World Book Day 2020!

We all had a wonderful time on World Book Day, which we celebrated on Wednesday 4th. Both children and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters and everyone looked fantastic! In a special assembly,  we were excited to hear the winners of our ‘diorama’ competition, who were Harrison, William, Edith and Jacob. All entrants received a certificate and a small prize and the winners also received a £10 book voucher, which was kindly donated by the PTA. Throughout the day, we were all able to enjoy a range of reading related activities, such as our ‘share a story’ session. During this, all members of staff chose a favourite story to share and the children were able to pick the one that they wanted to hear. Also, in the course of the week, we had many ‘Stop, Drop and Read’ sessions. When Mrs Gilbert came around with the whistle, we all had to stop what we were doing and read a book for 5 minutes! Thank you to all parents for supporting the children with their fantastic costumes and dioramas.

Take a look at the photos of their fantastic creations for the ‘diorama’ competition, as well as our ‘share a story’ session throughout the school.



Cober and Lerryn were very lucky to have a coach in from ‘All Stars Cricket’. He began the session with a fun warm-up called ‘Creators and Volcanoes’. This involved the children moving around the cones in different ways and working together to turn the creators into volcanoes, and the volcanoes into creators. After this, the children did a carousel of activities, which involved using different cricket skills. The children showed fantastic determination and perseverance when learning these new skills and the coach was particularly impressed with their listening skills. We all had a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine and the children enjoyed learning a new sport.

Cooking in Cober

In cooking, Cober made leaf biscuits and decorated them. Firstly, they designed their biscuit by choosing their leaf shape and how they wanted to decorate it. They then began to make their biscuit, by rolling out the dough and cutting out their leaf shape using the stencil. After they had been baked, the children used their design to decorate the biscuit. By the end, we had created a beautiful tree with all of the children’s wonderful biscuits!

Alongside this, the children wrote some fantastic instructions for making their leaf biscuit, thinking about the title, the ingredients and the correct sequence for the instructions.

Spring Woods Visit

As part of our ‘Wonderful Woodlands and Fabulous Forests’ topic, in addition to our Science learning, we walked down to our local woods to focus on the signs of Spring that we could see. In Bosahan Woods, we spotted various plants that we had learned about and had learned the names for. We saw bluebells, primroses, celandines, stitchwort, red campions, ferns, hart’s tongue ferns, ivy, holly, beech and sycamore! We were able to spot deciduous and evergreen trees. During our time in the woods, we did some observational drawing of the plants that were around us. We had to look really closely and carefully, so that we could accurately draw each plant. After this activity, we used our five senses to explore the woods. We loved visiting the woods during Spring and it was beautiful to see the bluebells covering the ground.

Maps in Cober

In Geography, we looked at maps and learned about the different symbols that are used. In small groups, we explored the map and used the key to identify places of interest.

Growing Lettuce!

In our garden, the lettuces are growing fast! We were able to pick some of the lettuces and herbs and bring them into school for us to wash and try. We made our own salad using these ingredients and then got to eat it. We all thought that it was delicious and very healthy for us!

Cober Art

During our Dinosaur topic, Cober class produced some fantastic artwork. For their fern prints, they first of all used wax crayons to do rubbings of fern leaves. They then brushed a paint wash over the paper, to reveal the fern outline. For their dinosaur silhouettes, the children explored ‘Brusho’ for the first time, using it to create a background for their dinosaur scene. They then used black paper to cut out silhouettes of dinosaurs and scenery.


Using our five senses in Cober

In Science, we have been learning about our five senses. We did a ‘senses walk’ outside, where we were able to use each of our senses in our wonderful outside area. We wrote down what we could see, hear, feel and touch, but we didn’t do any tasting outside!


Capacity in Cober

Cober Class thoroughly enjoyed learning about capacity in Maths during their first week back of the Summer term. We were able to go outside in the sunshine, putting the correct amount of water in our containers and using the mathematical language of ‘empty’, ‘nearly empty’, ‘half full’, ‘nearly full’ and ‘full’. We then used non-metric units of measurement to measure and compare the capacity and volume of different containers.

Home Learning in Cober!

We have had more fantastic topic homework from Cober Class! Our classroom is now full of amazing dinosaur worlds, which all show individual creativity and knowledge. After learning about the three different periods in the dinosaur times, the children chose which environment they wanted to represent and were able to discuss this with the class.

Dinosaur Biscuits in Cober!

Cober Class enjoyed another cooking session with Mrs Moyle, where they made dinosaur biscuits. The children designed their biscuit beforehand, deciding which dinosaur they wanted to make and decorate. The children worked really hard to follow their design plan when decorating their biscuits with icing. After lunch, they were able to eat their biscuits, which were very delicious. Some children wanted to keep half their biscuit, to take home and share with their family!

Take a look at the photos, to see how brilliant Cober Class were at carefully making and icing their biscuit.

Home Learning in Cober

We have had some brilliant home learning from children in Cober this week! They created fantastic dinosaur worlds, showing great creativity and knowledge.

One was created using natural materials, such as ferns, sand, a pine cone and even some orange peel for the lava coming out of the volcano! The other was created using recycled yoghurt pots, which have been used to make the volcanoes and rocks. It has then been carefully painted and coloured, to show the environment where the dinosaurs lived.

We loved sharing these in the classroom and they are now displayed in our dinosaur area.

Dinosaur Fact Finding in Cober!

Cober Class have been very busy this week being ‘fact finders’! They used both information from the internet and non-fiction books to find out lots of different facts about dinosaurs. On the Netbooks, they wrote a fact file about either a Tyrannosaurus, a Diplodocus or a Triceratops. They found information on it’s length, weight, food and diet, how it moved and what it looked like.  Some of the children then found facts from different non-fiction dinosaur books and recorded what they had found. The children showed great perseverance when learning how to write on the Netbooks, which could be quite tricky at times!

After writing our fact files, we went outside to measure the length of each dinosaur that we had researched, to see how big they were. We couldn’t believe that a Diplodocus would have been almost as big as our playground!


Arts and Crafts Club

The Year 1’s and 2’s have been very busy in Art Club so far this term. We have used various techniques and ideas, whilst exploring Autumn, Firework’s Night, Halloween and Diwali. The children are always very enthusiastic, displaying great creativity and imagination. Take a look at what we have been creating each week. We look forward to beginning our Christmas crafts next week.

Cober Science Experiment

In Science this half term, we have been learning all about materials. We have explored what materials different objects are made from and the properties of each material. We then decided to use our knowledge to carry out an experiment, to find out which would be the best material for a castle roof. We were testing the different materials to see if they were waterproof or not. We loved doing our Science experiment and we all worked very cooperatively, taking turns to test the different materials.


Cooking in Cober

In our cooking session with Mrs Moyle this half term, we made vegetable soup. We had to chop the vegetables and then add them to the pan, along with the lentils, herbs, water and a stock cube. Having learned about writing instructions when exploring ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we wrote some instructions on how to make our soup. Before lunch, we were able to try some of it!

Delicious Cupcakes from Cober!

Cober Class had a fantastic time cooking last week! First we made the cupcakes, mixing all of the ingredients together and putting them in the cupcake cases. Then after planning how we would like them to look, we decorated them with icing and sprinkles! At the end of the day, we were able to eat them outside in the sunshine.

Race for Life 2018

Next Wednesday 4th July, we are holding another Race for Life!
Here is the Just Giving page for you to donate money. Please give generously to this worthy cause.


There will be face painting and fruit kebabs for 50p as well as medals for every child who runs!

Here are some photos from last year

Africa and Habitats

We have started our African topic and have already explored the deserts in the North and the Savannah in the South. We have found out how camels adapt in the hot dusty desert and how rhinos are being hunted to extinction. We were extremely lucky to have Emma’s Mum in to tell us about her work with rhinos and we discovered they were very interesting creatures. We are now just beginning to find out about the rainforest in central Africa and have drawn the layers which all make habitats for different animals.

our role play area is developing too, with a giraffe, tent and lots of drawings of animals and scenes. We are looking forward to getting our binoculars out again to explore the dense rainforest or look for animals on the Savannah.

African drumming led by Alan was brilliant and we spend time beating out anal sounds and rhythms . Finally we have kept up our daily run, sampled football training and had two tennis sessions. No wonder we go home exhausted every day!

After the long weekend we hope to walk to Glebe Gardens and explore the hedgerows on the way looking for common flowers. Let’s hope the weather stays fine.

A World of Dinosaurs!

Our dinosaur explorers are now learning about dinosaurs in Jurassic and Cretaceous times, when more dinosaurs roamed the Earth and there was more water and forests. They have researched at home and school making them budding experts in this prehistoric time! Look out for Barry, the dinosaur erupting from the display outside the classroom!

We have collected facts and even written poems about Jurassic dinosaurs. The scariest are the carnivores with their sharp teeth and claws!

Every day there are drawings or models of dinosaurs decorating our walls! What an enthusiastic class, extending their learning in their free time. Similarly there is usually a dinosaur drama in the role play area in the afternoon, where Tyrannosaurus Rex rules the corner! We have even shown visitors in there, we hope they come back!

Our Maths has been looking at addition and subtraction and is now all about counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, a precursor to multiplication and division. Well done to Piper and Ethan for completing the challenge puzzle on Friday. Alongside this we are always thinking about the size and weight of the dinosaurs we research and often wonder whether they would fit in the classroom!

Finally, our trip to Newquay Zoo to find out about dinosaurs and animals alive at the same time, is booked for 19th March. Although we have a minibus booked, our class numbers are rising and we will need some volunteers to drive too. If you can help transport, please let us know.

I wonder what is in store for our brave dinosaur explorers next week…

Dinosaur World

Our role play is now complete and ready to explore! There is an exploding volcano that you can crawl into, a raging river, trees, dinosaurs, eggs and a vast range of ferns. However, you do have to avoid the enormous carnivore T Rex which roams the land looking for food with his sharp teeth and claws! Intrepid explorers have to grab their binoculars and dive into the time machine to be whisked back 200 million years ago and emerge into a world ruled by dinosaurs.

We have been investigating the Triassic Period when dinosaurs evolved, some on two legs like the Coelophysis, a vicious carnivore, others on four, like plateosaurus, a plant eating herbivore. We have measured them and discovered some of the Triassic dinosaurs were nearly as long as our black area! Now we wonder whether there will be larger ones in later dinosaur times, we think there will!

In Science we have looked at some animal groupings and discussed vertebrates and invertebrates and found out that dinosaurs were reptiles and that many fossil remains have been discovered and scientists have been able to work out what dinosaurs were like.

We have also been looking at the world in these times and we’re all amazed to discover that land masses were not like they are now. Pangea was a joined land before the present continents were formed and over millions of years land masses moved and are still moving!

Already we have made lots of amazing dinosaurs and eggs for homework, thank you parents for your support and patience!

We are looking forward to finding out about Jurassic times next week when dinosaurs grew larger and spread further across the world. As always this topic has sparked the imaginations of the children and every session of free activity time is spent making dinosaur models, drawing scenes from Triassic times, looking through books or exploring a role play with binoculars in hand.


A Spotacular Day!

Many thanks to everyone who supported our charity fundraiser for Children in Need! Our Pudsey shaped spots were overflowing with loose change and we were all covered in spots by the end of the day thanks to Mrs Cheshire and her amazing face painting. There were so many bright, spotty, stripey, tartan and flowery clothes and pyjamas, what a great day!

Autumn, Fairytales and Problem Solving!

Our role play corner is now complete, with giant, Jack’s House, a castle, the Billy Goat Gruff and Ogre’s bridge as well as a very colourful magic wishing tree! The children have enjoyed every creating their own fairytale adventures and have even been inspired to write signs for the Ogre to warn others!

We have been thinking about castles and their features as well as the best location for defence. The children have written about knights and jousting as well as think about materials that would be best for their armour. Now we are focusing on hibernation and we went out into the grounds, made maps and looked for possible sites where bats, wasps and hedgehogs might hibernate. These ideas were added to the maps and our next step will be to focus on one of these creatures and think about ways we could help create a good site for hibernation.

We are focusing on addition and subtraction in maths, using small numbers at first. We are thinking about different equipment we can use and trying to make number sentences from word problems which the giant is still setting us! Please keep counting in 1s, 2s,5s and 10s as this will ensure the children feel more comfortable with numbers.

Last week we made the most of the good weather to help Mr Blackburn  dig over the garden in our activity time. We will need to make sure our plot is tidied up for the winter!

Keep looking at our tweets so that you can see your children as they learn!

Fairy Tales Galore!

What a great start to the Autumn term in Cober Class with lots of stories and building an exciting role play area! We have Jack and the beanstalk corner, a giant’s castle and of course an enormous giant! We are hoping to make a magic tree next week and then it should be ready to play in.

On Art day last week, thanks to Mrs Townsend, we made fairy tale masks which we will be able to wear in the corner.

Meanwhile a group of children have been designing and making a monstrous slide for cars and spent this afternoon outside completing it and dodging the showers!

We have been writing about a giant and remembering to finish sentences with a full stop as well as leaving finger spaces. Our giant has also been the theme for puzzle solving in Maths and looking for sounds in phonics!

Many thanks to all the parents who visited us on Tuesday for Meet the Teacher. If you couldn’t make it please feel free to come and look at our classroom and find out what is going on.

Constantine’s Outstanding Musical Talent!

Last Saturday Constantine School took part in the annual Constantine Garden Show by performing in the evening concert, alongside the Constantine Brass Band, which also featured many of our students, parents and ex students.

Miss Balkwell and Mrs Micklem arranged a lovely evening of music with the choir, ukulele players, glockenspiels and Cober class all performing. Well done everyone, it was a proud moment for Constantine School to see so many budding musicians clearly enjoying entertaining everyone.

Race for Life

Many thanks to all the children, parents and staff for your support on our third Race for Life! Despite the intense heat, everyone was keen to run to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. The fruit kebabs were a welcome snack afterwards, thanks to Miss Paine, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Jones and year 6 for this treat!

Please send in any sponsor money or donations as soon as possible so the money can be forwarded to the charity. Also, do not forget to look at the Just Giving page as there are some touching comments.


Just giving page

Poetry and Place Value!

Last week we started gathering words for our sea poetry. We listened to poems and then created descriptive phrases with lots of adjectives and even some similes! On Tuesday we shared our ideas and in pairs started to collect phrases we wanted in our poems. Well done to Adi who made small changes to some of the phrases, great independent thinking!

Our next step was to make a draft poem by reorganising these ideas in our poetry pairs and then adding more descriptive detail or expanding ideas! The children found this tricky at first but we’re soon enjoying the task, keen to share their developing poems with Mrs Bancroft! She was delighted by our enthusiasm and powerful language.

Next week we will complete our masterpieces, which we hope to share in assembly.

In Maths we have begun to compare 2 digit numbers now, by looking at tens and ones. We have used Cuisenaire rods and Multibase to help us make numbers and next week we will be ordering and finding ways to add and subtract larger numbers.

At  the end of the week we were able to get out to see the pond and search for tadpoles. Sadly we only got a glimpse of two! However we were able to see a great snail hotel made by Adilena, Emily, Lucy and Henry. It is very encouraging to see children taking care of wildlife.

Next week the children are visiting the Tolmen Centre to find out about miners in Constantine and will be able to handle some interesting artefacts from the museum.

Fishing boats and Mines!

Our theme of Cornwall is well under way now. We have almost finished our role play corner with a boat and a mine where the children can sail away to foreign places or dig deep under the mine for copper and tin!

We have walked through the woods to see the remains of the mining which was so important in Constantine and Dr Adrian has answered lots of well considered questions from the children. We look forward to visiting the Tolmen museum where Tracey is organising a workshop with many great artefacts for us to handle.

This week we have also been investigating place value and using Cuisenaire rods to help us understand tens and units. More of this to follow next week alongside poetry and all the descriptive language this generates.

Friday was a busy day with cooking Cornish Splits and then Dodgeball! We were sad to lose our match against Fal, but we played well and Congratulate the Reception children on their success.

Dodgeball Fundraiser

What great finals in our Dodgeball competition! Fal class’ top team played Cobers’ top team and won by a small but vital margin and Helford were champions in their match against Lerryn! The match with Fal and Cober had the audience gripped as it moved into extra time. The players were amazing, dodging and aiming to try to secure victory. What a match!

We look forward to more games next week when the Swimathon children play year 6 and the winning team finally competes against the Staff! A match not to miss.

Many thanks to those who found sponsors, or just donated to our British Heart Foundation charity fundraising.

The Last of the Dinosaurs!

Sadly we have finished the dinosaur topic in Cober. We learnt a lot and created great models and writing. Thank you to all the parents, and grandparents, who came to our Dinosaur Extravaganza to listen to our performance and see all our hard work!

Next term will be about Cornwall and we will be learning about mining and fishing, taking advantage of our natural resources in our local area.

Happy Easter to all

Flowers, Dinosaurs and Teeth!

With all our assessments this week, we have had little time to find out about dinosaurs! However, we had a brilliant start to the week, making flowers out of recycled bottles and other materials. There was a lovely atmosphere of collaboration in the Hall as mixed age groups tackled this creative task! The final result was amazing, with everyone showing off their own, unique flower, boat or fish ready to be planted at the Pavilions.

Miss Puxley took time to make jam sandwiches, to support our learning about fractions! Although dinosaurs like jam I think most of the sandwiches were eaten by children!

During activity time, Sam started the trend to make multi link dinosaurs. Amazing creatures have now appeared, which have clear features and are obviously recognisable. Brilliant idea Sam! We have also enjoyed using clip boards in the role play to collect information about dinosaurs. Great research Cober Class!

By Friday we had finished testing and returned to our Greedy Dinosaur story. We have found facts about velociraptors to add to our character description, remembering to write in sentences!

Alex brought in a brilliant megoladon tooth to show us. Thank you Alex, he told us about the scary creature it came from!

We are looking forward to planning our own story next week as well as making dinosaur shadow puppets so that we can perform short plays. Another exciting week for dinosaur experts in Cober Class.

Skeletons in Cober!

Science has dominated our week for our intrepid dinosaur explorers! On Monday we visited Newquay Zoo and, despite the weather, we had a brilliant time. We dodged hail and rain to enjoy the meerkats, admire the beautiful birds, tiptoe past the lions and laugh at the Penguins! We enjoyed a workshop about dinosaurs, learning more about Mary Anning and being able to handle a vast range of fossils including fossilised dinosaur poo! Many thanks to our helpers and to Mr Blackburn and Mrs Micklem for driving the minibuses.

On Tuesday, our day started with the whole school exercise and assembly with Nathan Fox, an inspiring athlete. Later we learnt about our bodies, discussing bones, muscles, veins and tendons. Then in teams the children were given some bones to cut out and arrange to make a simplified skeleton! Collaboration was part of our focus and though at first this was hard, by the end of the session there was a lot more communication and connection! Madame Alexander gave us some French words to label one of our skeletons.

This theme continued on Friday when we looked at dinosaur skeletons. The children were given black paper and sheets of white paper to make their own dinosaur skeletons. Again in teams, collaboration was the focus after discussion before hand. This was tricky at first as each member of the team wanted to make their own part without discussion! However, despite the odds, by the end of the day our three skeletons were made and they are brilliant. Well done Cober you achieved far more than we expected.

Friday was a busy morning as we not only made skeletons but we also had cooking with Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle. Our task was to make a dinosaur scene with vegetables and fruit. During this we were visited by Tresillian class as part of their photographic course!

Alongside all of this, we have continued to type up our dinosaur poems,  complete number patterns and write thank you letters! A busy week for everyone in Cober

Please come and look at our skeletons if you missed Friday assembly!


Dinosaur Facts and Poems!

What a busy two weeks for dinosaur explorers! We searched for eggs which had facts for us to collect and linked our science by looking at life cycles. We were able to adapt the crocodile life cycle and make a dinosaur one,  while we also studied the more complex butterfly and frog stages of life.

Thanks to Ruby’s mum, we have made walking dinosaurs and flying ones. Both are making our dinosaur corner look amazing! Now Georgina is helping us decorate dinosaur eggs, which will be the starting point for creating our own dinosaurs! Will they be carnivores or herbivores?

Finally this week, we have created descriptive phrases about Tyrannosaurus Rex, which we made into poems. We learnt how to move phrases around and improve them to make our poems more exciting.

Our maths has focused on understanding that numbers are made of tens and units as well as imagining the size of dinosaurs in metres!

More dinosaur tasks next week…


The Dawn of Dinosaurs!

 The Dinosaurs have started evolving in Cober class this week, thanks to Mrs Massey! A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex is being created in the corner of our role play area. There will soon be lots for intrepid dinosaur explorers to spot when they go back 200 million years ago. Watch this space…

We have also made dinosaur biscuits with Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle. They were 3D! Look out for photos on the cookery board.

We said a sad farewell to Emily this week and wish her all the best for the future in her new home and school.

Hedgehogs and Castles!

What an exciting week in Cober Class! We started thinking about hedgehogs and why they hibernated in Winter. Then we thought about where they might settle for a sleep and decided to make special areas which they could use. Most important was a safe place where there would be fewer disturbances! If you look closely in the far end of the grounds, you will see some of our dens and our signs. Olly Rivero remembered that hedgehogs could climb trees and encouraged his team to make a den in a tree. Great high rise apartment Olly!

On Tuesday we made clay hedgehogs with twigs for spines. We remembered to make the snout and small nose on the end. Finally we hid our hedgehogs near the dens but unfortunately the torrential rain dissolved most of them! A good lesson in materials. However, we were able to write some brilliant instructions about how to make a clay hedgehog on Friday, remembering time words and bossy verbs.

wednesday was our trip to Pendennis and a great workshop about Henry Vlll and Tudor times. A good day and tired children at the end!

what will happen next week…

Rugby and Giant Hands!

Another busy week in Cober Class. We started by matching fairytale pictures to their title in Literacy and then labelling groups of bricks using more, less and fewer in Maths. In the afternoon, Alex helped finish the giant by cutting out giant hands. Great job Alex!

On Tuesday we started looking at castles and their features, finding out about how they were defended. We had a session in rugby on Tuesday too, what a great workout, we didn’t stop!

On Wednesday, we built castles, using natural materials. Lots of great thinking about good sites for putting our castles so they were easy to protect. On Thursday and Friday we wrote about features of castles and also thought about what to do when ‘stuck’. Finding ways to work independently and persevere with tasks is a big part of our learning this year.

Finally our maths was about finding castles with 10 Knights! The children had to work in teams to match two halves of a castle which made ten. Lots of paper and confusion at first, but then lots of talking and matching. Well done to Casey who found 10 by adding 4 parts of castles and Olly R who found 10 with 3 parts. A messy task, but great to see teams starting to work together and lots of counting.

Fairy tales and Giants!

Another great start in Cober Class this Autumn. We have been listening to fairy tales, creating a role play corner as well as building a brilliant giant! We are developing into independent writers and have been counting, investigating number sequences and writing number sentences.

On Friday we dressed up as Roald Dahl characters-what amazing costumes!

Rainforest Stories

We started the week by planning our story, explaining how our animal became colourful. We then explored some ideas about our character adding adjectives to make an interesting description. By Thursday, we were ready to start our introductions for our stories, which we completed on Friday! This time we concentrated on shorter but more structured stories, with sentences, good language and sequencing sentence starters. Some great results, which will be displayed by the middle of next week!

In Maths, we are focusing on division. Well done to Imogen for remembering the link between multiplication and division. We did lots of grouping and sharing with bricks and objects. On Wednesday miss Puxley had groups practising capacity outside, lots of good pouring and measuring!

on Friday we tried programming the robot on A.L.E.X, trying to complete levels which needed a lot of thinking about position and directions! Some tricky challenges but well done to Zephrin, Nina, Hannah, Theo, Aoife, Demelza, Calixto and Tilly who were ICT whizzes!

We have already had some Rainforests in a box, which was homework this week! Some amazing results, thank you.

Sports and Reasoning!

The children started the week by thinking about their own stories about rainforest animals and how they changed. Some very good ideas about magic dust, clouds and blending in to other colours!

On Wednesday, Miss Puxley introduced the Olympic theme and looked at Jesse Owen to start a Historical look at this great athlete. They also discussed making history as Tim Peake’s return to Earth was a headline in our lives.

Our week was dominated by Sports Day and Race for Life and what a great day weather wise! By the end of the day we were exhausted! Well done to green team, but what a close result.

On Friday we worked in teams to solve puzzles using coins. We had to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and find out how many coins we needed to buy a rainforest toy. Despite tiredness, the children completed the task extremely competently and most worked well in their teams. Our work is on the wall if you want to see it!

Race for Life!





Wedding Fever!

After the brilliant wedding in Tamar last week, Cober Class have been using their activity time to have more ceremonies! Lovely bouquets!


Phonics, Programming and Sports Day Practice!

What a busy week for Cober, starting with national phonic assessments, creation stories, multiplication practice and sports day practice! Well done to Archie and Imogen for making a rainforest in a box, what a good idea for us to make later on, thank you.

This week we started making our ‘explorer’ bags. Mrs Moyle helped us with our sewing and they will be entered into the Constantine Cottage Garden exhibition next month.

We are also continuing with work on our jaguar story in preparation for writing our own rainforest story. We are focusing on powerful descriptions and amazing verbs to make our stories supersonic.

On Thursday Cober class were delighted to join the wedding in Tamar class. They sang the Owl and Pussycat accompanied by Mrs Micklem, who teaches us some great songs. If you were lucky enough to be in assembly you will have heard us singing.

Finally, Friday afternoon we did lots of sports day practice with Mr Blackburn. We are looking forward to Race for Life on Monday morning and Sports Day in the afternoon. Please support us on Monday by watching us run or even by running with us. We hope to raise a massive £500!

King of the Amazon

Our storytelling this half term has a royal theme with our jaguar story, which we have started to learn. It is set in the Amazon Rainforest in a time when creatures had no colour and were not as they are today! We are now beginning to analyse our character and share phrases about our story.
It has been a great week for Cober with our 6 new children! We welcomed 5 children from Penryn and a visitor from Bulgaria, who is with us for another week. Our other 5 newbies have settled so quickly and already know our rules and routines! Well done and thank you.
In maths, we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help us with multiplication. Set in a rainforest theme we have had fun with monkeys and other creatures gathering in groups! Lots of great puzzle solving on Friday, with drawings to help us solve the word questions. Well done to Archie, who used coins on the last puzzle to divide 32 elephants into 4 groups! More of the same next week.
What a brilliant end to our week, celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday. Thanks to Mrs Mckenzie for coordinating proceedings with WI for an exciting and regal afternoon with lots of tea and cakes! Everyone made an effort to dress up and there were so many posh hats!

Next week we are completing our phonic screening which is a national assessment to see whether year one children are on target with their reading, particularly with phonic skills. They will need to read 40 words which include 20 ‘non-words’ .





Rainforests and Maths!

We started the week with a visit from Miss Querk, who brought in some treasures to show us! Lots of brilliant shape work followed from this, well done Cober. On Tuesday we visited Glebe Garden with its magnificent giant tree and gunnera. Mr Wild led us into a secret area where the trees make a dark and damp place similar to the Rainforest floor. What an experience and well done to Oliver who talked about chinks of light! After a muddy session there, we returned spotting wild flowers and trees on our sheets. Lots of enthusiastic nature detectives, lots of great thinking about which animals might live in the trees.
Our bug hotels are now finished and we have added warning signs to keep people away! After half term we will see whether any bugs have moved in to our man made habitats.
On Thursday, we returned to number bond diagrams and number sentences, using multi link to support our understanding. Good team work and lots of quick learning. Friday continued the maths theme but this time within Literacy. We based some time sequencing on our Rainforest book, Midnight Tiger. Although we haven’t completed the task, the children were ordering time words, clocks, ordinal numbers and events in the story. A tricky puzzle on puzzle Friday!
In science we grouped animals and started thinking about characteristics of different types, such as mammals and reptiles, linking this with our rainforest animals.

Enjoy half term and don’t forget to practise your rainforest pathway of words ready for our phonic screening in the second week back! We look forward to welcoming some new children keen to join our rainforest explorers!





Rainforest Animals

We completed our research on animals in the rainforest and are now typing a description of our homework animal. Well done to Isaac, Nina, Rosa and Kitty who have finished their piece of writing. It was tricky learning keyboard skills!
In phonics, we had to find the aliens some words to eat! Each alien had a vowel phoneme in their name and we had to find words with those phonemes for them! Tricky when phonemes can be spelt in different ways. We have a great display of our ‘alien phoneme eaters’, so come and look!
Snake masks were created on Wednesday with Miss Puxley and will soon appear on our display outside the classroom. What a range of animals we will have when they are all finished.
Mrs Moyle and Mrs Sampson came to Cober on Thursday to do some cooking. We made Brazilian biscuits and they were delicious.
Finally, our maths puzzle was all about rainforest animals, focusing on more and less. Some excellent problem solving from Violet, Imogen, Rosa and Hannah. It was lovely to see our puzzle solved in so many different ways, using number lines, 100 squares and multi link as well as fingers!

Bug hotels next week, let’s hope the weather is fine. Unfortunately we had to postpone the garden walk last week but are hoping to go on 23rd May, when Mrs O is back. IMG_4772.JPG




Ecuador and Place Value!

A short but busy week in Cober. We started with a brilliant insight into rainforests in Ecuador, thanks to Violet’s Mum. It was great to see the orchids growing high up in trees rather than on the ground and fascinating to hear about efforts to save rare plants, as rainforests are cut down. After this we were able to create some great descriptive phrases to add to our canopy layer writing.
Wednesday was mask making in the afternoon, with monkeys adding to our growing number of animals! What will next week bring?
Throughout the week we have focused on place value in Maths. Counting in tens and units and making numbers with multi base (10 rods and ones) and arrow cards. Keep up the counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, forwards and backwards, it is very important in our calculations.
Finally, I hope you were lucky enough to be in assembly when we showed our rainforest pictures. They showed the four layers and some of the animals which lived in each.

Next week we hope to visit Glebe gardens to spot some of the common plants in our hedgerows and wild areas. We will be accompanied by Mrs O and Lyn, both flower experts! Now all we need is a sunny day!





Rainforest Explorers

We have now started writing about the rainforest and its layers after completing our illustration. The role play corner is already filling up with animals made for homework! Thanks to Hannah, Lowen and Tilly for their monkeys, Jaguars and snakes. Zephrin has made a great monkey which hangs upside down as well as bringing in some footprints to add more excitement in the corner!
Miss Paine asked us to write a setting in the rainforest and the children produced some excellent results. Lots of great descriptions and facts. Oliver wrote about the jaguar ‘catching prey with its silent claws’ and Lizzie caught ‘a glimpse’. Well done Cober class! It was very difficult to choose just 2 awesome authors, but well done to Archie and Lizzie.
On Wednesday there were some brilliant macaw masks created. They will join the jaguar masks on the outside display soon.
What a great Cookathon on Thursday! The children enjoyed the task of making a cottage pie with the whole school. What a fantastic experience, thanks to Mrs Moyle for her excellent organisation.
On Friday afternoon we were visited by Maggie’s ducklings! What a lovely end to another busy week in Cober Class!

We are looking forward to seeing some photographs of the Amazon on Tuesday next week. Violet’s mum is bringing in some slides and we will be able to find out more about what a rainforest is like.




History, the Queen and Rainforests!

All in one week! A very busy week for Cober covering lots of different topics. We started the week by visiting Bosahan Woods in search of mining ruins. We explored places where miners would have worked and thought about what the trees would have been used for. We also observed changes in plants and trees which showed that Spring had arrived. On Tuesday we started thinking about the Queen being 90, looking back over old photos and videos. This culminated in cooking (and of course eating) a cake to celebrate her real birthday on Thursday! Lots of great learning and talking about ingredients and methods of mixing and cooking, thanks to Mrs Micklem.
At the end of the week we travelled to South America to look at The Amazon Rainforest, which covered several countries including Brazil. We talked about the different layers and what it would be like on the forest floor. We were all amazed by the variety of animals and plants at all levels of the forest. On Friday we were busy painting animals, cutting leaves and making junk models for our role play area.
Next week, we will continue to make animal masks with Miss Puxley, write about the layers, measure the height of the trees and get out our binoculars again to explore our new Rainforest role play corner!


Constantine in the Past

Last week we looked back at Constantine by looking at old photographs and finding out about occupations in the 1800s. We compared photographs to see what had changed and what had stayed the same, there were many differences. Our last task was to make a house with families who lived in the past remembering to make the interior look old, with ranges and no inside bathrooms!
We found out what a dangerous job miners had and hope to visit the ruins from mining next week.
Look out for our black and white photograph, just like the old photos we have been looking at!




Authors, Dancers and Runners!

We have been busy writing our stories this week, using our story maps to help us. Great enthusiasm from Lizzie, Isaac and Charlie, who couldn’t stop writing! We are looking forward to showing everyone in our Dinosaur Extravaganza on Monday morning.
Sadly, our dinosaur sock puppets were not a success! Our glue was not strong enough to stick to fabric, but undaunted, we made dinosaurs with moving legs using split pins. Very colourful and lots of skills to learn, especially making holes in card safely! Some of these are camouflaged in our dinosaur land, so keep looking!
Luckily we were able to spend some time outdoors this week as although it was cold, it was dry. Mr Blackburn led the hunt for potatoes down in the garden and we were amazed by the number that were there. Unfortunately they were past their best, but it was great fun.
Friday was a busy day with our Holi workshop, when we used sticks to create a celebration dance, followed straight away by our mile run and walk!
Next week is the last of our dinosaur topic work and we hope you can join us for our showing morning on Monday. However, if you cannot, come in any time next week to admire our lovely work and displays before they disappear!





Holi Indian Workshops

Fantastic dancing from four classes this week to celebrate the Indian Festival Holi, which is all about colour and welcoming in Spring. Thanks to Charlotte and Amber for brilliant workshops, we always enjoy your professional sessions. Well done to Tamar, Helford, Cober and Fal.





Dinosaurs at the Zoo!

Another busy week for dinosaur loving Cober Class. we started the week by finishing our brilliant writing about Greedy Dinosaur. Everyone has described our main character well and we are nearly all writing independently! For the rest of the week the children have been creating their own characters and have started a story map to plan their own story themes. some great ideas from Kitty, who had a tyrannosaurus shadowing a dinosaur and Oliver, who has introduced a time machine so that humans can return (lovely link to our role play, Oliver!). There are going to be more greedy dinosaurs, some sad dinosaurs and some terrifying dinosaurs! What an exciting set of ideas, I am looking forward to next week when we start writing.
Amazingly, several of the children are writing stories in activity time and most are remembering to organise their writing into sentences, great learning Cober Class.
Mrs Micklem went on a two day first aid course at the start of the week and it was lovely to have Mrs Page to support us for those days. Luckily, Mrs Micklem was back by Thursday when she drove the minibus to Newquay Zoo! What a great day, the weather was brilliant, the workshop was fantastic and the animals amazing! All the children behaved well and asked some good questions. All too soon we were back in the minibus heading back to school!
Story writing next week and making puppets for our stories. Another busy week in Cober Class!





Storytelling and Spiders!

This week our busy dinosaur hunters have been learning the story of The Greedy Dinosaur. They have thought of some brilliant descriptions of the main character, who was a vicious velociraptor and looked at verbs from the story as well as others. We have also made another of the characters, angry ankylosaurus, so the classroom is packed with dinosaurs! Luckily, terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex is behaving himself and hasn’t eaten anyone this week. Our next task was to write about Greedy Dinosaur, using a mixture of facts and details from the story. We haven’t quite finished this but there are already some excellent results from everyone. Particularly well done to Violet and Marcus. Charlie was delighted to see his phrase ‘as sharp as a blade’ still being used by lots of children, our descriptive ideas are really developing!
Our maths puzzle, this week, was to find out how many spiders were in the bath on Friday! There was only 1 on Monday, but each day the numbers doubled! Some great jottings helped us find the answer and some even went on to see how many spiders would be in the bath on Saturday and Sunday. Great thinking from Aoife, who was first to solve our puzzle. Also Rosa, who used a 100 square to double and was able to double 32 to discover there were 64 spiders by Sunday. We decided we would not be visiting that bathroom! A special mention for Ciaran, who was so keen to solve the puzzle, he kept trying and made clear jottings and used multi link.
There was a lovely end to the week when Mr Blackburn helped us get some tyres and planks out, so we could play with them on the black area. Let’s hope the weather improved so we can get out more often.

Next week is our trip to the zoo to find out about animals who were alive in dinosaur times. Fingers crossed for a sunny day!





Filming, Building and Counting Dinosaurs!

We took advantage of the sunshine on Tuesday to look for a good place to film our dinosaur stories. In the next few weeks we will be creating storyboards and then using an animation program on our iPads to create a short adventure film with our model dinosaurs. We are going to work in small teams and have already had some brilliant ideas about our films.
On the same day, we continued with some poetry, writing about the King of the Dinosaurs. Some lovely ideas which have been sent to Miss Paine so she can choose our awesome authors (poets) this month.
On Thursday, we started our storytelling and heard the story of Greedy Dinosaur! Our task is to learn the story, with its rich language so we can write our own story. We also counted some dinosaurs and used number lines to count on.
On Friday we returned to the story of Mary Anning, a famous palaeontologist, who found a sea living dinosaur in Dorset. We sequenced some events which happened in her life and were surprised that she had climbed a rickety wooden scaffold to uncover her dinosaur bones, a brave lady!
Finally, our Friday Maths puzzle consisted of two challenges! First, the children had to draw a dinosaur which was 2 pencils long in pairs. Then, In groups, they had to create vicious velociraptors which were 1m tall or long! Some groups used shapes, some junk modelling materials. What great results and very close to the metre! The most accurate were the shape group, well done. Thanks to Mrs Hussey, one of our governors, for her invaluable support during this session. The excitement and cooperation within groups was very good.
Another great week in the life of dinosaur experts, good job Cober a hard working week.
We are looking forward to more tasks next week with our storytelling and to the Newquay Zoo trip on 10th March.IMG_4424.JPG




Poetry Week

This week we have learnt poetry, read poetry and written poetry! We worked in pairs and thought of lots of different descriptive phrases about a dinosaur, which we typed up and illustrated. Some excellent results which are displayed in the classroom.
We also ordered numbers in Maths and then researched the length of dinosaurs and ordered those.
On Wednesday, Miss Puxley showed the children how to make volcanos! What excitement as the lava exploded out! Finally, our week ended by taking part in our skipping competition. Well done to Nina for coming first in KS1 and to Violet for coming third. We certainly stayed fit this week by practising skipping and running!
Enjoy half term, Cober and come back refreshed to continue dinosaurs!





Skipping Competition!

KS1 have completed their competition to raise money for BHF. What a great week of skipping, ensuring we have healthy hearts.
What a great result with Nina Newton from Cober class achieving Gold, Ethan in Lerryn achieving Silver and Violet Blackburn in Cober achieving bronze! Well done to everyone for taking part.IMG_4368.JPG




Dinosaurs, cooking and weather watch!

Another busy week in Cober Class, starting with making dinosaurs out of 2d shapes and ending with making dinosaurs out of junk! This week we started creating poems, collecting descriptive phrases and trying to expand them. A tricky task but we will continue next week.
On Thursday, Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle made rock cakes with us and brought some buns to decorate. There were lots of ingredients to make the recipe delicious!
On Friday, we went outside to see what was happening in the garden. We were amazed by the signs of Spring and talked about the unusually warm temperatures. We found a lot of damage from the strong winds we have had too.
We also found out that our favourite dinosaurs were the brachiosaurus and the spinosaurus! We made a pictogram to show this, it was interesting to see so many different dinosaurs in our results.
Finally we showed our junk model dinosaurs in assembly. We even managed to teach Mr Wild something- he didn’t know that there was a dinosaur called an ankylosaurus!
Next week will be filled with poetry and lots of skipping, ready for Friday!IMG_4321.JPGIMG_4349.JPG



Into the Cretaceous Period!

This week saw the emergence of the frightening Tyrannosaurus Rex! At the start of the week we found facts about this terrifying creature and then drew and labelled pictures. Next, we put our facts into sentences and by Thursday we remembered to add some wow sentence starters. Well done to Marcus and Isaac for some great ideas! Mrs Massey joined us on Thursday to build a giant T-Rex in the role play area! By Friday we had completed decorating brachiosaurus and started decorating T-Rex! Well done to Tilly and Arthur who were brilliant at making T-Rex look so fierce!
Our role play area is looking very scary, visit if you dare!IMG_4296.JPG




Jurassic Dinosaurs!

We started the week by researching brachiosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period. At that time there was a lot more rain and so tropical forests provided rich vegetation for herbivores. Over time they evolved into giants! We made notes, using bullet points and then at the end of the week we wrote our non-fiction text using these notes. We had to remember to extend our sentences, putting two facts together and using a conjunction between. It was a tough task but very successful.
On Tuesday we were delighted to meet Judy Scrimshaw, Oliver’s Granny, who brought in her new book. She read us a tale of a sea dinosaur who came to live near Cornish coast and of its visits on land. It was a great story and her illustrations inspired us.
Finally, our maths challenge on Friday was to draw a scaled down dinosaur on squared paper. Another tricky task but with brilliant results, which are displayed in the classroom. Please come and see them.
We are still exploring in our role play area, and have started decorating brachiosaurus model which will be in there when complete!IMG_4286.JPG




Jurassic Monsters

We have now started looking at the Jurassic Period in dinosaur history, when the largest dinosaurs evolved. Brachiosaurus was the largest and we have drawn and labelled one and made a model which we will decorate. We have thought about colours of the creatures and whether they were camouflaged. When it is finished, we will put him into the role play area, so look out!
We shared our homework, eggs and dinosaurs, many thanks for much needed adult support! We even had some flying dinosaurs from Charlie and Arthur.
While we have been solving dinosaur puzzles in Maths, Miss Puxley has been measuring dinosaur feet and we have been finding out whether our feet fit inside a dinosaur footprint! Next week we will find out whether brachiosaurus would fit on the field, weather permitting!
On Wednesday, Josh came to show us capoeira moves and tell us about its history which was very interesting.






Happy New Year! Cober Class have just started their new exciting topic – dinosaurs. We are currently building a role play corner where we can use our time machine to go back in time, explore, find dinosaurs and go inside a volcano! The children are bringing in eggs, skeletons and dinosaurs to hide in the corner. Tilly has already made her explorer’s hat and binoculars! Great job, Tilly.
On Wednesday we compared our feet with a dinosaurs and were relieved that there were no dinosaurs alive now!
Next week we will be making some large models to add to our role play and finding out about different types.
We are also looking forward to meeting Oliver’s granny who has written a dinosaur book, which she will read to us. Another exciting week to come in Dinosaur Land!





It’s Nearly Christmas!

For the last three weeks we have been performing our Nativity play, decorating the classroom and our tree! Christmas is almost here! The lonely scarecrow has turned into a very jolly snowman and we have written some excellent poems in teams about snowman and winter. Amazingly, he now has a smile on his face! Alongside all this we have told the story of Jesus’ birth in 3 parts from Angel Gabriel’s visit to the visit by the shepherds. There are some brilliant illustrations in this work as well as some thoughtful writing.
We have been busy with Miss Puxley creating paintings in the style of Georgia O’Keefe and with the help of Rosa’s Granny we have experimented with paints. We have looked back at toys from the past and compared the materials used now and then. More interestingly we have thought about the difference in technology now and the safety regulations! Does anyone remember when teddy bear eyes were attached by metal spikes? Our homework is to find out about parents’ and grandparents’ favourite toys. Are any the same as now?
Sadly, our fairytale topic will soon be over and we will be launching into our next topic! Dinosaurs!
A busy week next week to finish off and make cards. A happy and relaxing Christmas to everyone from Cober Class.IMG_4190.JPGIMG_4138.JPGIMG_4144.JPG


Scarecrow Stories

At last, we have finished our stories and they are hanging in the classroom. We have started to make maps of the area where scarecrow lived and added a compass as well as labelling points of interest! Please do come and read our stories.
For homework we have decorated our castles. What brilliant results, which we will show in assembly. Lots of flags and stone work.
We are delighted to welcome Oliver, who has come to join Cober. He is settling in and enjoying making new friends.
We are now starting our Christmas play practices. A busy few weeks to come.IMG_4090.JPGlIMG_4089.JPGc




After finding out about hedgehogs before half term, we started the week by making dens where hedgehogs could hibernate. Location was important so that the hedgehogs wouldn’t be disturbed and so we headed for the far side of the grounds. We used natural materials with lots of cosy leaves! After that, we made signs to keep people away and hoped that hedgehogs might be passing! Our next task was to write instructions so that other people could make dens. Well done to Arthur, Archie, Rosa and Rosie who had some great ideas for their writing. We all learnt to use time connectives and bossy verbs!
In Maths we were still thinking about what numbers are made up of and our puzzle this week was to break numbers down into 3 parts. Well done to Aoife, Tilly and Lowen for good understanding of the task.
Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle came to make a fruity oat crumble with us this week. It was brilliant, sampling the new flavours. We learnt about healthy food and lots of new ingredients. If you want the recipe, just pop in to school.
Next week, we will be writing our stories about the Lonely Scarecrow.





What Lurks in the Garden?

We started the week by finding out about hedgehogs. After that we made notes of the most interesting facts, which we then put into sentences. Some great independent writing from everyone but especially well done to Ciaran, who was so keen to write independently!
On Wednesday there was an fantastic visitor! Henry Vlll dropped in to answer questions. Look out for photographs outside the classroom! Some great hot seating in Cober Class.
We had a very interesting visit at the end of the week and found out what Mr Wild had found at the bottom of his garden! Florence came to tell us about her stinky find, which she had brought in a box! Amazingly there was a very smelly fungus which grew out of an egg and attracted flies. Mr Wild and Florence had researched the plant and were able to give us some very interesting facts, thank you.
Maths this week has been finding number bonds, great team work from Tilly and Kitty and Dawson and Lowen.
Our castles are taking shape. We are following our designs carefully and making sure we have a working drawbridge! Once they are all completed, we will decorate them, a job for after half term.
This week also saw our story character, the lonely scarecrow, come to life. Rosie was really pleased to hear that our story had a happy ending.

Enjoy half term.





Scarecrows and Castles

We started the week by listening to the start of the Lonely Scarecrow story. We began to make our character and then describe him.
On Wednesday the task was to write about Henry Vlll ready for our trip to Pendennis. Wow, what glorious weather on Thursday! We were able to explore the castle and enjoy our lunch and snack outside in the sun. Our workshop involved dressing up and lots of interesting facts, particularly about toilets through the ages! Many thanks to our parent helpers: Mrs James, Mrs Cheshire, Mr Blackburn and particularly Mr Vincent who was celebrating his birthday.
Finally on Friday, we started a recount about our trip and began making our castles from junk materials. Well done, we had some moving drawbridges!IMG_3900.JPG




Jousting Knights and Banana Trees!

On Monday and Tuesday we found out about what Knights do for fun! We were amazed about how long they spent at feasts and how much food they ate. We also learned about jousting and that even the horses wore armour! The children drew pictures of this sport and then wrote some sentences about it. Great work from Phoebe who was very enthusiastic.
On Wednesday, Miss Puxley talked about Henry Vlll ready for the Pendennis trip. She used the painting by Holbein as a starting point for drawings and a collage. Did he really have such large shoulders?
We were invited to Mrs Moore’s garden on Thursday, to see her banana tree. It was amazing and had the remains of a flower with small bananas growing above. We saw photos of the plant when it was first planted in 2011 and returned to school, laden with leaves, parts of flower and tiny green bananas. They are displayed outside the classroom, do come and look.
Following this, we drew detailed drawings of the tree, which we labelled. There were some brilliant drawings, particularly Nina, well done Cober Class!
Finally, we completed a knight puzzle on Friday. There were castles which had the number of legs written on them. The task was to work out how many Knights lived in each castle! Some great counting in 2 followed and great listening from Rosie, who had trouble counting legs until she followed my suggestion and organised her Knights into straight lines.

Another exhausting week, I wonder what will happen next week!IMG_3853.JPG




Knights and Giant Pizzas!

We started the week making pizzas for the Giant! He likes bats, snails, spiders and beetles on his topping but on Monday he only wanted 10! We then wrote a number sentence to match our pizzas; lots of different ways to make 10.
Following the work on castles, we found out who lived there long ago and continued the work with Miss Puxley on why they were often on a hill. We drew detailed drawings of knights in armour, which we labelled, learning some new words: gauntlet and breastplate. Did you know that a squire helped a knight dress from the legs up? Well, if you came to Friday assembly you would have done because Aoife read her writing out with such a loud and clear voice that everyone could hear. Great job, Aoife!
Our next task is to design a castle out of junk material with a working drawbridge. This will be a tricky challenge in design and technology, so save any tubes or boxes that might be useful. Finally, we enjoyed making castles using outdoor materials on Friday. We worked in teams and there were some interesting results. Great drawbridge from Tilly and Dawson and Archie’s team.
Next week we will be visiting Mrs Moore’s to look at her banana plant! Constantine has some amazing treasures!

Don’t forget our trip to Pendennis on 15th, packed lunch and volunteer drivers please! By then we will know all about Henry Vlll and Miss Puxley has already started making a model of him!





All About Castles

After thinking about who might live in our castle, we have started learning about castles in the past. We discovered they were built out of wood originally and then stone because it was stronger. The children have created some great images of castles with details of the stone as well as some of the main features. Miss Puxley has been discussing the location of the castles and where they were most effective. Next month we will be visiting Pendennis Castle, so we will be finding out about Tudor times.
Thanks to Violet’s excellent organisation, we have all added some stone effect inside the castle in the role play and now we just need to add slit windows and a fireplace. We are also working on a castle for the display with labelled features.
Next week we will be finding out who might have lived in the castle years ago.
Alongside all this history and geography, we have thought about materials that were used as our science focus. How the properties of stone were much better at keeping castle dwellers safe than wood, which could be burnt or rammed.
Unfortunately, our Twitter page hasn’t been working but thanks to Mr Wild we are now back in action- keep looking to see what we are doing!





Giants and Castles

This week we have finished our giant in the role play, added an owl family to the Spooky Woods, thanks to Hannah and enjoyed playing in the castle. In our topic work, we have added labels to the giant and speech bubbles! At the end of the week we thought about the Golden Rules and now have them displayed so that we can keep thinking about them.
In our Maths we have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards and thinking about counting objects in an organised way. We have also looked at 3d shapes and found some examples for our display. Finally, on Friday we had to solve puzzles by drawing animals and counting legs. Some great puzzle solving, Cober!
Our Science was all about materials, looking at objects and deciding what they are made from. We sorted out a few things and found a lot of them were made from plastic.
Another busy week!

Team point challenge: who made the owl family for our Spooky Woods? If you tell me on Monday, you will get 2 team points!




Fairy tales and Castles

This week the new Cober Class began to create their role play area and get used to working through the mornings! By Friday we were all exhausted, but the classroom now has the beginnings of a giant and a spooky wood. What a lot of great ideas about what to add to make the area special.
On Wednesday, Miss Puxley met everyone and she is looking forward to teaching Cober one day a week.
On Friday we went out into the garden and looked for signs of Autumn. Already the leaves are falling. We started looking at some leaves that wouldn’t fall, like holly, which would still be green at Christmas!

Finally, well done Cober Class, you all came in by yourselves. Very independent!




Extravaganza and Trails through the Rainforest!

What a lovely week when we were able to show Mums, Dads and Grandparents our amazing work this term. We also treated them to cakes and songs, supported by Mrs Micklem. It was a great turn out, thank you.
The rest of the week was spent on designing a route through the forest to a treasure, which we wrote instructions for. We had to remember time connectives and bossy verbs as well as extending our sentences. Brilliant work Cober, you are all ready for year 2!
This week we have also been multiplying using jottings and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We learnt how to make arrays which helped us count accurately. Look out Mr Anjari, we are Maths whizzes!
We also finished our explorer bags and now they have gone to the Cottage Garden show! Thanks again to Lyn who showed us how to sew on fastenings and handles.
We also had a visit from Val who shared her special memories of her daughter’s Hindu wedding. We saw lots of pictures and were able to try on a groom’s headdress and a bride’s bangles. What a ceremony, it was obviously very exciting.
Finally, we met our buddies. Jessica and Aidan were great and looked after the new children very well.

Make sure you come to sing at the recreation ground on Saturday evening at 6:30. It is the first time a class has represented Constantine School, so we need to have a good turn out. See you all there!

Last team point challenge: what helped us count in our Maths?





Exploring the Indian Rainforest

This week we have thought about what we need to pack when we explore the Rainforest. Some great ideas like compass, torch, magnifying glass and map were suggested. After that we wrote about a day in the rainforest, focusing on good sentence starters, extended ideas and descriptions. This work was brilliant, with everyone thinking about their targets. Great job, Cober Class.
In Maths we have concentrated on sharing, using multilink and Cuisenaire rods. We started to use the division symbol in our number sentences!
On Tuesday, everyone ran as many laps as they could, to raise money for Cancer Research, then enjoyed Sports Day in the afternoon! Wow, we were exhausted on Wednesday!
A quieter day on Friday, labelling plants and trees and working in the garden.

Next week is our rainforest extravaganza and all parents, grandparents and carers are welcome to see our term’s work. There will be cakes and singing as well as some excellent work to show you, please come!

Team point challenge: what did we label on Friday?





Another Week in the Rainforest!

Our stories are finished and hanging up in the classroom, please come and see them! They are brilliant and have excellent illustrations.
We practised again for sports day and had a go at throwing the howlers. It was tricky but Jack, Brendan, Charlie and Elijah managed to throw them a long way! We also practised for our 10 minute run round the recreation ground next Tuesday, trying to remember to jog rather than race!
Maths was all about practising adding and subtracting on the 100 square and there was more maths problem solving on Friday. This week we had to make groups of animals with 12 or 24 spots! Well done to Daisy, Martha and Brendan for great counting and problem solving!
Our explorer bags are ongoing. Some have finished adding a fastening and a handle. Thanks again to Lyn for her support and expertise. We hope to finish them next week and display them outside the classroom. They will be entered in the Cottage Garden Show on 18th July.





Sports and Stories!

We enjoyed National Sports Week and tried lots of different equipment each day. Next week we have decided to try the Howlers, which looks great fun! Now we have made our story maps and talked our ideas through with partners and written the introduction of our animal story. Next week we will complete them and illustrate them.
On Wednesday we had an outdoor maths session. We designed routes for ourselves to move along and then wrote a program to direct the mover! Great work Cober, there were some clear instructions. All the teams worked well together and it was great to see everyone taking a role.
Lots more work with money in Maths too, giving change and halving prices. Finally, the puzzle involved counting in 10s and 5s again- great puzzle solving from Rosie, Martha and Lydia this week.
A quiet week next week without Tresillian and Tamar, but a busy one for us as always!

Team point challenge: what sports equipment are we hoping to use next week?




Deep in the Indian Rainforest!

This week ended with Cober performing our story about How Tiger got his Stripes. Magnificent, they remembered the actions and tricky phrases well. We are now focused on creating our own characters and explaining how they changed from a dull animal to a colourful one. Some great ideas involving magic leaves and clouds are being developed! Next week we will complete our plans and write our own story, trying to include some of the language from the original tiger story.
Our maths was based on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s using money and weights. This is all linked to times tables, which we have also been practising. Our puzzle on Friday was tricky and we had to use multilink and jottings to help us find animals to balance the tiger! Well done to Jack who solved the puzzle without any equipment, supersonic counting!
This week we also looked at Rangoli patterns and tried making our own with different media. Rice was messy but all of them very effective. Finally we started our sewing on our explorer bags! Thanks again to Lyn who is an expert with a needle! It is going to be a slow process but there are already some experts in the making. Well done to Jessica who was very independent!
Next week is national sports week, so we will be out doing 20 minutes of sport every day, obviously training for sports day and race for life!IMG_3536.JPGIMG_3538.JPG







Art Gallery, Outdoor Activities and Art Day!

Cober Class have taken part in some exciting rainforest art workshops this week, at Falmouth Art Gallery and at school. We were made to feel extremely welcome, as always, at the gallery, despite the mess we created around our magnificent rainforest collage! We experimented with paint, tissue and other media to create a background for animals which we painted or cut out. It was great to spend time with year 6 at lunch time and together they produced some interesting pictures. In the afternoon we turned our creative energies towards making a waterfall and by the time we were ready to return to school, we were all exhausted! Thanks to all the parents and staff who helped with lifts and to Mrs Page who accompanied us and gave us some of her artistic ideas.
Wednesday was no electricity day, which Mr Anjari explained in a thought provoking assembly. As a result we spent a day measuring sticks, mapping the grounds, investigating trees and plants.
Thursday was art day, which was a great opportunity to have small groups working on different activities. We made rainforests in boxes in the morning and then animals from natural materials in the afternoon. The children had a lovely day, working in teams, sharing resources and developing their creative ideas.
By Friday we were all exhausted and spent a quieter day designing explorer bags (for a magnifying glass) and making a paper practice bag which we could use as a pattern. Next week we will be cutting out and sewing our felt bag and then decorating it with a rainforest theme.



Rainforests in a Box!

What a fantastic art day! All the children were engaged and enthusiastic, with some great ideas from Penryn students as well as Constantine teachers. Cober started with rainforest in a box and they worked extremely well in small teams. Thanks to Lyn and Marian Saunders for their help and expertise in making rainforests!IMG_3488.JPG




Hinduism, Gandhi and Tigers!

We started the week by listening to our new story, ‘How Tiger got his Stripes’. Lots of lovely phrases to remember. Mrs Micklem introduced Hinduism and made a colourful shrine, similar to ones found in India. Mrs Moyle had made saris, which we were able to practise putting on! So, by Wednesday we were totally immersed in India!
Our next topic was Gandhi and his kind and peaceful approach to solving problems such as poverty and racism. Valerie was particularly impressed by the story of his shoe- when he was boarding a train, Gandhi lost a shoe but couldn’t retrieve it, however he instantly kicked off his other shoe. Asked why he had done this, he replied that now a poor person would find a pair of shoes which he could use. When we talked about Gandhi being imprisoned, Emma was quick to realise that this was unfair.
Great thinking about a tricky subject, Cober!
Maths this week was working in teams to collect and organise information. We found that our favourite wild flower was Daisy and that less than half the class had blue eyes. Thanks to our team leaders all teams completed their tasks.
Thanks to all children who brought in plants. We have planted most in our garden, which is looking very colourful! Now the weather is improving, we will be maintaining our patch more regularly.
Finally, our week ended with a visit from Charlotte, who taught us a great Indian dance routine, incorporating colourful scarves! We started our workshop with gentle yoga, great for Mrs Micklem and I, and ended with a magnificent dance which we showed in assembly.
If you didn’t come to assembly, we do have a video of one of our practices.

Another busy week and next week we have a trip to the art gallery in Falmouth, no electricity day and Art Day, so much to look forward to.





Bug Hotels!

A slightly strange week without Mrs Micklem as she had a very nasty virus which left her dizzy and nauseous. The children missed her and made cards but we were delighted to see her recovering by Thursday, when she popped in to see us. A big thank you to all our volunteers who helped us with reading this week.
Having completed our writing about our animal characters, we moved on to design our bug hotels. We had to think about how to attract our insects and other animals, while making entrances and attractive areas for them to enjoy! Luckily the weather allowed us to build our designs outside and with the help of Miss Partridge and Lyn, we completed them and even found some guests to try out our rooms! Sadly they were not paying guests, but they were great fun to study and see which food they preferred.
Unfortunately a rather wet night followed and though we had put our hotels in the storage shed, they were a little soggy by morning, though many of the guests were still enjoying an extended holiday!
It was sad to see Mrs Osgood retire this week, though she promises to come with us when we walk to the woods. Great news as she has such a wealth of knowledge about plants and trees.
Finally, a week to rest and recharge our batteries, ready for the last half of the Summer Term. We have Charlotte back to show us some Indian dances and we are off to Falmouth Art gallery for a workshop, with year 6.

Team point challenge: what happened to our bug hotels the night after we made them?





Happy Retirement Mrs Osgood!

Thank you for 21 years of support at Constantine School 





Our Characters for Storytelling

At last we have finished our paper plate animals and are now writing about them. Some of them will be characters in our storytelling so we are thinking about interesting names! This writing is being done on the computer, so we have all practised logging on and typing. We have also learnt how to check spelling and edit our writing.
In Maths we have used arrow cards to help us count in 10s. Some of us have been able to work without equipment, just by counting forwards or back in 10s. Well done to Daisy, Imogen and Jessica for great puzzle solving this week, we were grouping monkeys in trees!
Make sure you look at our new ‘outdoor learning’ display. There are photos from our walk to Glebe Gardens and planting in our school garden.
Thank you to Lydia for bringing in a bug hotel. This has started us designing our own, which we will make next week. Do not forget to bring in stuff to add to your hotel to attract the bugs! We have also got to think about making them waterproof. Another great project for next week!IMG_3140.JPGIMG_3141.JPGIMG_3102.JPGIMG_3132.JPG

Glebe Garden

A short but busy week, completing Magic Box poems, paper plate animals and adding more great homework to our ever growing rainforest!
Our trip to Glebe Gardens was fantastic. We took Mrs Osgood and Lyn, who helps on Thursdays, and they were able to help us spot a variety of wild flowers and trees. We collected twigs and flowers for a nature table and took lots of photos to make a record of our visit.





The Magic Rainforest Box

After finishing our non-fiction writing about a rainforest creature, we have started looking at poetry. We are basing our work on Kit Wright’s poem the Magic Box, which contains a lot of abstract ideas! The children generated some brilliant ideas for their poems, like the howl of the howler monkey and the prowl of the big jaguar. On Thursday, after they had been typed up, we used clipboards to look round and collect the phrases we wanted to put in our poem. On Friday we started to compose our poem and are looking forward to finishing them next week. They will be displayed outside the classroom when they are finished!
We have already had some brilliant homework returned, which has been added to the rainforest, thank you! We have also started making paper plate creatures to camouflage in the trees. Hopefully these will be finished next week.
Maths this week has been very challenging. We have been doubling and halving prices! Well done Cober, you all persevered and completed the task. Keep practising the maths challenges, we will test those on Tuesday next week along with key words.
We also had a very exciting visit this week, when Rosie’s Dad came! He is a coastguard and he brought in his car, with flashing lights and sirens! Some useful reminders about safety and then a very enjoyable session trying on clothes and looking inside the car. Another great week in Cober.




Who lives in the Rainforest?

This week we have completed our writing about rainforest layers and found out which animals live where. There is a model of the layers by the literacy learning wall to help us write our non-fiction. Rosie had the great idea to put interesting sentence starter ideas on the trees to remind us to make our writing adventurous! Thank you, Rosie.
We have also had a lot of interesting books from the library which we are enjoying. The most exciting plant we have found is the rafflesia, which is very large and very smelly!
Near the end of the week we started writing about an animal of our choice in small groups. We had to make notes and then write sentences in our own words. It was a tricky task but we worked very hard and will complete this writing next week. Now we are nearly year 2s we are making sure we really focus on our targets and edit our writing.
On Friday, We hid some rainforest animal pictures and then took our mini iPads in to see if we could find them and take photos. Jack even made a picCollage of the ones he found!
We all enjoyed the dodgeball competition this week and what a healthy way to raise money! Luckily, our Parrot team beat Fal class’ team 2:0, well done Cober.
We will be continuing our travels through the Indian rainforest next week!





This week we have started looking at Rainforests. We have learnt all about the 4 layers, from forest floor right up to the emergent layer! We have even measured out 50metres, which is the height of some trees in the rainforest. Our role play corner is a rainforest and we have made camp in a clearing. We have torches (it is very dark on the forest floor!), masks and binoculars to spot animals.
Next week we will be making animals for our storytelling and camouflaging them in the vegetation! Our homework was to find out about animals in the Indian rainforest, so keep researching!

Team point challenge: which layer on the rainforest is the noisiest, with lots of birds and monkeys?




Saying Goodbye to our Dinosaurs!

Our week started with an ‘extravaganza’ on Monday, so that parents could see what has been happening throughout the term. What a lovely afternoon with Mums, Dads, Grans and Granddads looking through books, visiting the dinosaur corner and being shown the classroom by their children. We had finished our clay dinosaurs and hidden them around the room! There were dinosaur biscuits to share and a few songs thanks to Mrs Micklem.
On Tuesday we had a very special visitor to help us with our life cycles and measuring. Mrs Micklem’s granddaughter Olivia arrived and we were able to compare sizes and find out what babies can do when they are one!
On Wednesday we took a trip back in time to Victorian Constantine to find out what life would have been like for miners and their families.Mrs Osgood joined us and was able to tell us all about Cornish hedges and some very interesting facts about trees. We found some beech seeds which we planted when we got back to school.
Our last piece of writing about dinosaurs was ‘How to trap a greedy dinosaur!’ There were some great ideas and everyone remembered to use time connectives.
Sad to say, our 3 dinosaur characters left on Friday, to go to very good homes! Martha made a multilink toothbrush to brush greedy dinosaur’s teeth before he left!
I wonder which characters will appear next term when we go deep into the Indian rainforest! Happy Easter to you all, remember to look out for rainforest books at the library.






Mixing Science and Dinosaurs!

We learnt a lot about teeth this week and then linked this to our topic by writing a letter to Greedy Dinosaur to remind him to look after his teeth! Some children decided he needed to find a bird that would pick out bits of food, like the story of the crocodile bird. Great idea! Amy made us all smile by ending her letter, “Don’t eat the dentist!”
Our last piece of writing on dinosaurs will be, ‘How to catch a Greedy dinosaur’. We have started planning our instructions and how we will lure the velociraptor. Next week is a busy one, but we hope to complete our instructions.
Please remember Monday afternoon at 2:30, our dinosaur extravaganza. You will be shown around the classroom, offered biscuits and will have the opportunity to look through our books to see what we have been doing.
We made biscuits; spot the photo with tyrannosaurus looking over Emma’s shoulder!

Sadly, next week is our last week of dinosaurs. Next term we will be entering the rainforest of India to find tigers! Another exciting topic to expand our learning, writing and reading skills!

Challenge: 2 team points if you can tell me who made us laugh at the end of their letter this week?IMG_2772.JPGIMG_2775.JPG



Great Dinosaur Stories!

Another busy week for dinosaur experts in Cober. We have created story plans and written some very good stories about dinosaurs. Mrs Bancroft popped in to listen to some and was impressed. Well done Cober, great authors.
We have also started making clay dinosaurs, which we will paint and varnish next week. Thanks to Mrs Gardner, who is helping us on 3 days a week.
In Maths we have been weighing and ordering dinosaurs, working in teams to answer questions about our findings.
Sadly, we only have 2 weeks left of this topic; next week we will be thinking about how to catch a Greedy Dinosaur and we hope you will join us one afternoon in the final week to look through all our work. We are hoping to make dinosaur biscuits to share!

Challenge: who popped in to hear our stories? 2 team points if you let me know on Monday.IMG_2726.JPG




Preparing for Our Storytelling

This week we have been getting ready to write our own dinosaur stories. We retold the Greedy Dinosaur story in Friday assembly and showed off our great model of vicious velociraptor! Now we are creating new characters for our stories and finding out about these dinosaurs.
We have also been busy making moving dinosaurs. Thank you to Rosie and her Mum for this great idea. The results are great and all individual; please come and see them.
In maths we have been doubling dinosaurs and increasing and reducing prices of dinosaurs in the toy shop. Finally, on Friday our puzzle was to double spiders. Well done to Martha for doubling 64!
Our Science has been finding out about dinosaur senses. Did you know that velociraptors have a notch in their skull which is where their eardrum is?
We are looking forward to another week full of dinosaurs!

Challenge: who gave us the idea for moving dinosaurs? 2 team points if you let me know on Monday.





Look out for the greedy dinosaur in Cober Class!

We are learning a new story about greedy dinosaur, who is a vicious velociraptor! He goes out looking for a tasty snack but doesn’t have a very good day. One of our maths challenges was to make greedy dinosaur 1metre tall, come and have a look at him if you dare (his teeth are very sharp). We also made a velociraptor outside using twigs and leaves; that was tricky to make 1 metre!
We have been thinking about why he was called greedy, Charlie and Jack thought it was because he was always hunting and eating!
Look out for our new display in the dinosaur corner. We have been using the net books to write about our vicious velociraptor and learning how to use the shift key to make a capital letter.
Finally, in maths, we have been sorting animals and dinosaurs again. This week we have made pictograms and Venn Diagrams. Making the pictograms was tricky because we had to make the grid using rulers. Well done Rosie, Scarlett and Imogen, who were very good at this activity.
Our last photo shows Cober having fun on our ‘adventure playground’, the tyres make great boats…

Next week: world book day on Thursday, so bring in your favourite books and slippers on Thursday!

Team point Challenge: 2team points to anyone who tells me the title of our new story on Monday



Helford win Eco award!

This week Kid’s Council have been checking classes to make sure we are looking after the environment. Lights, computers and projectors need to off at lunch time when no one is in the room, taps must be turned off and Eco messages should be around to remind everyone.
Helford have been our first winners, congratulations to them!IMG_2659.JPG


Friday 13th March is Red Nose Day!

Red Nose day 2015 will be on Friday 13th March. We will be able to wear red noses and red clothes for a donation to this great charity event. Please look through your wardrobes and find some clothes for this charity fund raiser!

A Busy Week

On Tuesday we went to Newquay Zoo and saw some interesting animals. Mark told us about dinosaurs and some creatures which had survived from the same time. Barry the lizard was particularly interesting as he had an unusual coloured tongue, which he refused to show when we took photographs!
We enjoyed watching the meerkats and mongoose family being fed. The children were surprised that the female meerkat was in charge and kept nipping others to get the food. Pippa told us that they were always trying to escape, constantly testing the electric fence! One day, the power failed and within seconds they had escaped and gone into the children’s play area! Pippa said they made tricky pets!
On Wednesday we did some great writing, recounting our trip. Mrs Bancroft was very pleased and now we have 3 awesome authors on the hall board. Well done to Rosie, Imogen and Lydia.
In our time to move we became explorers and dinosaurs.
Our maths on Friday was to find out which was our favourite animal at the zoo. There was some great data collection and Lydia was the first to find out that monkeys and meerkats were equal favourite.
A well deserved rest this week, ready for more dinosaur work next half term!

Challenge: what colour was Barry the lizard’s tongue? 2 team points for anyone who writes the answer down in their homework book!





What an Exciting Week!

Another great week for our intrepid dinosaur hunters. The weather was great at the beginning of the week as we saw snow but sadly it didn’t last long.
This week we spent a lot of time working in groups. We had to wrap up warmly when we went outside to make a variety of dinosaurs in teams. Lots of discussion about what materials were best and whether they were carnivores or herbivores. One team collected lots of fallen leaves and vegetation to put in their dinosaur’s tummy! They got lots of support from other teams- great team work Cober!
In maths this week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. Obviously there was a dinosaur challenge! Valerie suggested that we made dinosaurs with 2D shapes. The challenge set was that they had to work in teams and that I had to recognise the dinosaur. Amazingly, the results were so good that I spotted stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus and triceratops! Well done.
My challenge was a lot trickier on Thursday. The children had to work in larger teams and make a standing dinosaur with 3D shapes! This led to some great problem solving and perseverance as well as great dinosaurs.
We have been hearing about the great fossil hunter Mary Anning and are currently writing about her life. Thank you to Ruby for bringing in so many great fossils this week.
Another exciting week next week, with our trip to Newquay Zoo on Tuesday, to find out more about dinosaurs and other animals. On Thursday we will be visited by Duncan Pirrie who will be talking about his great fossil finds.

Challenge: anyone who comes in on Monday and tells me who suggested making dinosaurs with 2D shapes will get 2 team points! IMG_2475.JPGtoIMG_2414.JPGIMG_2485.JPG


Great Writing about Tyrannosaurus

This week in Cober we have collected facts about this frightening dinosaur and put them into clear sentences. Here are some of our brilliant results.





Searching for Dinosaur Eggs!

Another busy week in the life of dinosaur hunters. On Tuesday we became scientists, went back in time and went out looking for dinosaur eggs. We had to discover which dinosaur would hatch out and collect some facts.
Later on we measured out the length and height of a brachiosaurus! We stretched our arms to make a metre! Finally, we used twigs and branches to make the dinosaur shape! We did lots of estimating about length and then walked all the way around it with a trundle wheel. Wow, 60 m! Lots of great counting.
On Wednesday, Mrs Massey arrived and helped us decorate tyrannosaurus in the corner. He is now too big to move. Please come and visit him, if you dare. On Friday we added purple spots and teeth, truly terrifying.
We have sorted dinosaurs, counted dinosaurs, made dinosaurs and found out about dinosaurs! I wonder what we will be doing next week!IMG_2350.JPG




Look out, there’s a dinosaur about!

We have a tyrannosaurus in our dinosaur corner! Mrs Massey helped us make it. We are now decorating it. Make sure you come and see it but look out for the sharp teeth!IMG_2302.JPG