Fal class have been learning about e-safety.
The children now know what to do if a pop-up appears on their screen.

Concentrating Crocodile

Fal class have been learning about the importance of concentration.
We have introduced ‘Concentrating Crocodile’ stickers when this learning power is demonstrated in the classroom.

We practised our concentrating skills when having egg and spoon races.


Over the past few weeks, in PSHE, Fal Class have been learning about Friendships. We looked at what makes a good friend and how friends can make us feel. Due to lockdown, many of us have sadly not seen our friends for many weeks and we are missing them greatly. We therefore decided to make our friends a card and post them at the postbox.

We have learned about kindness and made ‘kindness jars’ to encourage random acts of kindness. We thought about how this made us and others feel.

We have discovered the important learning power ‘perseverance’. In order to remind us to always keep trying and not give up we made collage ‘Persevering Parrots’ which we could put up on the wall at home. 

Finally we thought about the importance of saying sorry and forgiveness.