Christmas comes to Kenwyn class. 14 Dec 2011

It’s that time of the year for the shiny ball balls to make their long awaited appearance in Kenwyn class. Despite calls from some corners for decoration initiations to be delayed until 1st December, the majority of children and staff in Kenwyn strongly backed the early arrival of this seasons festive period. Kenwyn’s TA extraordinaire and Christmas time enthusiast Mrs Skewes commented, “I just love Christmas I do, and I’m so glad it’s all kicked off a day early. Woohoo!”. Finn, Henri, Jemima, Charley and Aden were all said to be delighted by the news and dizzy with excitement (stop spinning on those chairs!). Mr Anjari was unavailable for comment ;-)

Warm Christmas wishes to all children, parents and friends of Kenwyn.

Mr Jones.