Climate change 16 Jul 2013

(Against global warming)

It is known that global warming is an error that has occurred on Earth for a matter of years. Humans are polluting the world with carbon dioxide, and greenhouse gasses such as this can stay in the atmosphere for thousands of years. This is causing the temperature of the globe to rise increasingly.  Sea level is rising, species are in danger of extinction and animals across the world are losing their homes due to melting ice and snow.

As northern countries get hotter, disease carrying insects migrate to the north – bringing diseases with them. As the temperature of the sea rises, the probability of stronger and more frequent hurricanes will too. Although some areas of the world will become wetter due to global warming, other places will suffer through serious droughts and heat waves. Africa is likely to suffer the worst from it, while is Europe is suspected to encounter frequent heat waves.

(For global warming)

I believe that global warming is actually not real.  There are many reasons I believe this. Scientifically, global warming happens. But the blame cannot be put on humans and greenhouse gasses. Gasses are released during tectonic activity. Once this gas is released it thickens the atmosphere, trapping heat inside. After the Second World War, there was a huge surge in recorded carbon dioxide emissions but temperatures fell for around four decades after 1940.