Delaware camp 2020

Here a couple of pictures from the archery we did during the recent Y3/4 camp. We were so busy we didn’t have time to take many pictures! What a fabulous few days ☺️


Science: The digestive process

This week in science we are learning about the digestive system.
We simulated the digestive process by using a red bowl for the mouth and using a cutlery knife (incisor) and spoon (molar) to ‘chew’ the food.
The food then continued its journey down the oesophagus and into the stomach (sandwich bag) where it mixed with the digestive juices (orange juice) before entering the intestines!
The children were able to see the ‘nutrients’ being absorbed through the intestine wall before the waste was excreted. Children had great fun using their hands to simulate the muscles of the stomach and to move the food along the small and large intestines.

Knitting club

The children are lucky enough to have some experts giving up their time to support knitting club. There are some budding knitters in the group, keep it up!

Sharing stories

This afternoon, Kenwyn enjoyed sharing their favourite stories with their cuddly friends, and each other!


Spring term curriculum letter and enrichment grid

Kenwyn Spring 2020 Curriculum & enrichment grid

Kenwyn 2019