Fal Class have had so much fun covering all the areas of the EYFS curriculum whilst learning all about pirates. They have been so motivated to write and have produced some fantastic results as well as learning to speak “pirate!” We finished the year with a pirate party full of games, tasty treats and a search for the treasure!



Following our green and gold  fundraising day for the bushfires in Australia, Fal Class have enjoyed finding out more about this beautiful country. Ollie wanted to know all about Sydney Opera House, and we got very crafty looking at the Great Barrier Reef.


Fal Class had a busy day learning about Shrove Tuesday and making their own pancakes. Some children wrote their own shopping lists in the writing area like Mrs Wolf in the story by Jan Fearnley.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Fal Class have been learning about the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Signs for the school garden.

Fal Class have been busy making signs for the garden. What a great job they’ve done, learning lots of new skills along the way.

Moving and Handling

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we are always working to develop our gross and fine motor skills as a prime area of learning. This will help us to access further learning throughout the school. Here are a few recent examples:




In Fal Class we have been learning about minibeasts. We have observed our tadpoles and caterpillars carefully and found out about their life cycles.

David’s mum, Mirte came to teach us about how to identify a bee and we know how important it is to look after bees. Lots of us have spotted different types of bees when we have been out and about. We  found ours that honeycomb is made up of hexagons and explored making our own tessellating patterns with shapes. We enjoyed cooking with honey and making our own sandwiches.

Sonny showed us a tarantula skin which his friend has given him.



Fal Class have been learning about worms. We were challenged to make a play dough worm of 10 cm long and thought carefully what a worm looked like after looking at them. We know that an adult worm has a citellum and we learnt how to tell which end was the front. We know what worms eat too. They are important for the soil. We then worked with a partner to make the longest worm we could from a single sheet of paper. Well done Morva and Dalton for great team work and the longest worm.

Counting in 2s

Fal Class have been practising counting in 2s. We have opened our shoe shop to help us and using 2p coins. We made some great signs for the shop. Well done to the children who remembered to bring in shoe boxes.


Learning about Flora Day

Fal Class have been learning about Helston’s Flora Day. Mrs Kent showed us photos of when she danced in the Midday Dance last year. She looked very beautiful. Our school will be closed on 8th May so maybe some of us will visit to see the dancing. Mrs Savage will be there to watch her daughter dance the Children’s Dance at 10 am. Edith showed us a photo of her and Archie eating a huge pasty last year and we could see how the shops were decorated. We looked carefully at some bluebells and made collage pictures of them as well as floral headdresses. Elle visited a bluebell wood this weekend and sent in photos for us to see. Today we danced through the hall for our visitors from the local community as they drank a cup of tea.


A walk to look for signs of Spring in the woods.

What a lovely day for a walk.






Counting in 10’s

This week Fal Class have been practising counting and grouping in 10s. We collected more than 100 sticks outside and helped the Easter bunny to count his chocolate eggs into baskets.

Busy in the Vets.

Working Together Wolf

Fal Class have been introduced to the next of our Learning Powers recently. As well as being Persevering Parrots , they are trying hard to be Working Together Wolves demonstrating collaboration. They gave instructions to their partners as to how to paint the portrait of themselves and the results were fantastic. Great listening Fal Class.


Exploring maths in Fal

In Fal Class we explore maths concepts through our play.


Busy in the Garden

David’s mum, Mirte has been helping Fal Class to tidy and prepare our garden plot for planting. We have been planting bean seeds.


Fal Class have been celebrating Diwali.


Music in Fal Class

Fal Class have been lucky enough to have weekly visits from Sian Pilley  this term. The children have used the Rainbow Pond  and a variety of stories about it’s occupants to learn about patterns in music and simple notation. We have used African drums and body percussion to copy and create rhythms as a group. During activity time in class we have explored different instruments and created and practiced our own compositions, on our own and with others. We have learnt to play with control and imagination and to talk about what we have done.

Spoon frog

A Great Start To School For Fal Class.

Fal Class have made an excellent start to life in school. We have been learning about the Gingerbread Man and practising lots of rhyming.


Busy Outside

Fal Class have been busy in the sunshine. 


Science Week

Fal Class have been busy learning about the world around them this week. We have continued our learning about different materials and where they come from. This week we experimented with clay and discovered some of our own out on the field! Evie wanted to find out what happened to it when it went into water.

“ It gets smaller and smaller. It goes into the water and it turns all muddy.”

We returned the next day to see if the ball of clay was still there and the water was still muddy.

“ The water isn’t muddy any more. I think it’s gone in the rocks and the clay ball is still there. It’s very soggy!”

On Science Day Steve Moore came in to talk to us about flying and showed us a parachute.

We wondered what the best material would be to make a parachute at School so we made several and tested them. Some of us predicted correctly.

We were careful to make it a fair test and we found plastic most effective and easy to work with.

We talked about Stephen Hawking who was a brilliant scientist. He taught us to be curious and never to give up if we want to be great scientists too. That is just like Rosie Revere,

Orlas’s character from World Book Day.

Observational Drawing

Fal Class have been learning about toys. We looked carefully at our toys and drew them. What a great job!

Maeve then went on to do a watercolour painting of Connie Bear. Fantastic.

What a great day Fal Class had with Nigel, Yousef’s grandad. He brought milk and cheeses from different animals for us to taste and showed us how to make our own cheese. We worked in pairs to make it by splitting the milk into curds and whey. At the end of the day Cecily and Ellie did a great job of explaining the process in assembly and we got a cheese to take home.


Fal Class find out more about Outer Space.

Fal Class Learning

Fal Class have been learning about space this week. Thanks Orla for that good idea. We read the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy and imagined what we would take on a trip to space. We know that our planet is Earth and we have enjoyed looking at Google Earth and at our globe. We wondered about the suits that astronauts wear and looked on the internet and at our information books to find out about them.

We are on the look out for other books by Jill Murphy and now we want to learn about our moon and the vehicles that might use in space. What a busy week with the visit of the princess too.


The Fal Class Bakery is open for business.

Fal Class have been busy in the role play bakery. We all know how to make real bread as we enjoyed baking and eating our own rolls last week as well as making pretend ones to play with. We have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen and remembering our Golden Rule about being “kind and helpful.”



Fal Class visit RNAS Culdrose

Fal Class spent a great morning at RNAS Culdrose last week organised by Ethan’s dad Rick. We visited the hangars to see a helicopter and an aircraft which were being maintained and then were taken up the air Traffic Control Tower to see how it was run. The children were thrilled with the bag of goodies they were given at the end. Thank you Rick. Thank you also, to the parents that helped and to George Ireland for accompanying us.


Fal Class Trip to Helston Community College

Fal Class had a fantastic trip to the Construction Department at Helston School and Mr Philpott showed us how to build a wall.

A trip to the Eden Project

Fal Class chose a beautifully sunny Winter’s day to visit Eden this week and we had a great time playing on the ice. We have been learning about Winter and were surprised to see so many bulbs coming up already. We looked out for all the different sculptures we  could see (our Arts Award journey has inspired us in this.) After a packed lunch outside we had time for a stroll around the rainforest biome before heading back to school. Lots of children slept well on the journey back!


Outdoor fun

We have been learning a little about the Stone Age as part of our topic on fire. We went outside to cook on our own fire and to make faces of  people from the Stone Age.


We went on a bear hunt and when we returned we practised throwing spears, building a trap, sharpening our flint and preparing the meat for the fire!

Fal Class visit the Fire Station

Fal Class had a fantastic visit to the Fire Station in Falmouth.  The children were allowed to look at all the equipment, sit in the fire appliance and test the hoses.  There was great excitement to see Steve the firefighter slide down the pole!

We  watched a demonstration of the ladder drill and the children were all given a souvenir booklet to take home too. What an interesting day.

We had fun at school playing and drawing firefighters.


In the garden..

This week Fal Class have been talking about the things we find in the garden. We have been hunting for worms which was harder than we expected but today we hit the jackpot and found plenty of big fat ones under the benches on the field. We put them in our wormery but not before we had measured observed and drawn them! 

We have also be learning about bees and Alex, Toby and  Henry have been busy with the drill this afternoon making a bee hotel.  



 We have planted some wild flowers for the bees as we know it is important to protect them and will put the in our little wildlife area with the bird feeders.

The Blue Reef Aquarium, Newquay

Fal Class had a fantastic day out at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay to support our learning on sea creatures. We were very excited to see sharks, a giant turtle and the cuttlefish. Unfortunately the octopus was hiding as she had laid her eggs but we had an interesting encounter with some rock pool creatures. We just had time for some fun on the beach before catching the coach home. The coach was the highlight  








 for many as it was a new experience and Faith and Casey’s singing entertained us all. No snoozing for us! 

Sea Turtles

Fal Class have been learning about the creatures that live in the ocean. We know about sea turtles and we made our own using oil pastels and Brusho. It was tricky to draw the shapes on the shell and to cut out the flippers but don’t you think we did a great job? We wrote about our turtles too.


“My turtle is called Bessy.”

“My turtle lays its eggs in the sand.”

“My turtle eats fish and crabs.”



Watching a performance.

Fal Class enjoyed watching Tamar Class performing their short excerpts from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Thanks Tamar you were great.



Gyotaku Fish Printing


Vicki and Hayley visited us from Porthmeor Studios in St. Ives and led a fish printing workshop for us. It was so interesting to look closely and touch the different types of fish. We used squid and octopus ink to print with and the results were fantastic. What a great start to our topic of The Sea.

The big shark was the best!

A party for the Queen’s 90th birthday


Fal Class spent a busy week preparing for our party to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. We made invitations, decorations and cucumber sandwiches and decorated biscuits for the occasion. We know all about the royal family now and it was lovely to welcome our parents and grandparents in for a cup of tea. We performed our songs and a poem for them too. They loved it!

Connie bear has stolen a sandwich! She’s excited about the party.

Yoga in Fal

Fal Class welcomed Anna Sadler in to lead a yoga session. Everyone concentrated and really enjoyed the variety of activities. Anna will be returning every month this term so we will definitely look forward to her next visit.

Celebrating Holi

Fal Class celebrated Holi with an Indian Dance workshop and Performance. We used powder paint to experiment with colour.

Making Easter Cards

Making Easter cards.

Fun playing hockey

Fal Class have been learning to hold a hockey stick today.

Understanding the World

16th March 2016 2 005
Fal Class have been out and about looking and learning about the natural world around us. We have been linking our learning across the Early Years Curriculum to find out about the local flowers and birds.16th March 2016 2 018
16th March 2016 2 027
16th March 2016 2 029
                                                       16th March 2016 009
8th march 16 027

A Visit to the Woods

Fal Class walked through the village this week on a lovely sunny morning, to visit the woods.

First stop was the church where we practised looking carefully and drawing, in our sketch books, the arches that we could see .

Next we called at Mrs Kent’s house to feed her pony, Kizzie. We loved learning how to hold the nuts safely so she could take them from us.

After that we headed to the woods where we used our colour bracelets to collect different things. We have been learning the names of some flowers and birds this week at school, so we tried to spot the ones we knew, as well as a few new ones.

We had time to explore and undertake some activities of our choice before walking back to school in time for lunch.

Thank you to Mrs Osgood and Emily’s mum for walking with us.

16th March 2016 2 029
16th March 2016 2 026
16th March 2016 2 027
16th March 2016 001


Santa’s Workshop

Father Christmas has brought his workshop to Fal Class and we have been busy wrapping presents and labelling them for the elves to sort. What a lot of work there is to be done! We are feeling very Christmassy this week after finishing our nativity play and decorating our classroom.



A Journey to Space

For the past three weeks in Fal Class, we have been following a story about a girl called Jess and her dog Scruffy, who went on an adventure into space. We had to help Jess plan her trip and found out what she saw on the way. We have been so busy! Have a look at what we have been doing….



Cooking in Fal

Fal Class have been doing lots of cooking this term to link with lots of different areas of the curriculum. Our topics have

20th Nov 2015 025
20th Nov 2015 026

been Food and Farming, Diwali and Numbers  and we have learned about which foods are healthy and how to cook hygienically.

We are getting very good at trying  new tastes and textures and lots of chopping, rolling and kneading has really helped our fine motor control. Talking about what we our doing is important and we learn about other communities and the world around us.

We have made healthy sandwiches, bread rolls, soup, fruit kebabs, cheese on toast, Diwali sweets and number biscuits. Yum!


Fal Class have been learning about Diwali, the Hindu and Sikh Festival of Lights. 

We have made Indian sweets and cards to take home.  


Emily brought in her mum’s sari and we  learned how to pray in the Hindu Shrine.  

We made rangoli patterns and used playdough to make sweets and divas.

A Visit From Elsa


We are builders!

Fal Class have visited Helston Community College Construction Department. We were very busy learning about how to stay safe and which tools we need to use to build a wall. By the end we were all very handy with trowel.
After refreshment we were able to meet all the animals that live there too. What a bonus! It was a great morning out.







Diwali celebrations in Fal Class

Delicious aromas of spices wafted from Fal class today as the children cooked a red lentil curry. With our special visitor , Charlotte to teach us how to perform a traditional Indian dance about part of the Diwali story, we learned lots about these traditions. We made pictures of divas, had rangoli patterns at our door and dressed up in Indian clothing to role play a typical family celebration. We all thought Diwali looked lots of fun.





Fal Class have been making boats using balsa wood and learning to use tools safely.




Teddy Bears Picnic

Fal Class hosted a Teddy Bears Picnic for the new intake children. Some of the buddies from Helford came to meet their new friends too.



Walk to Glebe Gardens

Fal Class walked to Glebe Gardens this morning led by Mr and Mrs Rule and used their senses to explore the environment.





Who can make the longest worm from one sheet on A4 paper? Great teamwork Fal.



Seashore Safari at Helford Passage

On 18th June, the Year One and Reception children from Fal and Cober Class went to the beach at Helford Passage for an afternoon of beach activities with the National Trust. The rock pooling was amazing with lots of great finds including a crab with eggs, a sea urchin and a crab which peeled its shell in the bucket. Wow. What an interesting day!

Exciting News in Fal

In Fal our caterpillars have all changed into butterflies! We have really enjoyed watching them change and come out before our eyes. They fed on an orange before we released them on the field. Wow.


What is a coastguard?

Fal Class had a visit from Rosie’s dad who is a coastguard
and he told us all about what he does. It was great fun to act out
an emergency rescue and try on his uniform. We learned lots about
keeping safe in the sea. Thanks Mr Williams!




A visit from the Veterinary Nurse

Fal had a visit from Ruth who works at a vet’s practice in Helston. She brought several animals with her including a dog called Dodo who was recovering from a broken leg. Now we are very good vets in our role play area!






Science Day in Fal

In Fal Class we had a busy time in the woods linking all the parts of our learning together including doing some great science. We found all sorts of minibeasts including millipedes, worms and bees. It was great fishing in the stream for shrimps and looking at them with the magnifiers. We looked for evidence of other animals and found holes, footprints and poo and we heard the birds singing.
In class we have been learning the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and enjoyed making masks and telling the story in the woods.
Amy planted her apple pips and watered them while Emma made a delicious mud cake for Scarlett’s birthday. Unfortunately it was tricky to keep the candles standing as it was rather sloppy!







Number Hunt

Fal Class have been busy hunting for numbers and counting on the field. We worked in pairs and showed great teamwork. Well done Fal!



Grandma’s Magic Carpet

What a great magic carpet Jessica!



This week we have been exploring shape. We found a short break in the rain to go on a shape walk and used the i-pads to photograph shapes we could find in the environment.



Leek and Potato Soup

The leeks were ready in the school garden so Mrs Moyle made leek and potato soup with us. Delicious!




Art Day

We had a very busy day for our African Art Day. Mr Anjari came to join us . It was great!





Working in the Railway Station

Our role play area has been a railway station recently.



Reading and Writing

Our reading and writing is getting so good now! We have been doing lots of practice.
Scarlett counted: “I have written 26 letters! “20140213-125233.jpg



Transport in the past

In Fal We have been finding out about transport in the past. How were buses different in the past? Good sequencing Frankie.


New Storyphones!

Fal Class have got new storyphones and we love them. We can listen to music and stories and dance while we listen.


Nov1 023



Nov1 106

Diversity Week

We read stories involving children from different places. We had fun in the role play. Year One wrote instructions to make fruit salad and then tested them by making it.  They worked! We know lots about healthy food too.

Handa takes the fruit to her friend's village
Handa takes the fruit to her friend’s village




Look at the great ways the children thought of to move along the benches.Nov1 059   


Nov1 101Nov1 056Nov1 062


 Fal Class have completed a two week block on autumn. Following our walk to the woods to look for signs of autumn and collect things for our display table, we read the story of Owl Babies. Year one children researched information about owls to make a poster for the class. They were very excited to use the netbooks to type their text. We all used collage to make autumn pictures of the owls and clay to make models of woodland creatures for our display.

oct3 071 

mixing autumn colours
mixing autumn colours

Copy of oct3 026


Art work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Green Day in Fal took us to the woods with our french visitor Clemence, where we looked out for different shades of colours. Before we left school, we looked at artwork by Andy Goldsworthy and then collected items from the environment to create our own class piece of art.
A week later and we have worked with a partner to make our own pieces at school. Great team work! What do you think?




Artichoke Soup

Mirryn and Sam made soup with artichokes from the school garden. Teachers and children from several classes found it delicious! Now they all want our artichokes!!


A Trip to the Woods

Fal Class had a great trip to the woods to look for signs of Spring. We saw lots of things including primroses and buds on the trees.


We worked in teams to build nest for the birds. When the nests were ready we tested them with chocolate eggs for Easter.
On the way home we fed Kizzy with carrots, which she loved. Helen and Lilah want to learn about ponies next term!





Fal have had an exciting time watching their frogspawn changing into tadpoles. Now a couple have back legs! Frankie painted a great picture of the frogspawn. We have been making non-fiction books to record their progress and we hope to release the frogs into our new pond.





World Book Day 1st March

The whole school enjoyed a special day on 1st March for World Book Day. Everyone came dressed as their favourite book character and enjoyed stories read by adults who had swapped classes. In the afternoon the children were able to browse and spend their free book voucher at the Usborne book fair run by Mrs Morgado.



Writing In Foundation


In Fal Class we love writing; we have been very busy!






A visit to the Three Little Pigs

Fal Class visited Oliver’s Farm to see the pigs and other animals. We had a great time and learned lots!

The Three Little Pigs

Jan 2012

Fal Class have been telling the story of the Three Little Pigs. We have been learning about how houses are built and went for a walk around the village to look at the types of homes we could see.

Learning Walls in Literacy

Children use learning walls to support literacy

Throughout the school, classes are using literacy walls to enhance learning. These display boards are built up as  the topic progresses and allow children to refer back to significant information from previous lessons.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

In Fal class we have been storytelling the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

acting out the story

Can you build a bridge over the river?