “I liked the jumping high. I did one at home indoors and I’m going to do the ball one today at school”
Jimmy Y2 “I’ve been walking with my brother and sister and father”
Matthew Y2 “I love being active”
Alex y6 “it’s better doing things with friends”
Elijah “I was good at jumping because I do parkour “

Mrs G ‘Its great to see every child and adult in school active, happy and going for it. There is a real buzz in every classroom. This virtual year has really enabled us to focus even more on equality and inclusion which has been inspirational’

Miss M “it’s been great to get the kids active and focused on a common goal. They get so excited when they see our school in the videos”