Mar 12 2021

British Science Week in Helford Class.

This year the theme has been innovation, we have used Space for inspiration. Imagine you could pop to Space on your holidays. Which planet would you go to and why? Space Adventures are the only company who have managed to send paying tourists into Space, they worked with the Russian Space agency and Energia to facilitate flights to the International Space Station: it cost each person over $20 million for a 10 day trip! However, several companies have been exploring the possibility of taking tourists into space for sub-orbital travel, including Virgin Galactic at a cost of $200,00 per visitor!

Our challenge this week has been to devise a way to get into space, to move around in space and to get home again. Many inventions begin by looking at what is already available, thinking of ways to improve upon what already exists rather than creating something entirely new, it’s as process! How are we going to get Space Tourists to the Moon? Have a look at all of our wonderful ideas, designs and prototypes, we have all had such a wonderful time and have been inspired.