Borneo Explorers Visit Tamar Class 16 Nov 2011

Children in Tamar Class had quite a treat today! Andrew Smart from Cornwall College, Newquay, visited Tamar along with some students from the college, to talk to the children about thier recent research trip to Borneo.

Tamar children wrote letters to the research team after reading about their research trip in the West Briton. They were so inspired by the article that they wanted to know more about their trip.

Andrew Smart and his team were delighted with the children’s letters and only too pleased to visit Constantine School to tell the children all about their adventures. The children enjoyed looking at presentations and then had the opportunity to speak to each of our visitors in person.

To end a great morning, the children were keen to share all their  fantastic rainforest work, including iMovies, quizes, Top-Trumps and games and songs.

Find out more about Cornwall College’s research trip by following the link below: