Year 5 Sing Cornwall My Home

We were very lucky to have Angela Renshaw in school a couple of weeks ago to work with Year 5. It’s a favourite song of ours at CPS and we regard as our school anthem, so we were very proud and priveleged when Mrs Renshaw decided to come to our school along with Jamie Reed to film Year 5 singing it.

Well done Year 5 and thank you Angela and Jamie.

Puzzling Geometry in Tamar Class

Children in year 5 worked systematically to draw and record the number of diagonals of polygons. Not only did the children make very pleasing patterns, but some children began to spot relationships in the numbers and began to predict how many the diagonals the next polygon might have.

Wave Art in Tamar Class

Year 5 had a lovely creative afternoon yesterday using oil pastel, chalk pastel, brusho and watercolour to create dynamic wave inspired art.
They created such an exciting range of images.

Tamar Class Examine Historical Documents to Investigate the Levant Mine Disaster of 1919

Year 5 are being historians this morning, as they examine primary and secondary historical documents about the Levant Mine disaster. The activity follows a presentation from Ian at about mining in Cornwall.

Surf Club 2021

Surf Club got off to a flying start yesterday as 15 eager surfers battled fairly challenging tide and wind conditions. They all had a ball and showed super resilience and enthusiasm. Well done all of you.

Art in the Style of Sir Terry Frost

Today we learned about the artwork of the legendary St Ives painter, Sir Terry Frost. After looking at images of his work and discussing common themes in his artwork, we used coloured paper to make collages inspired by Frost’s work.

Blitz Art Work in Tamar Class

Year 5 have finished their blitz artwork and have done such a good job.
They started the project by looking at the artwork of others who had depicted the blitz. Then, they made small studies using a range of media to explore how they could create dramatic, fiery scenes. After that, they made mood boards using ICT which informed their finished piece. Finally, they produced their finished piece on A3 paper using mixed media.

The gallery below shows the progression of skills as the children worked through the project:

Drug Education in Tamar Class

We had such an intersesting lesson this morning about drugs. Our children came up with so many ideas, as is evident by all the information on the slides (which are all their own ideas).

We use the Christopher Winters resources to teach drug education. One of the activies today from those resoures was to match the cards with their risks and effects.

Our next lesson will be about how to resists peer pressure to keep safe.

Stuck in the Ice

The Endurance was a three masted ship in which Sir Ernest Shackleton sailed for the Antarctic in on his ill fated 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

It was sunk on 21st November 1915, after being crushed by pack ice in the Weddel Sea, but not before Frank Hurley, the expedition’s photographer, captured her for eternity in arguably his most famous photograph.

The children in Tamar Class have responded to Hurley’s incredible image with a series of white on black drawings. They used white conte pastels, white chinograph pencils and compressed charcoal to create their haunting images:

Ice Cream Making in Tamar Class

Casey was the first in the class to test her ice cream today. She made a delicious strawberry and white chocolate ice cream. Three very willing testers scored her ice cream perfect 10s. 

I love her design drawing.

Look out for more upcoming posts and more inspirational unique ice cream designs.

Surf Club 2020

Yesterday saw the last session of this season’s surf club. Seventeen epic children from years 3 – 6 have been surfing with us each Monday for the last 6 weeks.

We have had a mixed bag of weather and surf conditions: from dreamy late summer sessions with warm water and clean, mellow waves, to gnarly, freezing-cold, frenetic sea states. Our surfers have taken it all in their stride and faced each session with energy and determination and as a result their surfing has develeoped so much. Steve from Global Boarders reckons that our little school has shown some of the best primary school surfing he has ever seen.

I can’t wait to take these amazing kids surfing again after Easter.

French Skipping

Children in year 5 are really enjoying learning to do French skipping. Thanks Mrg G for buying the elastics and thanks year 6 for showing us some of your routines.

Maybe parents at home could teach children some new moves.

Jabberwocky in the Woods

My year 6 bubble did such a good job with their plays in the woods today. Their adaptations of the classic Jabberwocky poem were original and well scripted.

Year 6 make More Mechanical Toys

Great work Year 6 for your amazing design skills and your fabulous automata making.


Year Perform Jabberwocky

Year 6 performed their own unique versions of Jabberwocky in the woods this morning. Well done year 6 for your excellent plays.

Year 6 Make Mechanical Toys

Year 6 have enjoyed a pretty advanced engineering project. They designed and made mechanical toys over the course of a week. Manufacture of the toys tested their woodwork skills and taught them a lot of new technical vocabulary. Now year 6 really know their cranks from their cams. Well done Year 6. It was a steep learning curve, but you pulled it off.
Please ensure you scroll right to the bottom for a short video.


Year 5 and 6 Visit Helston Museum

Tamar and Tresillian Classes had a day full of learning about WW2 at the Helston Folk Museum today.
Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the museum curators and volunteers, the children experienced a range of workshops:

  • Mend and make do: making rag rugs and knitting
  • Handling artefacts and source materials
  • School room experience using pre-decimal money
  • Museum trail

Thanks also to the parents who made it possible to get the children there and back.



Mars by Year 5

Children in Tamar Class have been finding out about Mars after listening to the 1938 radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles.

We discussed the possibility of life existing on Mars and decided that Mars’ thin atmosphere, lack of oxygen and liquid water would make it inhabitable for civilised life to exist there.

Nevertheless, we will continue to study people’s fascination of Martian invaders by studying the novel that sparked it all off in 1897: The War of the Worlds by HG Wells.


mars by rosie and oliver

Mars poster by Hannah

Stargazing at CPS

Tamar’s Ice Cream Factory

Thanks to Mrs Jones’ tireless ice cream making efforts, every child in the class has now designed, made and evaluated their own uniques ice cream product.
I have managed to taste most ice creams and can testify that they have been unique and delicious.

Explosive Science in Tamar Class

HWhen a soluble vitamin c tablet is added to water, an irreversible change takes place and a carbon dioxide gas is created.
Year 5 used a 35mm camera film canister, added water and added the tablet and put the lid on. The resulting build up of pressure makes the canister ‘explode’ and the rocket travels.
Year 5 have been investigating factors that can affect the distance a rocket travels, or the time it takes the rocket to launch. They changed one factor (independent variable), kept all other factors the same (control variables) and measured the dependent variable (distance or time).

Year 5 are becoming expert scientists and it was a pleasure to see them collaborating so effectively on such an exciting science investigation .


Blitz Poetry by Year 5

Year 5 have written some excellent pyramid poems about the blitz.

They started by watching some British Pathe news reels about the London and Manchester Blitz. They were able to magpie lots of amazing vocabulary from the film to use in their writing.
Pyramid poems have a structure: the first line contains one word, the second line contains two words and so on. By asking the children to write within such a rigid structure, it forces them to make word choices, creating powerful and concise poems.

Blitz Artwork in Tamar Class

Year 5 have finished their blitz artwork and have done such a good job.
They started the project by looking at the artwork of others who had depicted the blitz. Then, they made small studies using a range of media to explore how they could create dramatic, fiery scenes. After that, they made mood boards using ICT which informed their finished piece. Finally, they produced their finished piece on A3 paper using mixed media.
The gallery below shows the progression of skills as the children worked through the project:

Indoor Bowling

The children who attend bowling club are making such amazing progress with their bowling skills.
We’ve had 4 sessions now and the children are beginning to have some serious games with their woods clustered around the jack competitively.

Dig for Victory

Year 5 have been learning about rationing in WW2 and the Dig for Victory campaign. They designed their own Dig for Victory posters.

Year 5 at Gwennap Pit

What an interesting afternoon at Gwennap Pit.
It is a special place indeed. Testament to the fact was the resounding ‘WOW’ as children saw it for the first time.

It is a place that invites you at once to walk and climb it’s terraces, which the children did with great enthusiasm. If one was to tread each concentric path at Gwennap Pit, you would cover half a mile!

We tried to estimate how many people the amphitheatre might hold. Initial guesses were 200 people. Nevertheless, we soon discovered that 200 people would only occupy the first few middle rings. Astonishingly, the pit has a capacity of approximately 1500 .

The children listened to each other (and me) recite some Wesley orations and also listened to their classmates recite their youth speaks speeches. I think John Wesley would have been very proud of our girls as they spoke about charity, hope and respect in their speeches.

Whilst there, the children were reminded of the importance of thankfulness and gratefulness –  a virtue very close to John Wesley’s heart – and a virtue which our children still need a good deal of practise with!

Inspriring Future Musicians

Tamar Class are very fortunate to have a series of clarinet lessons over the next 10 weeks and these will be delivered by experienced staff from Penryn College.

Today’s lesson was an introduction to the instrument and a lesson about rhythm.

Mrs Micklem, who has organised the lessons, was delighted with how engaged the children were in the lesson.

Learning About Dissolving in Year 5

Tamar Class have been learning about dissolving.
In our science lesson yesterday, the children investigated a range of powders and made predictions about whether they would dissolve.
They used a range of senses to try to identify the powder before they added it to water.
They made careful scientific, labelled drawings of the mixtures and decided whether or not the powder had dissolved.

Christmas Festivities at CPS

Yesterday was Christmas dinner day at CPS and this year we really pushed the boat out.

Tables were decorated and children wore handmade Christmas hats. The Friends of Constantine School (FoCS) added to the Christmas Menu by providing pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce.

In the afternoon, the children were treated to circus entertainment by Swamp Circus (thanks to our FoCS for arranging and funding this little festive extra for our children).



Handmade Christmas Cards

On Monday, Florence helped the class to make Christmas cards by bringing in some of her crafting equipment from home. The results were lovely.

Stuck in the Ice – Shackleton’s Endurance

The Endurance was a three masted ship in which Sir Ernest Shackleton sailed for the Antarctic in on his ill fated 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

It was sunk on 21st November 1915, after being crushed by pack ice in the Weddel Sea, but not before Frank Hurley, the expedition’s photographer, captured her for eternity in arguably his most famous photograph.

The children in Tamar Class have responded to Hurley’s incredible image with a series of white on black drawings. They used white conte pastels, white chinograph pencils and compressed charcoal to create their haunting images:


Year 5 Attend Science Conference

For the past few weeks, on a Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 have been joined by undergraduates from Exeter University to help with a science project called How Science Works. The purpose of the project was to help our students gain a deeper insight into the scientific process and help them work and think more scientifically.
The project culminated on Weddnesday 27th Nov with a conference at the University at Penryn Campus , where our pupils were invited to share their science investigations. They also had an opportunity to listen to a fascinating research paper by an undergraduate about hedgehog conservation.

Thank you to the parent drivers who made getting the children to the conference possible.

Christmas Lantern Making

On Monday morning years 4 and 5 were lucky enough to take part in a lantern making session in preparation for the parade next week. There was a fabulous atmosphere and all the children worked really well together, a great display of collaboration. Big thanks go to Tracy and all the volunteers who organised it, bringing all the materials with them and to the parents who came in to help on the day. The children were so proud taking their lanterns home and we can’t wait to see them lighting the way during the parade Wednesday 4th December. Great work Kenwyn and Tamar!

Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics

Thank you to Mr Wild for taking 18 children from years 5 and 6 to the indoor athletics competition at Penryn College on Friday 8th November. They participated in field and track events such as relays, Standing long jump and Speed bounce against the other schools in the Penryn partnership. Well done to the year 5 and 6 team – Alex, Rona, Martha D, Valerie, Harry, Ethan, Ellery, Brendan, Zach , Zephrin, Dawson, Theo M, Penelope, Imy, Aoife, Lizzie P, Layla and Martha T – who won the event!

In January 2020 there is going to be Cornwall school games qualifiers. Good  luck to them!

Reported by Alex and Rona

Firework Art in Year 2

I had the pleasure of teaching year 2 for the afternoon today. As it was the 5th November, we some firework based art.

The children were delightful and so engaged in the artwork we did.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and videos of our afternoon and will forgive the state of the children’s school uniforms!




Halloween Window Art

Happy Halloween everybody!

Please enjoy Year 5’s super halloween window art:

Halloween Beetle Drive

Tuesday’s Halloween Beetle Drive was a great success, super fun and our Friends of CPS raised nearly £400 which can be used to support our pupils!

Thanks to all the mums who helped in the kitchen and all the parents who baked and volunteered in any way. Thanks also to all the children who carved pumpkins and dressed up and all the families who attended the event in such good spirits.

Lastly, thanks to all our generous sponsors for donating prizes.

Events like this depend on your support and on the dedication of the Friends of CPS.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME MORE INVOLVED, please get in touch with Sandra Wilkinson or Susanna Oliver.

Pumpkin carving winners:


1st prize: Bea

runner up: Beanie


1st prize: Tilly

runner up: Kaia

Most Beetle points:



Tamar Class frozen Artwork

Year 5 had a lovely creative time before half term experimenting with a range opf art media to produce polar landscsapes.

We will return to them next week and add Polar animals and collage.

Take a look at how they are coming on:

Inuit Bird Art in Tamar Class

Year 5 have been learning about Inuit artwork. Some Inuit artists draw and paint Arctic birds with extraordinary extra feathers and patterns.

Year 5 have created their own Inuit style artwork, using pen and ink and watercolour.

Surf Club 2019

Some lovely pics of our amazing surfers.



Operation Starfish

Tamar Class represented Constantine School brilliantly yesterday at Trebah Garden’s amazing D-Day 75th anniversary celebrations.


Lino Printing in Art Club

A lovely art club session this afternoon led to some fantastic Lino prints. I’ve been so impressed by how the children in my art club apply themselves to each new art experience.


Year 5 Anatomists

Year 5 have studied the anatomy of bees and flowering plants. Look at Ruby’s lovely scientific labelling

In our lesson today, we dissected a flower under the visualiser and digital microscope, and identified which parts were male and female and what their roles were in the plant’s reproductive cycle.


Year 5 Bowling

Well done to our year 5 bowling teams who represented CPS magnificently at the Cornwall School Games qualification tournament at Helston Bowling yesterday. Thirteen teams from eight schools took place and our teams came 3rd and 5th in a nail biting final.

It was brilliant to see how well our young bowlers conducted themselves, and to see how much progress they made throughout the day.

Thanks must go to Constantine Bowling Club for allowing us to use the village green to practise and for lending us their woods. A huge thanks also to Paula Stocks for the many hours she has spent practising with the teams, and for accompanying us to the event.


Biodiversity Survey

On Wednesday this week, year 4 and 5 returned to Goongillings Orchard to conduct a biodiversity survey.

The children worked as: ground bugganeers to survey invertabrates in the soil, botanists, bee spotters, bird spotters and butterfly spotters. They observed species scientifically, used keys and reference materials to identify them, and recorded their findings to complete to the survey below:

Goongillings orchard biodiversity survey15-05-2019

I hope you enjoy looking at the lovely pictures below of our children immersing themselves in the natural world as only children can.

Thanks must go to Mirte Greve once again for her commitent to the project and to our school.

Tamar’s Woodland Walk


Poetry in the Outdoors

Art Club

Look at these beautiful pen and ink drawings by children in Year 4 and 5 who attend art club.


Summer Term Art Club

This week we looked at the landscape drawings of Vincent Van Gogh. We used view finders to select a small composition from his drawings  and we copied them drawing using pen and ink.

Next week, we will transfer the same drawing to Lino and make Lino prints.


Surf Club 2019

This week’s surf session was such a contrast to last week’s. Sun, surf-able swell and no storm Hannah! The children had a great time and learnt a lot at Gwithian with Global Boarders.

Year 5 Bowling

Year 5 had a super afternoon on Wednesday at Constantine Bowling Club.

For many children, it was the first time they had the opportunity to bowl and many showed some early promise as expert bowlers.

On 20th May a team from CPS will represent their school in a bowling competition at the Cornwall School Games.

Thanks to Mrs Stocks for making the afternoon happen.




Woodland Monsters in the School Grounds

Mr Wild had a creative morning outdoors with Helford and Tamar Classes today.

First of all the children were challenged to collaborate to build the tallest tower using only string and 60cm sticks.

After play, children worked individually to use clay, yarn and found materials to make a woodland character which they displayed in the school grounds. Lots of  children were totally absorbed in the task and as a result, they made some excellent outdoor art.


Making Scientific Observations in Year 5

Children in year 5 have been learning about dissolving. They were presented with a range of powdered materials such as:

Plaster, salt, powdered milk, wallpaper paste, sugar…

They were asked to predict what the powders were and whether they thought they would dissolve in water.

Then the children tested their predictions and made careful scientific observations of the changes that took place


Chemical Reactions in Year 5 Science

When a soluble Vitamin C tablet is dropped in water it begins to dissolve and a chemical reaction takes place whereby carbon dioxide gas is  released.

If the tablet is dropped in water inside a 35mm film canister and the lid is put on, gas builds up inside the canister until the pressure becomes so great that the lid of the canister pops off.

Children investigated a range of variables which could be tested using this science, such as:

How does the temperature of the water affect how quickly the canister pops?

How does the amount of tablet affect the height that the canister travels when it pops.

How does the amount of water affect the distance the lid of the canister travels when it pops.

The children had great fun and worked very scientifically to gather and interpret data.




Year 4 and 5 Improve Constantine’s Biodervisity

Year 4 and 5 had an excellent field trip today at Goongillings and Scott’s Quay.

On arrival at Goongillings, Charlie Pugh welcomed us to his farm and taught us a little about the history of the place and about how the farm is now wholly organic.

Next, year 4 worked with Mirte and other adult volunteers to help prepare the ground at Goongillings Orchard for sowing with wild meadow seed. We hope that by increasing the variety of plants and flowers in the orchard, we will also help to increase the number and variety of pollinators (especially solitary bees) that make the orchard their home.

Whilst the year 4s worked in the orchard, year 5 walked to Scott’s Quay and enjoyed the beauty and tranquility there on a beautiful spring day.

Our field trip to Goongillings is the first stage in a project, led by Mirte Greve, to help our children learn more about bees and biodiversity in their locality.  We hope to be successful in receiving some grant funding that will enable us to further develop the bee project at Goongillings and our school garden.

Thanks so much to Mirte, Charlie and all our parent volunteers that helped out today.


Fossil Art in Cober Class

Mr Wild had a great time in Year 1 this afternoon making fossil art.

First of all, the children pressed clay into a hand sized flat disc, and pressed shells, plants and fossils into the clay to make ‘fossil’ imprints. 

Next, they learned to roll out clay into a sausage shape, put ringed markings on it and then roll it into an ammonite like shape.

Well done Year 1; you did really well.

Mr W

Academy Merger – FAQs


Pebbles Inspire Art at Art Club

Over the past three weeks at art club we have used pebbles as our muse:

1st session: Children used charcoal to draw pebbles. The children learned how to add shading to make the stones appear solid. They learned how to use a rubber to draw marks in the charcoal and how to use white pastel to add highlights.


2nd session: Children used watercolour to paint studies of pebbles. They tried to add shadow under the pebbles.


3rd session: Children painted on the pebbles using chalk paint pens.


Spring Fair


Year 5 Visit Ice Cream Factory

Tamar Class has such a great visit to Roskilly’s Farm yesterday.

The purpose of the visit was to support and enhance our learning for our food tech project: designing a unique ice cream product.

The class learned about the history of ice cream production at Roskilly’s Farm, from its humble beginnings in the early 90s, through to its large scale modern production facilities today. They learned about how milk is produced and turned into the delicious ice cream we all know and love.

Of course, our visit ended with the opportunity to eat ice cream too!

Thank you to the volunteer parent drivers who made the visit possible, and of course thanks to the children for being such a pleasure to take out on an educational visit.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Young Monets at Art Club

Look at the amazing artwork inspired by Monet’s water lilies that art club are creating. Another session after half term should see them finished and on display. All the colour mixing we we have done previously has really paid off, and the children loved using the new wide, flat brushes purchased after a donation from the Constantine Arts Society.

Inuit Bird Art in Y5

Tamar Class have finished their Inuit inspired artwork and it is looking splendid:


Bird and Butterfly Templates

Please use these templates make your wondeful birds and butterflies to decorate the Tolmen Centre for the Spring Fair.

You could print them out and colour them, or you cou could trace them, or you could use them to inspire you to create you own birds and butterflies.

Happy creating…

A Special Message to Tamar Class

Last week I reached out to Camille Seaman, an extraordinary photographer and polar explorer. Below are pasted my original message and her reply:


Dear Camille, My year 5 class in the UK and I watched your TED talk about icebergs. We were inspired by your heartfelt, passionate words and by your extraordinary photographs. Since that time, we have learned a lot about icebergs and glaciation and we have written some autobiographies of some icebergs: from their time trapped in glaciers, to their calving, and finally to their ultimate demise. We would love you to read our writing and we think you will be surprised by how much we love icebergs too. Please read and comment, or even mail back.
Regards, Mr Chris Wild



I am just back in Ireland after two months at sea in Antarctica photographing. I am deeply moved by your students works/words and hope you will share with them the importance of knowing what true empathy is. Their words are an important step for all of us humans as we remember to appreciate all that we have on this fragile but beautiful planet.
Here is an image to show them. Thank you for letting me know about their assignment. I have shared it on my facebook and twitter accounts.

Tamar Class Inspired by Icebergs

You know as a teacher when you’ve inspired your class! Please read a mere selection of exceptional writing from a very talented bunch of year 5 iceberg enthusiasts:


Year 4 and 5 Inspired by Matisse

Year 4 and 5 had a lovely creative afternoon with Mr Wild on Friday. They learned about the cut out art that Henri Matisse created in the latter years of his life  and were inspired to have a go themselves.

Tamar Cook Mauritian Curry

Year 5 had a great morning last Friday cooking up some Mauritian curry. The children and staff loved it. It was quite spicy and very tasty and the children all wanted seconds. The new induction hobs that were purchased by our PTA have made cooking in school so much more accessible for our children.


Art Club 2

Children in year 4 and 5 loved mixing secondary colours today. They started with yellow, magenta and cyan and mixed the poster paints carefully to make a wide range of secondary colours. Next week we will consider tinting and shading.


Art Club 2019

Theo’s Litter Sucking Suit

Angel Express


Well done to KS1 for entertaining us all this morning with such a charming nativity performance. They were all brilliant and looked amazing. What a Christmas treat.



Advent Carol Service

Thank you so much to St Constantine Church, to Mrs Micklem and to our school choir for making the advent carol service so special.

The children sang beautifully and read with such skill. What a lovely Christmassy service.

Year 5 Van Gogh Portraits

To further our understanding of portrait art, we have looked at Vincent Van Gogh portraits and reproduced them in oil pastel. The children worked hard to draw the face in proportion, fill the page and use the pastels boldly.

I think you will agree that the results are spectacular. Well done Year 5.

CPS Kids Invent Stuff

We were treated today to a brilliant assembly this morning by Shawn, from Kids Invent Stuff. 

Shawn is an engineer and he takes children’s inventions and makes them come to life and he publishes the results on his YouTube channel.

Shawn talked to us about what is involved with being an engineer and he showed us some of the wacky inventions that he has made. Mr Wild got to wear his Lego jacket.

Kids Invent Stuff are currently challenging children to design inventions to improve our streets. Have a look at these inventions from some children in Tresillian Class.

Time to Move Competition

Elizabeth’s WW1 Presentation.

We were treated to a show and tell by Elizabeth this week about her family connections to WW1.

She made a very skilful, well researched and interesting presentation and even treated us all to some home made Anzac biscuits.

Tamar Class learn About Trench Warfare

Year 5 were privileged to be visited by Lucy Chapman and 6 history leaders from Penryn allege on Wednesday to be taught about trench warfare in WW1.

They discussed the pros and cons of various weaponry used in the trenches, including artillery, soldiers, tanks, mining and gas attacks. After an interesting lesson they worked in troops to plan an attack on enemy trenches using the weapons they had learned about in their lesson. The activity was a chance for children to collaborate, distill their learning and communicate with each about the best way forward to plan a successful attach on enemy trenches. It was such an engaging lesson.

Children also had the opportunity to handle some original WW1 artefacts including helmeets, shells and bayonets.


Constantine’s WW1 Fallen Heroes

Tamar Class visited the village war memorial today. They took rubbings of some of the names they saw there.

Back in class, they visited the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website to resarch who some of these men were. In addition, they looked on the Cornwall’s War History website to research further. After finding out who the fallen were, which regiment they were in and when they died, the next step will be to try to piece together a picture of where they may have fought using a website such as The Great War.

After half term the children will try to put themselves in the position of one of the soldiers and write a letter home to family. Thses will eventually be displayed in the church as pary of Constantine’s Armistice 100 celebrations.

Meet Our Kids Council

The purpose of our Kids’ Council is to give children an opportunity to develop their leadership skills by organising and carrying out school activities, fundraising events and projects.  In addition to planning events that contribute to our school ethos, the Kids’ Council aims to be the voice of the student body. They help share our children’s ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community.

Read a selection of our Council’s manifestoes by clicking below:


The Kids’ Council meet on a monthly basis, unless the need should arise for more regular meetings.

Each class from Y1 – Y6 has two Kids’ Council Representatives:

Y1: Juno and Frank

Y2: Finley and Willow

Y3: Imogen and Nicholas

Y4: Theo M and Nina

Y5: Rosie and Sasha

Y6: Theo S and Jake

Portrait Artists in Tamar Class

We were privileged to be visited by Charlotte Massey this morning to give us a master class in portraiture. We have already been learning about how to draw the human face, focussing mainly on line and proportion. Charlotte’s lesson focussed on light and shadow and she demonstrated how a shadow line falls across the face under strong lighting, using her own paintings and charcoals on her website.


Under Charlotte’s tuition, we drew Mr Wild’s portrait in charcoal during the course of the morning. Charlotte and Mr Wild were very impressed by the levels of concentration in the class and by the quality of our finished drawings.


Learning about the Solar System in Year 5

We have been loving learning about space in Tamar Class. Have a look at our Solar Systems that we drew with chalks on black paper. Next, we will research facts and write a report about the Solar System.

Real PE in Tamar Class

Our Real PE unit in Tamar Class is all about improving cognitive skills.  We have been working together to improve our skills and evaluate our performance.

Please enjoy these videos of our excellent class in our last PE lesson.



Portraiture in Year 5

In Tamar Class over the last couple of art lessons, we’ve been learning more about how to draw the face with correct proportions, ensuring that the eyes are relatively central and the nose is in proportion.

This afternoon, children in year 5 drew each other. Their drawings show an enormous amount progress when compared to their initial drawings earlier in the term.


Autumn Surf Club

This term’s surf club got off to a fantastic start at Praa Sands, with beautiful weather, warm sea and perfect conditions for all abilities.

Evie and Frankie were the first to catch a wave while our three newbies, Aoife, Ellie and Tia received some tuition on the beach. It was soon clear to see that previous surf tuition had paid off: our more experienced surfers were paddlng out back and catching green waves, while others were riding wave after wave of broken water and Sarah rode some of her first stand up waves.

Our newbies were in the water in no time and all proved to be plucky and determined.

Well done all for one of the finest surf sessions I’ve had the pleasure to attend with our surf club. Our instructors at Global Boarders were as equally as chuffed with our surfers as I was.

Thanks Andy for pic below:

African Printing in Tamar Class

A great day today, absorbed in art in Tamar Class. Children made designs inspired by African masks which they repeated on the photocopier. After that, they transferred their design to a lino square. Once they had cut their lino tile, they began to repeat print the image to make a pattern using black or white ink.

Their artwork will be on display in the Constantine sumer show.

Oliver Rehearsals

Oliver rehearsals are going well. Have a look at these photos taken during today’s rehearsal to whet your appetite for Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Sports Day 2018

Please enjoy these pictures of today’s sports day.

Well done to red and blue team for the first tie for first place in CPS history (probably), and well done to Mrs G once again for her impecable organisation of a great CPS event.