Sep 15 2018

Autumn Surf Club

This term’s surf club got off to a fantastic start at Praa Sands, with beautiful weather, warm sea and perfect conditions for all abilities.

Evie and Frankie were the first to catch a wave while our three newbies, Aoife, Ellie and Tia received some tuition on the beach. It was soon clear to see that previous surf tuition had paid off: our more experienced surfers were paddlng out back and catching green waves, while others were riding wave after wave of broken water and Sarah rode some of her first stand up waves.

Our newbies were in the water in no time and all proved to be plucky and determined.

Well done all for one of the finest surf sessions I’ve had the pleasure to attend with our surf club. Our instructors at Global Boarders were as equally as chuffed with our surfers as I was.

Thanks Andy for pic below: