Year 6 super DT booklets

Great hockey skills in Tresillian Class

Tresillian’s fabulous skills in music!


Egyptian Cartouches

On Tuesday Tresillian Class created their own Egyptian Cartouches in art. As a class we learnt more about hieroglyphics and what the symbols represent. Cartouches would have contained names of the kings and queens and would have been found in tombs. The children wrote their own names (or nicknames) and decorated the Cartouches using colour pencils. I was so impressed with the attention to detail the children displayed! Well done Tresillian Class.

Fabulous Pharaohs!

On Friday, Tresillian Class did some fantastic artwork with Mrs G. They worked with a range of media – photographs, fabric and oil pastels – to create these wonderful portraits! They will be up on display soon for everyone to enjoy.

Super homework!

Wow – well done to Elizabeth and Rona who have already done some fantastic homework! A brilliant start to the term.

Tresillian – Spring Term, Week 1

Spring Term, week 1

Wow, what a busy first week of the new term! The children in Tresillian Class have achieved so much this week, we have started new exciting learning about our new topic and finished off some fantastic writing from last term!



In literacy the children finished their Egyptian myths. On Monday, the class wrote their final ‘ending’ paragraph of their myth and then we started the brilliant task of making our stories into books! The children decided whether to type up their stories or handwrite them. Once written up, we mounted the pages on card and attached them together with string. The children had already designed fantastic front covers, so we stuck these onto the front and wow – the finished books look amazing. We are looking forward to pairing up with Lerryn Class next week and sharing our stories with them. On Thursday, we started our new text type in literacy: non-chronological reports. We had a session looking at the different features of non-chronological reports and thought about how they differed to the features of myths. Next week we will be writing non-chronological reports about evacuation in WW11 so on Friday we researched some key questions to help us find information. The children had a range of different sources to find information from and they had to reference the website/text. We had brilliant class discussions on what being an evacuee would be like and the children were full of great questions and thoughts. We are looking forward to planning and writing our reports next week!



In maths we have been looking at place value (in numbers up to 10 million), rounding large numbers and negative numbers. There has been a heavy focus on reasoning and problem solving this week and the children have had to persevere to solve tricky questions! Helen, Mirryn and Isaac were the first to solve the reasoning problem below. Next week we are moving onto mental addition and subtraction and order of operations.



The children finished their Play Leader training this week. To finish their sessions, they had to design and plan a game for the younger children. They had to make sure that they were able to adapt the game to make it easier and harder and think about how to make it simple to understand. We paired up with Lerryn Class and all the Year 2s loved the different games that Tresillian Class were leading. I am delighted that 17 children have now chosen to be Play Leaders and will start their new duties on Monday.



In this term’s topic we are looking at famous European artists and art movements. We have started with looking at the Art Deco art movement and have looked at different patterns, fashion, architecture and graphic design which was influenced by Art Deco. The children are creating their own art deco style designs and have started with some superb lettering. I can’t wait to have these finished and on display!



Well done to Mirryn for creating this brilliant air raid shelter model – a superb piece of topic homework! This will be on display in our classroom.


Youth Speaks

A huge well done to all the children that took part in our school round of Youth Speaks this week. The following children gave up their playtimes and lunchtimes to write and prepare their speeches and they all did a superb job of delivering their speeches to Year 5 and 6 on Friday afternoon. Well done to Evie, Grace, Freya, Lewis, Sam, Beau, Mirryn and Helen. A big congratulations to Beau, Lewis and Sam for being successful and making it through to the next round which will be held at Falmouth University on the 22nd January.

Cooking in Tresillian Class

Tresillian Class had an amazing session with Mrs Moyle cooking last Friday. The children made a delicious lemon and chicken stew!

Egyptian God portraits

We have been working with chalk to create these wonderful portraits!

We have lots of jobs in Tresillian Class!

African Drumming


What a day we’ve had! We loved our workshop from Allan at Shumba Arts who taught us lots about African Drumming!

Football Fridays!

Tresillian Class are super lucky to have Matt from Plymouth Argyle Football Stars to be delivering them football training on a Friday morning. The children have been playing some brilliant team games and learning all the key skills needed for football. We are looking forward to another session on Friday – let’s hope the sun comes out!








Well done to these Year 6 children for achieving their Bikeability certificates! Hopefully these children will now be much more confident and safer whilst cycling on the road.

The rest of Year 6 will have their Bikeability course on 11th/12th and 14th of June.

Easter Baking!

Tresillian had their last cooking session with Mrs Skewes this morning. They were baking Easter goodies for the Easter Bingo! They have worked really hard and made so many delicious treats!


On Monday 5th March Tamar and Tresillian Class will be visiting Helston Museum. Permission slips were sent home on Monday but we only had a few returned on Tuesday and Wednesday. If your child has not returned their permission slip yet, your child needs to bring it to school on Monday morning otherwise they will be unable to come on the trip. Children will also need a packed lunch and if possible be in some sort of evacuee outfit (all the details are on the letter home).

If parents/children are unable to find their permission slips, there is a blank permission slip on Tresillian and Tamar’s class page on the website – this can be printed off and completed.


As school is closed tomorrow (Thursday 1st March) we are going to postpone world book day. We will let you know of the new date once we are back at school.

Superb homework from Ruan

What a brilliant Anderson shelter model! Ruan has even included furniture inside, pretty cool!

Art Deco Artwork

I am so impressed with the amazing Art Deco artwork Tresillian have produced, particularly their Art Deco inspired lettering! Brilliant!

Youth Speaks 2018

Wow – what a night! A huge well done to our two teams who took part in Youth Speaks last night. Both teams gave fantastic speeches and spoke so confidently and clearly.

The brilliant news is that our Year 6 team came first overall and are going through to the next round in Penzance! We are all very proud!

Real Life Maths

Jameson has been costing up different activities for a school trip and working out the cost. Fantastic use of column addition and subtraction, as well as using the inverse to check!

Cian and Sam worked collaboratively to decide on their activities, they then checked each other’s answers.

A Mile a day

Harry teaches Helford about fossils

Harry G did a superb job at teaching Helford class about fossils! Harry bought in some special fossils to show the class and he was brilliant at teaching Helford how fossils were formed and all about the different types! Well done Harry!

Barney’s awesome homework

A delicious Egyptian homework which all of Tresillian Class enjoyed eating – mummified bananas dipped in yogurt and melted chocolate! Great timing too as we ate them on Halloween!

Well done Barney – a lot of work went into making those!

Petrifying mackerel!

We were so lucky to have Mr FT come into Tresillian Class and show us all how to petrify a mackerel! In the process we learnt so much about this amazing fish and all of its insides as well as experiencing what it would have been like in the Egyptian times and how gruesome it would have been to petrify and mummify a dead human body! It was such a fantastic morning – we all got really messy and smelly and learnt so much! Thank you so much Mr FT – we can’t wait to have you back for the final process! Please do come into Tresillian Class and have a read of the fantastic writing that we produced afterwards!


Polly’s amazing mummy cakes!

A brilliant and delicious homework from Polly – have a look at her brilliant Egyptian mummy cakes! Such an original idea and tasted amazing too! Well done – a lot of work must’ve gone into these!

Team Captains

Well done to our new team captains!

red – Kaiden and Polly

green – Lily and Olivia

blue – Barney and Barney


They are already doing a superb job at collecting team points and making certificates!

Tresillian Science presentations

Our topic in science this half term is Inheritance and Evolution. The children have worked really hard on presentations about a chosen animal and how it has adapted to its environment. They have worked collaboratively to produce a presentation and a poster and I was so impressed with how they presented to the rest of their peers. Well done Tresillian!


Our new librarians!

You’ll find these children helping out in the library during AR times. Mrs Mackenzie will be giving them some library training so they are prepared to help you take out books, recommend titles to read and keep the library organised! They all wrote brilliant applications about why they’d be a good librarian – I can’t wait to see them in action!

Tresillian enjoy their crumble!

Tresillian Class didn’t have time to eat their crumble on Friday afternoon as they were off swimming, so we saved it as a treat for Tuesday. The children made this crumble in their cooking session on Friday morning and used local grown apples and rhubarb from our own garden! I think it certainly went down well!


A huge well done!

On Monday afternoon, 14 brave Year 6 children stood up in front of key stage 2 and delivered their speeches for team captains. The quality of children’s speeches impressed us all and we are so proud of these children for having the courage to stand up in front of half the school and deliver their speeches! Well done to all children involved! The votes have been counted and verified and the new teams captains of 2017-18 will be revealed shortly! Watch this space!


Egyptian Art

We have started learning about the different Egyptian Gods in Tresillian Class. On art day, we created portraits of the different gods using chalk. All children have done a brilliant job and they look amazing on the walls in the classroom and the corridor! Please come and look if you have a chance!


Tresillian cooking morning!

What an awesome morning we’ve had in Tresillian Class! We have worked collaboratively to cook a delicious Egyptian meal (recipe below), as well as Pitta bread, tomato soup AND apple and rhubarb crumble!

The tomatoes, garlic, peppers and rhubarb came from our own garden which Mr Blackburn has helped us grow! A superb morning of learning new skills, trying new foods and thinking about nutrition! Thank you Mrs Moyle and Mrs Skewes!


Taya’s awesome homework!

What a great first piece of grid homework from Tresillian Class! Over the weekend Taya made this fantastic Egyptian house … out of cake! We are all looking forward to trying it! Well done Taya!

Play Leader training

In Year 6 all children are given Play Leader training so they can be Play Leaders at lunchtime. In PE the children have been starting to learn some games they can use. They had to work out how the games could be made easier/more challenging and make adjustments to make the games better.

I saw some fantastic collaborative learning and great ideas too! Well done Tresillian.

Golden Rules

To start the term in Tresillian Class we looked at the 6 Golden Rules that we have a Constantine. We worked collaboratively to discuss the golden rules and how we could show we are using them around school. Have a look at our ideas and posters!

Geevor Mine Tresillian Class

Wow! What an awesome day Tresillian Class have had! To kick start our topic of Cornwall we visited Geevor Mine to learn more about our mining heritage. We learnt about how the Mine operated, we panned for gold, we learnt about the different jobs and even had a go at doing them ourselves! But best of all we all went underground to see what it was really like down there! Such a great day packed full of history and science which we are all looking forward to building upon in the classroom.

Also, really proud to say that all the staff at Geevor commented on Constantine’s fantastic behaviour and great questions! Especially when talking to real miners, well done all!

We would definitely recommend a visit!


What a Star baker!

Angus has managed to get through to the junior bake off finals! He cooked delicious Cornish Crab and tarragon quiches to secure his place in the final! Judges were impressed with his “impressive pastry work”, well done Angus! He now faces the final challenge – the Swiss roll – which will be judged by Baker Tom!

Good luck Angus, we know you’ll do Constantine proud!


Botanical drawing in Tresillian

To kick off our topic of Cornwall – we decided to do some botanical drawings of the beautiful plants that grow in our hedgerows! We looked at the history of botanical drawing and had a go ourselves with pencils and watercolours!

Play leader training

All of Tresillian Class are now trained up as play leaders! You’ll find a group of them every lunchtime leading games for the younger children – they’ll be wearing their hats and bright bibs so you can’t miss them!

Surf Camp post 2

Ethan T – I loved Mother Ivy’s Bay – the sea was my favourite!

Esme – I love being with my friends, I love everything really!

Megan – I loved going on the lifeboat!

Rosie – I liked playing in the dunes of body boards!

Freya – I liked looking down to the blow hole, it was so cool seeing the water flow through the cave. 

Olivia – I loved seeing the lifeboat and going inside. I never realised there were so many different jobs to do onboard. 

Oscar- I liked looking at the blowhole – it was cool to see how the rock had eroded. 

Mrs Alexander – I loved seeing the crystal blue waters of Mother Ivys. 

Want to know more about the Ancient Greek Olympics?

Tresillian class have been working really hard researching the ancient olympics and writing non-chronological reports. As you can see, they’ve thought really carefully about how to present their work – they look fantastic! To accompany their reports, the children did some mono printing of Ancient Greek art – this looks really effective! Please come into our class and take a closer look …

Freddie’s mystery eggs

Freddie bought in these beautiful eggs which he found in the woods. We are currently trying them to find out what type of bird eggs they are! 

Roller skating club

I have just seen roller skating club wizz past my classroom window enjoying the beautiful weather! It is great to see such a range of clubs taking place at Constantine. Well done Jameson, Barney, Charlotte, Olivia W, Olivia G and Mrs G, some super skating skills! 

Flower headdresses!

As winners of the Ancient Greek Olympics were awarded with a laurel wreath, we decided to make our own wreaths using foraged greenery for our DT topic. We were lucky enough to be joined by two florists – Hannah and Jan, who taught us how to wire up the greenery and weave it altogether. The children were so skilled at this they even managed to move onto wiring in flowers! As you can see from the photos, the end result was fantastic. Well done Tresillian!

Louis’ creative Olympic Rings 

Look at Louis’ homework where he recreated the Olympic Rings out of … Food! He carefully designed them first, thinking about the colours of the food and where it comes from. Watermelon, grapes, grapefruit, coffee beans and strawberries – delicious! Louis got the idea after some research of the rings and what food grows in the rainforest. Well done Louis! 

Grace’s superb descriptive writing 

Grace was so inspired by the descriptive writing we have been doing in Tresillian class, she carried on at home! I was greeted by Grace this morning and this wonderful piece of writing.  


Ocean commotion – in the press!

Great to see Constantine faces in the newspaper this week! Well done to all children involved! 

Noah at the Bake Off semi finals!

Well done to Noah who made it through to the semi-final of the junior bake off! He went to Truro High School on Monday and baked some delicious white chocolate and raspberry muffins! He kindly bought in a taster to school today … They certainly were yummy!

Unfortunately Noah did not make it through to the final but he did amazingly well to get so far as the second round – going up against 200 other children! You should be very proud of yourself Noah!

Quick descriptive writing

In Tresillian class we’ve been having competitions between tables to see who can write the best descriptive sentences inspired by a picture on the board. The children have produced some AMAZING short bits of writing, I’ve had the difficult job of deciding on the winning table! Here are a few …

Can you guess what we are writing about? 


Parallel and Series circuits!

In our science topic of electricity, we have been looking at series circuits so far and having a go at building these. Today we looked at the difference between a series circuit and a parallel circuit and has some pretty difficult challenges to solve!

Dr Roberts and Freddie were having a few problems with their circuit so they had to methodically find the faulty component – they got there in the end! 
By the end of the lesson, all children were able to list differences between a series and parallel circuit and most of them managed to build a successful parallel circuit! Well done Tresillian! 

Oscar is through to Junior Bake Off final!

After baking some fantastic blueberry muffins in the semi-final of Truro High School’s Junior bake off on Monday, Oscar has secured himself a place in the final on Monday 21st March. 

Oscar has proven himself against nearly 200 other bakers from 12 local schools in search for Cornwall’s best young baker to reach the semi-final. 
In the final Oscar will have to bake a traditional Victoria sponge which will judged by the Head Pastry Chef at Rick Stein’s Patisserie Padstow, Stuart Pate.

Another member of Tresillian class will also be baking 6 muffins in a bid to secure a place in the final … Noah will be entering the second round of the semi-final on Monday 14th March! Best of luck boys, ready, steady, BAKE! 

Ocean Commotion!

Ocean Commotion!Tresillian Class have been practising the Ocean Commotion songs in their music lessons for a while now and tonight was finally the night they got to show off all their hard work. The children performed at Princess Pavilions along with two other local schools and all looked fantastic up there on stage under the spot lights! 
Well done to Harry, Leandros, Oscar, Charlotte and Molly who also read during the performance, all had beautiful clear voices full of emotion. A big well done to Grace who performed an outstanding solo, there were certainly a few tears in the audience. 
And finally a big thank you to Mrs Churchley for working so hard with the children, learning all the songs and providing them with such a brilliant opportunity … Bring on the year 6 show!  


Statements, commands, questions and exclamations!

In Tresillian we’ve been looking at the four different types of sentences … We’ve been sorting these into groups and playing games. We try to take an active approach to SPaG making activities as active and hands on as possible.    









Life as an evacuee

To kick start our European Discovery topic, we’ve been handling artefacts from the war and thinking about what they tell us about life in he 1940s, especially as an evacuee. 

The children made great comparisons about life then and now – and also linked the artefacts to our current book, Carrie’s War, which we are all looking forward to exploring next week! 


Animal show! 

Tresillian Class were very lucky to have a visit from Nicola – who bought a range of exotic animals. Luckily Mrs Alexander was not here as she hates snakes!

All the children had the opportunity to hold the animals and we learnt a lot about their characteristics – which links perfectly to our science topic of vertebrates and invertebrates.  


Egyptian jewellery making

Tresillian class are working with a range of materials for their Egyptian jewellery. They have researched, designed and are now on the final step of making! 
Some amazing pieces of jewellery in the process …  


Tresillian’s super art work

Here are a few photographs of some of the amazing work produced at Falmouth Art Gallery today. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all!
 Here is Jay’s tissue background pre printing.   


Falmouth Art Gallery

Tresillian class and Cober class at Falmouth art gallery!

Cober class are painting a collaborative painting of the understory and the canopy of the rainforest. Looks fantastic so far!

Tresillian are creating backgrounds using tissue paper to use to print on later. Watch this space …


Mean, median, mode and range investigation

In Tresillian we’ve been collecting our own data. 

How many coins can you turn over in 1 minute?

We had 5 goes each and then worked out the mean, median, mode and range! We then decided which one would be the best to present in a graph. 

The highest score in the class was 52 coins! Well done George! 


Tresillian literacy link

Tree inspired poetry in Tresillian Class

George –

Tree where did you get that bark?

I snatched it from the hands of a wrinkly man.

Nadia –

Tree where did you get that blossom?

I caught a cloud from the evening sunset. 

Rosa – 

Tree where did you get those branches?

I snatched them from a crow’s spindly feet. 

… Just a taster! More to follow! 



Recycled jewellery!

In jewellery club we have been ‘up cycling’ and creating jewellery out of old magazines! We thought carefully about the colours and our design.


Charlotte’s awesome homework


Look at Charlotte’s brilliant air raid shelter … It even has beds and food inside!

Prince of Egypt Character work

In Tresillian class we have been looking at the story of The Prince of Egypt. In groups we thought about the different characters and how they changed throughout the story. We then presented our ideas to the class! IMG_0108.JPG




Kindles come to Tresillian Class!

Max and Jay enjoying the class KindlesIMG_0078-1.JPG

Morwenna’s Egyptian homework

Morwenna made homemade bread – just like the Ancient Egyptians