Mar 13 2017

BOATANICALS event – recycled art with Falmouth Uni

A fun morning learning about flowers through art. Nayte said “I think that this was an interesting way that you get to learn about new flowers and make them. I learnt that we can work together in different ways, some making the same flower and others making ones that are completely new to them.” Great collaborating and reflecting on your learning!

Juno has included moving parts in his design. This budding (geddit?) engineer declared “My flower pretends it is dead and then when the sun comes out it stands up like it is alive. I’ve learnt that bees collect pollen.”

Rosa said “I have a bumble bee flying in to collect pollen from my flower.” Can you spot it in the final photo?

Thanks to our guests from Falmouth University who have helped us out today. See our creations on display at Falmouth Pavillions later this week.