Can we persuade you? 5 Jun 2013

Helford class have been looking at persuasion texts and identifying features of them. Here are some elements we know are good to include in a persuasive text: statements, rhetorical questions, technical language, facts and opinions, emotive language, elaboration and summaries. We learnt a text about ‘How important sleep is’ and performed this to the whole school and parents, convincing them that they need more rest and not to argue about bedtimes. We did a good job!
We have since been writing our own texts about why bees are important to us and the environment. We have been convincing our audiences by writing how we should be encouraging bees to feed and pollinate more and that we can help by planting plenty of colourful flowers.
Next we are making persuasive posters to encourage people to recycle. In the form of a poster or advert we can also use alliteration and slogans to make what we say more convincing and attractive to the reader or listener.