Mar 15 2017

Cognitive Skills

In PE we have been focussing on our cognitive skills. That means: the physiological  processes involved in acquisition and understanding of knowledge, attitudes, decision making and problem solving.

Basically, we have been playing lots of games where we really have to think about what we are doing, how we are doing it and how we can adapt our play in order to improve.

The games and activities have all been fun and many require collaboration, perseverance and a combination of physical skills.

We are alll improving the more we play now.

M: can I show and explain our game? It has tactics!

G: I love the hoops and as you can block your opponents.

D: we have played the hoops game with bibs, bean bags and also on the gym mats using  ourselves as the counters- that was fun and my best lesson.

F: The three legged challenges were hard but we got really good when we used the tips to help us improve.

T: I can’t wait to try my game next week, there aren’t a too many rules but you do have to communicate to score.