Printing with Fruit

This week we have been exploring complimentary colours and have used these to print with a variety of fruit and vegetables. We’ve made links with our previous learning using Primary colours, creating Secondary colours and shades and tints. Many of us chose to create a repeating pattern. They are so effective.

Remembering our Heroes

Our local celebrity, Edith

This week, Edith had the honour of collecting her certificate and prize for her beautiful G7 poem at an official presentation in Falmouth.  Not only did she bring tears to readers at school, but a member of the Cabinet who did the presentation followed after Edith at the end to express her love for the poem and said that it made her cry – your words are so powerful. Edith, we are all so very proud of you, our local celebrity.  

In case you have not had the chance to read Edith’s poignant poem, here it is;

Nature comes in sizes big and tiny, tall and small. 

As you rush past our Cornish hedgerows, only leaving a speck of red, as red as a robin’s breast, slow down, as slow as a snail. 

Listen to the bird singing loudly, as loudly as a lion’s roar. 

Listen to the patter of rain drops, falling on the path and the drops beating like drums.  

Acorns fall in Autumn as blossoms bloom in Spring.  If the birds don’t sing and the rain did not fall, listen to the wind and the gale. 

Gaze at glossy daffodil fields and bold foxglove patches.  Pink, purple and white.  

Let howling wind blow, like a growling wolf. 

Let the weather and nature guide you to lands and deserts and soft silky beaches, and wet blue seas. 

Think of nature and how we, us humans, can help it.  

Just wonder, what if it wasn’t all here? 

Christianity; What is the good news Jesus brings?

In Lerryn, we have been exploring Christianity thinking about the good news that Christians believe Jesus brings for all people.

Lerryn explored the themes of; friendship, forgiveness and peace, making links with how we may practise these daily, for example in our Mindfulness time and playing with our friends at playtime.

Lerryn’s Home Learning

I have been blown away by the amazing variety of home learning that has already been done in Lerryn class. Your effort and enthusiasm is just wonderful. Here is a snapshot of week 1!

Christingle 2020

What a lovely celebration for Christingle. We had a wonderful video from Father Stuart to watch as well as a super instructional clip on how to make our Christingles! Thank you so much Father Stuart and our village church for making this celebration possible for us this year! We are very, very lucky to have such a wonderful community.

Rainbow Spellings

Some very colourful spellings this morning in Lerryn class. We love finding different ways to practise our spellings every morning. Which way will we choose next?

Bonds to 100, using tens and ones!

Some super adding this week Lerryn. Through exploring making 100 using tens and ones, we discovered our ones total 10 and our tens total 9!

Celebrating the National Christmas Jumper Day

A polite reminder that this Friday is National Christmas Jumper day. All monies raised through donations will be going to Save the Children. Please could any donations be given to your child’s class teacher.

We can not wait to see your festive jumpers! Why not design your own by adding tinsel or baubles to one of your jumpers!

Super Sandwich DT

Lerryn class have been busy researching and designing their very own sandwiches. The quality of the designs and drawings are outstanding, can you believe these children are in Year 2?!

Feeling Thankful

Our Lerryn class’ Festival topic took us to the USA this week, looking at the celebration of Thanksgiving.
We started our journey by thinking about things in life we are thankful for, then learnt about the History of Thanksgiving and how and why it is still celebrated today. We then had a very special treat of corn bread, which was extremely yummy!

Waking and Shaking!

A perfect start to the morning in Lerryn, some super moves!

Kids Council News Christmas Jumper Days!

We are celebrating the official Christmas Jumper Day on the 11th December and will be raising money for ‘Save the Children’.

Kids Council would love everyone to be able to wear their Christmas jumpers ever Friday in December to also help raise money for school – what a lovely idea.

Creating Character Descriptions

Well done Lerryn, what an amazing start you have made to your character descriptions about Grandma or George from George’s Marvellous Medicine.

“In the kitchen, that smells like sweet home baking, you will find a young, clever child called George,” Edith

“Hiding in the corner of the basement lives a weird Grandma,” Elle

Fire Making!

As part of our Festivals topic, Lerryn class learnt all about fire safety, how fires are made, we safely made a fire and had S’mores to finish! Thank you so much Mrs Dalziel!

” I love the noise the fire makes,” Sonny

Super Fitness Lerryn

Lerryn’s scores for this week’s Cornwall School’s Game events are outstanding!
From skipping with a rope to mountain climbers, Lerryn class have smashed it, well done, I am so proud of you all.

We will Remember

Lerryn class spent time remembering those who fought for our country and those who continue to. We learnt all about the meaning of Armistice Day and why it is important to remember.
The children created some truly beautiful poems and then some Poppy art using oil pastels and Brusho, an ink – some truly fabulous results.

Coding with Lerryn

What wonderful coding Lerryn! You were very confident with using algorithms to move your characters within the app, ScratchJnr. You even managed to add another character and give it different actions; well done!

Pumpkin Carving

Thank you so much to everyone who sent a photograph in of their carved pumpkins. It was lovely to celebrate our Halloween creations with our classes. There was such a wonderful variety; from animals to faces, to even combined pumpkins!

Well done everyone!

Welcome to Snail City

The children in Lerryn class LOVE nature! Last week we spent our time looking at caterpillars and butterflies as we noticed there were lots of them in our garden. We looked at the different stages in their Life Cycle. Keep an eye on this page for some of our learning.

This week, we want to learn more about snails! Today some of the children created Snail City! This is now home to a variety of snails of all different shapes and sizes. We can not wait to share our Snail knowledge with you.

Lerryn’s static seated holds!

A super PE lesson this week Lerryn, so many of you achieved our challenge of straight arms and straight legs. We finished off with some yoga stretches.

Following compass directions in Lerryn

Lerryn collaborated in groups and used their compass directions to solve problems. They had to draw a compass outside and then use North, East, South, West to locate animals that were hiding on our school field. After finding them, they used this skill on their own maps to solve a variety of problems. Super skills Lerryn!

Falmouth Fire Station Visit

Lerryn class visited Falmouth Fire Station on Tuesday as part of our learning that we will be doing in PSHE on fire safety.  It was amazing.

“I want to drive fire engines when I’m older,”
“This is the best day ever,”
“I know that these are not hoses, they are pipes filled with oil,”
“H stands for hydrant,”

Thank you to all of the fire fighters at Falmouth for making us feel so welcome and teaching us all so much!

The Savage Stone Age

Children from Lerryn class have created some amazing Stone Age caves and models as part of their home learning for this term’s topic.  From felting, to natural resources, these caves really have it all! They really are something very special, well done Lerryn!

Colour Wheels

Do you know the difference between Primary colours and Secondary colours? Lerryn class do! Come in and have a look at our final pieces.

Place Value with Lerryn

Lerryn have been busy this week representing 2-digit numbers in many different ways. We have been using a range of resources as well as drawings, to help solve problems involving fluency, problem solving and reasoning.

Year 2 Camp!

Last Thursday and Friday, Lerryn class had their school camp!

It started on Thursday with a trip to Constantine Bowling Club and Constantine  Park. We then came back to school for a session of Bikeability with Martin Beck, followed by Ann’s Pasties pasties and sausage rolls with a cake for Finley’s birthday for dessert.

On Thursday evening we had s’mores and hot chocolates before bed!

During Friday, we made pitta pizzas with Mrs Moyle which we ate for our dinner. We then had an afternoon visit to Constantine Woods – what a busy couple of days!

Thank you so much to all of the adults that made year 2 camp possible; Mrs Comyn, Mrs George, Mrs Moyle, Mrs Osgood, Mr Ireland, Mrs Stocks, Mrs Ruberry, Miss Davies and Mrs Gilbert.

Lerryn’s Watercolour Bees

After discovering that there were so many more species of bee than we knew, we decided to put our observational skills to the test and produced some truly wonderful watercolour creations.  Using the watercolours was much trickier than we thought.  We had to be careful not to have too much water on our brushes and make sure we didn’t smudge any of our colours.

Bees with Lerryn

We are only a week in to our new topic and already we have discovered answers to many of the questions we’ve asked – and so much more! We are going to be Bee Experts.

Did you know that there are over 250 species of bees in the UK?

Spring Art with Lerryn

Well what a wonderful day we have had in Lerryn class.  ‘This is the BEST day ever!’ was a comment said by so many of the children.

We explored with a variety of resources from pipe cleaners to cardboard, buttons to Pom Poms, oil pastels to paint and so many more! We loved every minute and have made some bright and beautiful leaves, flowers and scenes.

Thank you so much to Mrs Townsend and Mrs Talbot who supported us and gave us so many wonderful ideas for our creations.  Also, a big thank you to our parents who brought in lots of resources for us to use.


Beginning our week with Mindfulness in Lerryn

Beginning our week with mindfulness, stretching and balancing in Lerryn Class 🌟


Habitats with Lerryn

Through our science topic we have been busy exploring habitats both locally and world wide!

Today we explored our school environment looking for microhabitats 🐌🕷🐛🐜 Some of us even taught some of the children in Cober class.

Home Learning in Lerryn

And the incredible home learning continues in Lerryn …


What an outstanding creation Bella! Bella and her Grandfather carved a Stone Age bowl out of wood – it’s beautiful.

If you would like to have a closer look, it can be found displayed proudly in Lerryn class.


Ethan has used the technology of Minecraft to create his own Stone Age home. Which time period of the Stone Age has Ethan considered?





Stone Age Home Learning

Our new topic in Lerryn class for the Spring term is all about ‘The Stone Age’.

Look at this wonderful home learning creation made by Beck inspired by the Stone Age caves.  If you look very closely, you can spot lots of extra detail that Beck has included, for example cave paintings.  What an outstanding effort, congratulations


Drama with Lerryn

What a ‘dramatic’ time in Lerryn this morning.  Thank you to Mrs George who organised a wonderful drama workshop practising a variety of skills! We can’t wait to put them all in to practise later this term for our Nativity performance.


Lerryn Remember

This Sunday marks 100 years since the Armistice was signed on the 11th November 1918.  We have created some wonderful acrostic poems with powerful language choices to remember those who fought.

In pairs, we also worked collaboratively to create a 3D poppy.  We were given a set of instructions to follow and had to persevere with the resources we needed.

How do animals change as they grow?

How do animals, including humans, change as they grow?

This was the big question that we have started thinking about for our Science topic in Lerryn class. We have started looking at a variety of animals, including mammals, reptiles and amphibians and have started comparing the different changes as they grow.


Lerryn Class’ Kandinsky Inspired Art

In Lerryn, we have spent the last couple of weeks looking at ‘Colour’ within art. We have learnt all about primary and secondary colours, moving on to creating different tones. Using Kandinsky as our inspiration, then created these wonderful pieces of art.

Frisbee Fun!

As part of National Sport Week we are spending time with different sports equipment, getting out and active! Kenwyn class are doing a fantastic job giving each class different PE kit to use each day – thank you!

Which frisbee do you think went the furthest?

TingaTinga Inspired African Art

Helford class have created beautiful pieces of art inspired by Edward Tingatinga, one of the most famous artists in Africa.  Such beautiful shapes and colour choices.


African setting descriptions

Absorbed in our African setting descriptions, inspired by our new topic and our class story – Akimbo and the elephants. We are trying our best to uplevel our vocabulary and use a range of punctuation.

Stay tuned for some of our completed descriptions.


Tennis with Will!

We are lucky enough to not only have football coaching this half term with Matt but also tennis coaching with Will. So many skills have been learnt in only two sessions!

Football coaching – Helford class


What at a great first football session with Matt! So many skills learnt already.


In Helford class we have spent some time studying the African artist, Gakonga. We have recreated some of his most famous pieces of art and can not wait to use them to inspire our own creations.

Aztec Masks

What an amazing selection of Aztec masks created by Helford class. Please pop in and have a closer look at our wonderful creations!



Questioning Our Topic

Helford class have been delving in to the Aztec Era, looking at how they lived, their society and many more interesting areas.

Throughout the topic, we have been exploring questioning and used this for all of our starting points.

Helford, what super questions, such inquisitive minds.

Plastic Pollution!

How can you make a difference?

We have been writing persuasive letters to our local MP George Eustice about how we can work together to reduce the amount of litter and plastic pollution.

Watch this space for snippets of our letters.

Delaware 4

Delaware 2

We have had an awesome first day!


Due to the weather conditions, school will remain closed for Friday 2nd March.

School closure – Thursday 1st March 2018

Due to the adverse weather conditions, school will remain closed for Thursday 1st March 2018.

Outstanding Handwriting in Helford

Wow!  Look at both Nina’s and Layla’s wonderful handwriting.  I can see how hard you are both working at ‘whooshing’ from the lines and making your writing consistent.  Keep up the great work!


Wow handwriting!

Chocolate cakes!

We measured out all of the ingredients we needed in our groups to make our chocolate cakes.  We then decorated them with icing, sprinkles and various other decorations.  They were delicious!

Handwriting in Helford

Some beautiful joins during our handwriting session. We love having classical music playing to help our focus.

Homework treats!

What treats we have had in Helford class – and we are only 3 weeks in to our topic.  Look at the incredible chocolate cake and wonderful Wonka cup cakes, they were delicious.  Thank you!

The Mousehole Cat

What a great start to the week we had in Helford and Tresillian!

We were lucky enough to have Bec, Bryher and Guy from Cousin Jack’s theatre company. They taught us how to make these amazing fish puppets, sing Tom Bawcock’s song and then perform some drama all inspired by ‘The Mousehole Cat’. We even got to meet Mowzer.

Thank you Cousin Jack’s Theatre Company!

A Crisp Winter Run

What a beautiful morning we had for cross country club today!

Please remember to bring extra layers and some spare socks now the colder mornings are with us.

Helford’s Art Morning

This week, we were lucky enough to have Sarah from Falmouth Art Gallery come and spend the morning with us.  We created collages inspired by the art of Joanne Short. Then, we produced prints in the style of Peter Davies.

Thank you for such an inspiring morning Sarah, we loved every moment!

Our very own art gallery is currently on display by reception – please pop by and have a look.



Helford’s Seaside Descriptions

The children in Helford class have created some outstanding pieces of descriptive writing. Please pop in to class and have a look!


Fresh fish fingers!

This morning in Helford class we have been busy cooking fresh fish fingers, bread and preparing a salad! We were even lucky enough to try some fresh local milk that was collected by Mrs Skewes!

Thank you for an amazingly tasty morning Mrs Moyle, Mrs Skewes and Miss Potts!

Handwriting in Year 3

We are only in to our second week of year 3 and already the quality of the handwriting is outstanding!

Phoebe-Bo and Arabella … WOW!

Art day in Helford class!

We loved using oil pastels and brusho to recreate images by John Dyer.  We spent time experimenting with the resources first to see different effects which we could create.

Next, we look through some of John Dyer’s art, looking closely at similarities and colours that he used.   Then, it was over to us! What do you think? They are currently on display outside our classroom if you would like to pop in and have a look.

Super Seasides’ Home Learning

Look at the amazing detail that Ciaran included in his seaside cake. Not only are there decorative shells, but also flags, shortbread seaweed, fish and glitter sand!

Well done Ciaran, a superb effort!

Wonderful Truro Cathedral drawings

Thank you Mrs Micklem for some wonderful RE lessons this year.  We are all very proud of our recent Truro Cathedral drawings.  Look at all of the individual details we have included!



We practised different running activities today, including accurate timing.

Sharing our Cornish tales

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our Cornish tales with Fal and Cober classes this morning.  It gave us all a real purpose for our wonderful Cornish creations.  What super story tellers you are Helford, and we have some superb listeners in Fal and Cober classes.  Thank you for having us.


Please do pop in and read them – they really are fantastic!


A BIG thank you to Will Richards from Access Tennis who has been teaching years 3 and 4 skills required for the game!

Creating our Cornish tale book covers

We are all busy creating our very own Cornish tales, ensuring that they have Cornish features as well as links with tales we have looked at in class.

Here is a sneak peak of our front covers …

Helford and Kenwyn’s Collaboration

Helford and Kenwyn class have been busy collaborating this morning, creating a variety of Cornwall themed board games!

The teams were made up with 4 children from both years 3 and 4. Their team skills and communication were amazing, listening to eachother’s ideas and compromising.  Such thought and care went in to each group’s game.

The results are amazing! There are a range of games from Top Trumps to Monopoly. If you would like to come and see our games, we would be happy to share them with you.

Well done Helford and Kenwyn!

Fun with Tenths!

Collaboration was key this morning for solving problems involving tenths!


What makes Cornwall special?

We have made a great start with our collages inspired by what we think makes Cornwall special.

Geevor Tin Mine – Helford class

On Monday, both Helford and Tresilian class visited Geevor tin mine and what a wonderful day we all had.  It was an amazing experience to visit somewhere this special.  We have done a lot of learning in class about Cornwall’s mining heritage and the children were able to make links with this throughout the day.

Thank you so much to our volunteer helpers and Wheal Briton for the transport.  A huge thank you to Clint, Jack and all at Geevor tin mine who made this such a memorable day, we would all love to go back.

Also, a big thanks to Cornwall Heritage Trust who gave us a grant towards our transport!

Building our Questioning!

In Helford class, we have been busy thinking about what is meant by ‘questioning’ and how we can get more from them.  We discussed open and closed questions and then moved on to different question starters.

In pairs, we thought of some ‘wonders’ which we had for our Cornwall topic and can’t wait to answer them as the weeks go on.

Helford’s Homework

There have been some superb pieces of homework completed already, just look at these!

Cornwall – Our Mining Heritage

We have created some amazing pieces of art.  Please pop in to our class room to have a look at our collection.

Eden Camp Day 2 Post 4!

Here are some more memories from our amazing Year 3/4 camp!

Eden camp – day 2

We’ve had a super morning making potions, guardians out of clay and even magical wands! We then used our creations to free Barbie and Ken!

This afternoon we are going to be den building – we can’t wait.

Eden camp, day 1 – part 2

Cross country club

What a beautiful Spring morning we had for cross country club today.  We worked collaboratively for both the paired and continuous relays. Well done everyone, you were all great!

If you are in years 3-6 and would like to join cross country club, then pop along to see Mrs Beswick to sign up.  It takes place on Friday mornings from 8:15 – 8:45.

Homemade brownies, fudge AND ice cream!

What a busy morning we had in Helford class.  Mrs Moyle, Mrs Skewes and Lauren spent the morning with us making fudge, brownies and ice cream – all homemade!

The sweet smells were drifting throughout the school and were a hit with everyone (including all of the staff!)

What wonderful authors and illustrators!

Look at this amazing learning from Helford class – all inspired by both Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake.  They truly are outstanding pieces of art and writing! Congratulations Helford class!

I wonder if you can spot any familiar characters? Can you see your favourite Roald Dahl character? What would be in your dream jar?

How many common bone names do you know?

We have loved exploring skeletons and finding out all of the different bones and the functions of our skeleton.

Maths morning

This morning we opened our classroom doors and invited parents in to see our wonderful learning in maths. Each class looked at the four operations and problem solved! The enthusiasm seen by all really was fantastic – well done!

Busy Collaborating

We have been busy building our ‘collaboration’ power through our Science day looking at skeletons!

Baking with Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle

We made some scrumptious cookies, cup cakes and even milk shake with Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle, all inspired by our current topic, ‘Chocolate’.  We even decorated our cup cakes using icing and learnt the skill of making roses out of sugar paste.

Thank you Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle!


Helford class compares the seaside – Past and Present

Look at our super learning from this morning.  Chloe from the Cornwall Records Bureau came in to class and presented us with lots of interesting facts.  We did lots of activities including photo freeze framing and photo spotting.  Thank you for coming in to see us Chloe, we hope to see you soon!

Helford are Maths Space Travellers

In groups, we had to work together to visit different planets and solve the multiplication and division problems.  On some planets there were word problems, others had missing numbers.  A few of the planets didn’t even use the symbol, they used the vocabulary instead!

Super collaboration Helford.



Maths Outdoors

We had a wonderful time in Helford class this morning, taking our Maths outdoors.  We have been learning about finding lines of symmetry and creating symmetrical drawings, what better way to do this, than in the outdoors!

Leaves, sticks, logs, planks of wood and stones, symmetry really can be found everywhere!

Super Seasides Homework

We are not even a full week in to Year 3 and already the homework that has been completed is exceptional.

Such a range of unique pieces, from Jaffa cake ice creams to creature filled rock pools!

Mad about Magnets

We have explored how and why they may be used, as well as planning and carrying out our own investigations! Firstly, we tested various non magnetic and magnetic materials. We then made predictions about which type of magnet we thought would be the strongest and weakest, and tested our predictions using paper clips.

Outstanding Homework

The homework that the children in Helford class has been producing is to an exceptional standard!

The effort and sense of achievement from the children is clear to see!

A HUGE well done to you all!

Quad Kids

Year 3 were represented by these lovely children at the Quad Kids event this week.  What a super result – well done!


Fish Printing Fun

We spent this morning experimenting the art of Japanese fish printing ‘Gyotaku’. We used ink to make prints of different fish including brill, gurnards and even octopus!

Keep an eye on our page to see our final pieces!

Helford’s Story Time with Fal!

What super readers we are! We have had a lovely time sharing stories this afternoon with Fal class.

Are both of our feet the same size?

This has been the question central to Helford Class’ Maths investigating today!

The children worked in pairs and measured eachother’s feet, ensuring that their measurements were accurate.  They then converted the mm measurement in to cm!

Are both of our feet the same size? Well, so far for Helford Class, it seems not! But why is this? The investigation continues …



Helford Class featuring on Radio Cornwall…

Helford Class started this week off with a visit from Tiffany Truscott from Radio Cornwall!  We learnt lots about what happens behind the scenes at a radio station and all of the preparation that goes in to each and every news story.  We will be considering everything we have learnt when we create our very own radio recordings advertising Falmouth as a holiday destination!


This Friday, 29th January, Radio Cornwall will broadcast the interview that took place with Helford Class. You will be able to hear all of Helford class introducing and closing the interview.

Reading with Helford!

We have spent some of our morning in Helford Class celebrating World Book Day by getting comfy in our slippers and reading our favourite books from home!  Some of us chose to spend our time outside, some of us inside on our cushions.



Gyotaku Printing

Two artists from Porthmeor Studios in St Ives came in to visit both Helford and Fal class last Tuesday.  They brought a variety of locally caught fish with them for the children to use to produce their own ink images.  They were told of how the Japanese traditionally used this technique to record their fishing catch.  We really enjoyed using the octopus ink for the printing!



The Blue Reef Aquarium!

As a class we visited the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay to have a guided tour. We were able to see different sea creatures ranging from star fish to sharks, sea horses to sea turtles! We couldn’t believe the size of some of the creatures – it was fantastic!