Jun 19 2017

Cornwall Logos

A huge thank you to Winnie and Andrew Swan who visited us on  Thursday 14th June to help us understand how to create our own logo. in class, we had already studied different logos, what they meanand how to make a good logo. With Andrew and Winnie we saw how Andrew made his own logo using two elements: a heart and a Cornwall flag. We used the same structure to create our own logos.

We used the same structure to create our own logos.We were blown away by the quality of what the children produced.

In their own words the children said:

“I learned that you have to practice and practice until you get better at the design.” Layla.

Speech mark try, try, try again. I’ve learnt that you take your time and try your best.” Alice.

“Keep keep it really simple for a logo.” Aoife.

“I’ve learnt if I’ve done one design you can do another and another until you get what you want.” Theo M.