Science Rocks!

Helford class have been exploring rocks and soils in the local area.

Mathematics in the sunshine

Inspired pupil writes to MP.

Sonny from Helford class, year 3 has been inspired with his recent learning; to write a letter to the local MP about pollution. Well done Sonny, we look forward to the reply.

Science Rocks!

Helford class visited the local church to observe rocks in the local environment. They explored how rocks have changed over time, thinking about the different uses and characteristics.

Field Trip

We had a lovely time exploring the woods looking at a tributary of the Helford river. We also took the opportunity to admire the stunning Bluebells.

Exploring Christianity.

In Helford this week we have been exploring Christianity and thinking about – what kind of world Jesus wanted. The children compared similarities and differences to the kind of world that they would like to see.

Cupcake Art 🧁

E-Safety in Helford.

Special Visitor

Helford class had a special visitor to help inspire their writing. Thankfully Mr Willy Wonka was able to self-isolate before coming into school.

British Science Week in Helford Class.

This year the theme has been innovation, we have used Space for inspiration. Imagine you could pop to Space on your holidays. Which planet would you go to and why? Space Adventures are the only company who have managed to send paying tourists into Space, they worked with the Russian Space agency and Energia to facilitate flights to the International Space Station: it cost each person over $20 million for a 10 day trip! However, several companies have been exploring the possibility of taking tourists into space for sub-orbital travel, including Virgin Galactic at a cost of $200,00 per visitor!

Our challenge this week has been to devise a way to get into space, to move around in space and to get home again. Many inventions begin by looking at what is already available, thinking of ways to improve upon what already exists rather than creating something entirely new, it’s as process! How are we going to get Space Tourists to the Moon? Have a look at all of our wonderful ideas, designs and prototypes, we have all had such a wonderful time and have been inspired.

Constantine Christmas Fun Run 2020!

The whole school took part in our first Christmas Fun Run, this was a huge success and fun was had all around. Fal class completed a fantastic 15 circuits of the school, they could of done more but it was time for their delicious Christmas lunch. Other classes completed laps and circuits of the playground and field, with very impressive results. Kenwyn, Helford and Tamar challenged themselves with a distance of 5k around the recreation field, which was absolutely amazing. Thank you for all your kind and generous donations. We very much look forward to doing it next year.

Helford Breaks New Ground!

Today Constantine took part in their first virtual art lesson, provided by Falmouth Art gallery. Children in Helford class explored colour mixing, mark making with different paint brushes and then used these skills to create a painting inspired by local artist Alfred Wallis.

Science: rocks and soils.

In Helford class we have really enjoyed learning about rocks and soils in science.


In Helford we are learning to play Chess.

Helford class World Book Day


Apple Pressing

Helford and Kenwyn enjoyed an afternoon of apple pressing with the delicious apples collected from the orchard.

Helford: trip to the rock pools.

Helford class had a wonderful day out at Castle beach, exploring the rock pools. The children found many interesting finds including a lobster.

Helfords walk to the orchard 🍎

We had a lovely walk to the orchard, to collect lots of delicious apples, we look forward to making juice with them next week. Thank you so much to Mirta for organising and Sarah and Bryony for helping.

Helford Science.

During science we explored the Rock Cycle, using Starbursts to recreate metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks. Using heat and pressure to change the type of rock, creating the cycle.

Helford’s wonderful poetry.

We have been learning to write poems during literacy. We have written a seaside poem using; personification, metaphors and alliteration.

Helford’s visit to Eia’s garden.

Helford had a wonderful experience last week as they were lucky enough to get to see bees in action in  Eia’s garden. Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Gibson for allowing us to visit.

Helford Kimberley Park and Art Gallery visit.

Helford class have had a fabulous day in Kimberley Park being inspired by the natural beauty of flowers and plants to create observational drawings. They then took their designs to the gallery to create ‘relief prints’

Trevictus Games 2019

A fantastic day had by all at the Trevictus Games. A superb effort by all involved, well done: Y4 Charlie, Ciaran and Ellie. Y3 Henry, Harrison and Keyah, Y2 Louchanna, Layla, Mia and Emma, Y1 Adam, Lizzie and Evie.

Knitting in Helford class.

Helford class are being introduced to knitting. Thank you so much to Constantine. WI for providing this opportunity.

Outdoor Yoga

The children got to do their yoga practice in the glorious sunshine.

Helford’s wonderful rainforest collage.

The children in Helford class worked collaboratively to create a stunning display for the summer terms topic ‘Wonderful woods and Fabulous Forests. Thank you Mrs Massey for all your help.

Helford- Literacy and Art day.


KS1 Cross Country

Well done to all of the KS1 athletes. They have had an absolutely fantastic morning competing, bringing back 6 medals- amazing!

Year 2 camp part 3

A brilliant final day on camp spent improving our ball skills with Plymouth Argyle football coach Matt Ayers; eating Slice pizza and playing in the park; and spending £1 in the Spar shop to get best value sweets. We returned to school happy and exhausted with our first ever School camp successfully under our belts. Well done Lerryn and here’s a quote from one of our campers:

“I felt like I didn’t want to go on camp but when I was on it I really enjoyed myself. I loved the PE and the pizza and actually it was all so fun I wish I could remember it all.”

Thanks so much to Mrs Moyle, Miss Puxley, Mr Ireland, Mrs Carroll, Mrs Stocks, Mrs Kent, Miss Bidgood, Miss Potts, Mr Wild, Mrs Gilbert and Mrs Herbert for everything they did for us.


Year 2 Camp part 2

Good morning,

We have slept well, perhaps surprisingly so! Most children went to sleep soon, and we woke at 0700. Here are some photos from breakfast.


Year 2 Camp

We are having a great day at Year 2 camp. The children have loved the games at Glebe Gardens, ate their lunch beautifully, honed their bowling skills at the club with Mrs Stocks and played lots of games back at school. DJ Puxley is just finishing the disco we are going to start to get ready for bedtime.

We are so proud of the collaboration, great behaviour, sense of fun and  interest in the world around them that the children are showing. They are a credit to our school!



Lerryn explore the Stone Age at Helston Museum

Sketching an archaeological dig? Identifying animal tracks? Creating clay pots and drawing A Day in the Life of a Stone Age child? Only Helston Museum and their amazing volunteers could create such a superb set of activities. Thank you so much for so many new angles to support our understanding of the topic.

Hotel Insecta welcomes new guests

A big thank you to Paul Herdman who has created two fantastic insect hotels with Eco-Club. After the school council decided that they wanted to renew our outdoor areas, Eco-Club designed a new hotel for insects. Here you can see us cutting bamboo to create more spaces for insects to live. We have also been preparing the ground for willow planting to create a space for bird watching and shelter for the pond.

Well done Eco-club!

A taste of Japan for TLAT more able language pupils

Stone Age shelter building

In Design and Technology Lerryn planned and then made shelters using natural materials. We discussed how to find a good foundation, build a framework, build the walls and then protect the den from predators and the weather. We conducted 3 tests for strength, dryness and warmth. Louie said “I really, really enjoyed it because it felt like you were making a house, but a house outside in the woods.”



We have reviewed the current ice conditions and have decided to open the school at 1.00pm to those who are able to make it safely. We will be operating on a skeleton staff and therefore we will be off timetable today. We ask that any child coming into school is given their lunch beforehand. There will be no after school clubs, including childcare today.

Thank you.

Lerryn love Golden Time in PHSE

Golden Time is an important part of PHSE. The children can choose their own activities and work together to make up games and help each other enjoy themselves. Each week we try and focus on a different skill, and this week it was making each other happy. We had extra Golden Time this week because all of the secret students showed excellent learning behaviours. Well done Lerryn Class. You have worked together beautifully this week and made each other happy.

Eco-Club Support our winged friends

This week Eco-club made bird-food bracelets and lard cakes to help the birds in their most difficult season. We thought about squirrel-proof ways to provide food. Over the next few days we look forward to seeing which areas of the garden birds frequent most.

Thanks very much to Clare Scrimshaw for her help!



Stone Age Living

Lerryn class have been preparing and researching for our information text writing by cooking deer stew and making fires. These experiences mean that the children will be able to write from first-hand. They are creating an 8-page book that they are really enjoying working on.

We are also really enjoying Coding in computing, and are working towards creating our own Stone Age computer game.

Learning about the weather in Lerryn

Lerryn are loving learning about the weather in French today. Mme Alexander is teaching il pleut, il fair beau, il fait froid, il fait chaud and il neige. As usual, the class are really enjoying their learning.


Olly’s fantastic writing

Have a read of this excellent recount. I’m glad to say that it was only the tip of Dad’s finger that was hurt!

New Eco-Club members

It is wonderful to recommence Eco-Club with 17 hugely enthusiastic and knowledgable members of our school from years 2 to 5. Here are some of the topics that we are interested in and will be examining in the coming term. How exciting!


What could Stone Age Art have looked like?

Lerryn had a wonderful discussion about What is History? today and followed it with the above question. The accuracy of the children’s responses was impressive, and we then discovered Argentina’s  Cueva de las Manos before creating our own version on the doors to our class cave. This truly is a fantastic topic with a talented class!

Etegami in Japan Club

Etegami, literally translated as picture letters, are a Japanese art form in their own right. I was impressed how absorbed the children were 8n creating an image and words to accompany it that capture a moment, feeling or subject that was special to them. The results were both speedy and striking.


We cooked vegetable samosas!

Today Lerryn made this traditional Indian snack as part of our Fire, Food and Festivals topic. We loved making them and they were really, really, really delicious.



Lerryn’s traditional tale storymaps

I really like these maps because they reflect the talents of Constantine children so well. They are full of enthusiasm and energy for the topic, built on collaborative high-quality learning, and follow the steps to success with an added touch of pazazz to make them truly special. Zoom in on them and take a close look at the excellent keywords and simple but striking illustrations.

Sumo at Constantine

It’s official! Japan Club’s favourite sport is sumo. After learning about the history, rules and how to play last week, we created our own virtual characters to battle on a dojo. Tanoshimi deshita!

Pudsey can hopscotch!

In our PE we had a surprise visitor! Naturally we asked Pudsey if he wanted to join us and he was rather skilled, showing us his head up, minimal wobble and a secure standing foot! Well done, Pudsey!

Maths event for Year 2s

Six members of Lerryn went to Trenance Infant School in Newquay for special Maths morning on Thursday. This is what they thought of it:

Imogen “What I liked about today was finding the criminal because it was fun.”
Juno “I loved the maths so much that I could stay here all day and night. I’ve never been to a different school before. I also made new friends.”
Xavier “I enjoyed doing different maths problems and solving lots of calculations.”
Elijah “I liked finding the criminal and doing the letters to solve the clues.”
Ophelia “I enjoyed working out who the criminal was.”
Lula ” I liked today because I liked working with Ophelia. I liked finding the letters for the message.”

Great Fire for Lerryn

“On Friday 3rd November there was a great fire at school. They poured petrol on it because the houses and buildings in London had lots of burnable things in them like oil and wood. The fire brigade were there to help us and we used the hose afterwards.
The great fire of London was a lot bigger of course but it was like going back in time 351 years.”
By Ciaran Vincent (Year 3)

Lerryn complete their Stuart houses

Today we made roof tiles to complete our houses ready for the Great Fire on Friday. Some people think that the houses were thatched but this was banned in London from 1189 because it was so flammable. We worked hard to make the roof tiles regular and so that they wouldn’t let the rain in!



King’s bread

According to historians who looked again at the remains of the Farriner’s bakery that is supposed to have started the Great Fire, the bread had traces of sugar and raisins. Not just any old bread for King Charles II then, with added raisins and sugar. We certainly loved them!

Rachel the baker

Thanks very much to Rachel, baker at Gweek Stores, for coming in to teach us about baking by hand, like Thomas Farriner and his team would have done in 1666. It was brilliant learning about wells and how much work goes into each loaf, and comparing supermarket bakeries to one much closer to home. We will look at this much more closely as the week goes on…

Lerryn visit a supermarket

This was our visit according to Sam:

“We went upstairs and we made bread with Baker Ben and he showed us a slicing machine that cut the bread in slices. He let us try some tiger bread. I asked a question about a black handle on the oven and what it was for. We saw the inside of a fish and tasted fruit, cheese and olives. I learnt about a bakery and their ginormous mixers. They amazed me because I didn’t know they would be so big.”

How we get ideas

To help us imagine what the Great Fire of London may have been like, Lerryn took a close look at fire at first hand. Using a fire pit prepared by Mrs Moyle, we watched the smoke clouds and change direction with th wind, which was so crucial for the Great Fire. Pupils described the flames like a “dragon’s tongue licking”, “golden fish scales” and especially focused on adjectives such as destructive, deadly, strange, cruel, yellows, bluish and scary. Look out for out riddle poems next week!

Using Adjectives to describe

Lerryn have been learning about how adjectives add excitement and energy to our writing. Here are some words to describe fire that we enjoyed after watching about wildfires in North America. Look out for the word uncontrollable and some super punctuation knowledge!

Effective Feedback

We love to give feedback at Constantine. Here is one way that we communicate in Lerryn class. We celebrate great learning behaviours at the end of the day and send a sticker home telling parents why their child is a super learner.

Watch out for our Learning Detectives! I wonder which great learning behaviours they will celebrate tomorrow…

Art Day in Lerryn Class

The Great Fire of London was our theme for Art Day and Lerryn used their own combinations of tissue paper, acetate, brusho and chalk or oil pastels to create their own mixed media backgrounds. Next we used black strips of paper on a white background to create houses in the style of 1666. We loved being artists for the day.

Kenwyn – The Bodycoach Live!

Lerryn’s Designer T-shirts

There were many double-takes in school on the last day of term when Lerryn received their self-styled T-shirts fresh from Sailflags in Goldsithney. The children took great pride in wearing the Cornwall designs from earlier in the term, and they looked superb. Watch out for them on a beach near you this summer!

Year 2 camp day 2


Today we used our senses to experience Glebe Gardens in new ways, collaborated to make friendship bracelets and then used Maths skills to buy dessert from the shop after our delicious pizzas.

Things I did for the first time on camp (in the words of the children):

made my own bed,

slept away from my family,

adding up money in the shop,

go to a disco,

made a God’s eye,

I challenged myself to pack away my belongings by myself.


Year 2 Camp day 1

I like Year 2 camp because we get to disco and even the teachers dance with us! I would say that it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my life because I’ve never slept with all of my friends in the same place before – Phoebe

The disco is great because Miss Bidgood is the DJ. I really liked playing with the rugby ball during free play and panning for fake gold. I learnt how hot it would be in the mines and that someone called Davy invented a lamp so that there wouldn’t be an explosion – Lowen


Super sewing in Cober.

Water clocks

To celebrate our learning on time, Lerryn made water clocks to measure 10 seconds. We were allowed to use a box, 3 cups, water, 5 drawing pins and to suggest other equipment that we could use. It was a challenge that helped us to appreciate how people in India, China and Iraq were measuring time 6000 years ago!

Lerryn money matters

Our opening lesson on money and so manyb wonderful questions to begin with…

“What is 1000p?”

“What is change when you go to a shop?”

“Do you ever get no change?”

“What’s the difference between 2 pounds and 2 pence?”

“How many 2ps are in £1?”

Can you find any answers to the questions in these photographs?

Great questioning and collaboration, L



We’re pleased to announce that we have been successful in renewing our school’s Dyslexia Friendly Status. Three visitors from Cornwall’s Dyslexia Service came to visit us on Tuesday 27th June to examine what the school provides in 56 areas. These ranged from teaching and learning to policies and procedures. We were awarded the highest or second highest of four gradings in 86% of areas. We are very grateful for the time and effort given by pupils, parents and staff to help us achieve the accreditation. Jeff who spoke to the visitors, said “I was nervous because I hadn’t met them before and I’m happy beause the school and I have achieved something.”

Kenwyn Trip to the Telegraph Museum


Cornwall Logos

A huge thank you to Winnie and Andrew Swan who visited us on  Thursday 14th June to help us understand how to create our own logo. in class, we had already studied different logos, what they meanand how to make a good logo. With Andrew and Winnie we saw how Andrew made his own logo using two elements: a heart and a Cornwall flag. We used the same structure to create our own logos.

We used the same structure to create our own logos.We were blown away by the quality of what the children produced.

In their own words the children said:

“I learned that you have to practice and practice until you get better at the design.” Layla.

Speech mark try, try, try again. I’ve learnt that you take your time and try your best.” Alice.

“Keep keep it really simple for a logo.” Aoife.

“I’ve learnt if I’ve done one design you can do another and another until you get what you want.” Theo M.

Year 2 Mini Olympics 2017

Another brilliant event at Penryn College and how wonderful to have the chance to have all of our Year 2 children taking part in an Interschool competition.

Formula One Club

This term Theo McKinley and Oliver Scrimshaw (Year 2) put on a club called Formula One club. We drew cars, tracks, designed our own car and made our own helmets. There were lots of activities. We enjoyed teaching the other Year 2 children and my favourite part was when we awarded trophies for children who had come to every session and completed the quiz.

Lerryn at Marazion Marsh

Our educational visit was to meet three aims:

1. To identify features of Cornwall on our journey to Penwith.

2. To explore the habitat and variety of birds, as we have been studying in Science.

3. To understand the unique features of Marazion that mean that hundreds of thousands visit the town and area each year, as part of our Cornwall topic.

We worked hard on the coach to spy towns and villages en route, drawing important landmarks like RNAS Culdrose. We were wowed by seeing St Michael’s Mount, the amount of seaweed on the beach and the refurbished Folly Field playground. Best of all was the Marsh, the largest salt marsh in the south of England, where children could learn about the unique habitat. A bonus was being able to hold toadlings that were crawling out of the reed banks.

Some quotes from the children:

“Three words…best trip ever! That’s because we got to hold baby toads.” Demelza

“When the frog went on my hand it nearly went up my sleeve. It made me jump!” Arabella

“I especially liked seeing the hide because it looked similar to a den.” Arthur

“I found a heron flying over our heads. It was amazing because I’d never seen anything like it.” Martha


Lerryn Pasty Factory

Lerryn are collaborating to make pasties this morning.

Each group has an overseer to ensure not only that the peeling and chopping is up to scratch, but that the quality controller is talking to the peelers and the choppers in an encouraging way.

Phoebe said “Charlie is helping me to use the right grip for chopping and slicing because I forgot which one to use.” Arabella commented “Lizzie made sure that I put the peelings in the right place to keep our area clean and so that the peelings don’t go in the pasty!” Rosie said “We have a clear job to do so we’re not wasting time arguing about who is going to do each job.”

Developing Thinking Skills

Mr Robin Cowen, Director of Primary at TLAT, came to teach Year 2 about developing mathematical formulae. This is part of Constantine’s study of Building Learning Power and encouraging questioning as the key vehicle for teaching. Mr Cowen’s lesson started by finding patterns in the relationship between the number of rows, the number of columns and the total number in an array. Then we applied the same process to looking at pyramids, using models to help us, working towards a formula linking the number of sides in the base and the number of edges. This was very impressive for Year 2 children, accessing the secondary school mathematics curriculum.

The children’s learning was evident in their enthusiasm and perseverance. They wanted to continue making their own pentagonal and hexagonal-based pyramids for example. Thanks to Mr Cowen for supporting the learning of our teachers and pupils.

Learning colours in French

I’m always so impressed with the French that Mme Alexander teaches in our school and this week was another example. Here are Year 2 children confidently describing the colour of different nouns, including fish. Aoife picked up the word “et” when using two colours and then learnt how to spell it correctly. No wonder this is a subject that our pupils always stand out in when they get to secondary school.

Merci bien, Madame!

Lerryn’s Pirate Day 2

A huge thank you to Seth, Marilyn, Norma, and the team at the National Maitime Museum Cornwall for an excellent day’s workshop on Pirates: Fact or Fiction? We learnt to broaden our understanding of what Pirate treasure might be, and the lives and conditions of pirates. We also built and raced our own ships, using wind power and the sail technology from the golden age of piracy. It was a brilliant visit and we learnt so much. Thanks for launching our learning so well.


Lerryn’s Pirate Day 1


Our first Pirate Day gave these attackers a diet of cooking weevil biscuits, panning for gold, finding out the best way to preserve food and making and sinking origami boats.

It’s definitely ‘a pirate’s life’ for this class!


Trevithick’s Puffing Devil

In History Lerryn have learnt about the genius of Cornwall’s Richard Trevithick as part of our topic. We read about his life and work, wrote about his key achievements and created our own models of his most famous machine. We also recognised the support and strength of his wife, Jane.

Great learning, Lerryn!


Mr Day, ‘The Visualiser’

This afternoon Marc Day came to speak to us about triangles, and how he uses triangles to make 3D images of things like people and houses. We really enjoyed learning about how shapes can be used in real life, and doing this can be someone’s job! We then tried to use triangles to create out own 3D shapes, and were amazed when the 3D shapes “came out at us” on the page. Thanks so much to Marc for coming to speak to us today.

Children said:

“It doesn’t look like it was made from triangles but it was – I’m really surprised.”

“I’ve learnt how to make 3D cubes. I didn’t know how to do that before.”

“The first time I did it I did a hexagon then I couldn’t see each face. Mr Dat coloured them in so you could see each face really clearly.”




Jewellery and fire in the Stone Age

At the start of term Lerryn used a KWL (what do you know? what do you want to know? what did you learn?) grid to structure our learning. Children stated that jewellery and fire making were two areas they wanted to learn about, so on Friday that’s exactly what we did. We found bones, petals, shells and seeds in the school grounds and Mr Blackburn helped us to understand how fire revolutionised Stone Age life. We had a fab afternoon of experiences and I look forward tore fleeting on the learning during this final week of term.

Puddle Maths


Can we move stones like Stone Age people did at Stonehenge?

Today in Lerryn class we recreated how Stone Age people moved the bluestone and sarsen stones.

We used cylinders for logs and beach stones and granite for the stones.

We were really amazed that it would have taken (historians think) 200 people to move the stones, and that the bluestones come from the Presteli mountains in Wales, around 120 miles away.

It was great to see so much collaboration today. Well done, Lerryn.


BOATANICALS event – recycled art with Falmouth Uni

A fun morning learning about flowers through art. Nayte said “I think that this was an interesting way that you get to learn about new flowers and make them. I learnt that we can work together in different ways, some making the same flower and others making ones that are completely new to them.” Great collaborating and reflecting on your learning!

Juno has included moving parts in his design. This budding (geddit?) engineer declared “My flower pretends it is dead and then when the sun comes out it stands up like it is alive. I’ve learnt that bees collect pollen.”

Rosa said “I have a bumble bee flying in to collect pollen from my flower.” Can you spot it in the final photo?

Thanks to our guests from Falmouth University who have helped us out today. See our creations on display at Falmouth Pavillions later this week.

Lerryn’s World Book Day

We love to read in Lerryn class, and World Book Day was a chance to get together with our friends and read whatever we liked; comics and magazines; books in Gujarati, French or Japanese; and en try to eat th record for the number of children reading the Guiness Book of Records at the same time (is there a record for that?). What reading matter can you spot in these pictures? And which is your favourite book review?

Ou sont mes pantalons?

In French, Lerryn are having a great time learning about clothes. Mrs Alexander has invented a game in which dice rolls correspond with clothing that are used to dress a stick man, drawn by the children. Take a close look and you’ll see some fashion straight from the catwalks of Paris!

Maths Open Morning

Thanks to all of the parents, staff and children who helped to make our open morning filled with fabulous learning. It showcased what is best about our school and our sound knowledge of the four operations in a wide range of contexts. Here is a flavour of what we were up to, in classes from Reception to Year 6…

Science Day – Learning about the heart in Lerryn

A day of fantastic hands on learning! Below you can get a taste of what we were learning about with Mrs Puxley:

Seeing your pulse by using a cocktail stick in a ball of blu-tak and place it on your vein or artery. Watch it vibrate!

Making your own model of the heart from modelling clay.

Creating a model of the blood flow from oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.

“Quelle monstre!”

Lerryn were making monsters with 5 tetes, 3 yeux and 3 bras today. It was scary…Mr Anjari had to run away!

Monoprinting to create a Stone Age style

On Wednesday the teachers were lucky enough to have some art training, as part of our Artmark award, with SJ Marsden. The next day Lerryn used the technique to create monoprints with a gorgeous cave-like texture and depth. The children loved creating their own blocks and the surprise of how they would look after printing. Brilliant fun and beautiful, thought-provoking art.

Mapping how Stone Age settlements may have developed

Today Lerryn class learned about different types of mapping, starting off with our desks and then our classroom. We examined the influence of the site and situation: water, wood, natural defences and transport. Lego on a base board helped us to make our plans real, and we loved it!









Collaborative Stone Age Shelters

Many thanks to Laura and Ryan, National Trust Rangers at Helston’s Penrose Estate, for giving us the chance to use the gorgeous Shadywalk Wood for our Design and Technology project today. Using only natural resources, Lerryn designed and built homes with three criteria in mind. We considered keeping the house free from wind and rain, making it strong and creating a space large enough for the small group of 3 or 4 children. The designs were superb and the judging was very close.It was a day of excellent learning and I look forward to the writing the the class create. Thanks also to Mrs Moyle, Mr Blackburn, Louise, Hayley, Kerry and Sandra for helping to make the educational visit happen.



An archaeologist to visit?

Well, not a real archaeologist, but an opportunity to learn about the work of these fascinating historians and an inspiration to at least two children in the school to find their future careers. We found a fantastic selection of artefacts in the Lerryn class gardening bed, including a skin scraper and a huge animal bone. Remember Mr Dig’s advice to get digging, and ask whoever owns the land first!








Cueva de los Manos

In South America, in Argentina to be precise, local villagers have known about the incredible cave of hands for thousands of years. International historians found them a few hundred years later, and dated them to the Late Stone Age. Lerryn class have created our own version, using a combination of chalk, charcoal and pastels. Come and explore our version!




Chess club restarts

We have children in Years 1, 2, 4 and 6 at Chess Club, which many of the Year 6s have volunteered to teach at. we look forward to the skills progressing. Eiger was really impressed how quickly Violet was picked up a very strong defensive position.


Theo T’s wonderful work on dogs

Take a close look at all the the detail that Theo has included about his dog, Mabli, and other breeds. It is a great combination of text and illustrations, of such high quality for Year 2. Well done, Theo!

Christ Has Been Sent – Nativity Play 2016

Just a few words about the superb performance by Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 on the 12th and 13th December. We were amazed by the quality of the acting, singing and polish of the performance, and there were so many stars of the show. Thank you to the hard work and dedication of the staff, the constant support of parents, and the children that made it all come together.
It was great to hear from Mrs Savage that Children in Reception were using lines from the play in their storytelling today, and Year 2 were learning about different types of sentence by cutting up parts of the script.
Great learning, everyone.


Lerryn take over Helston Museum

The class worked with author Catherine Hyde who has just launched her new book ‘The Star Tree’. She read from the book and with Tracey Clowesand Jude Carrollfrom the museum helpedthe children to create their own stories using some of the key words from her book. We will had artist Lucy Grant working with us to create an artistic response to the book, as well as the children creating their own Star Trees.

This was part of a wider national ‘Take Over’ Museums day. The children’s work will go on display in the Museum from Saturday 10th December until Christmas Eve. Thank you so much, Helston Museum!

Bingo Japanese style!

Roku-ju kyu has just been called…

Pushing and Pulling a Wolf? Forces in Lerryn Class

In Literacy we are listening to Peter and the Wilf by Prokofiev so in Science when we talked about pushing and pulling forces, we made a wolf to help the hunters identify her or him.

We explored the pushing and pulling we use on the apparatus and words that we use when working clay. Then in partners we worked collaboratively by taking it in turns to create the model and record the pushes and pulls. Finally we described what we did to a new partner.

I was so impressed by how well the children could described pushing and pulling afterwards, from pushing the tap or the soap dispenser to pulling a paper towel out or a door. About 15 children came after lunch and told me all the forces they had used at lunchtime too, including to eat!

Great learning, Lerryn!







Seaweed sampling at Japan Club

Today took some wakame and explored what it tastes like dried and rehydrated. You can get some idea of what it tasted like from the expression on the children’s faces! This extremely healthy plant is a staple of Japanese dinner times and very versatile.

Why don’t you go to a health food shop and buy some?