Play Leader Training

We worked with Mrs Walker and Mrs G for our play leader training. We learnt all about the STEP system where we think about the space, task, equipment and people before planning our games for our Guinea pigs from Year 2, 3 and 4.

Trainee comments:

It makes me so happy seeing the little children being so happy.
after the session I felt sad as it was over. Leading was fun but tiring.

The younger children I was leading were so excited and this made me smile and enjoy it more too.
I think I am quite a good leader but I was scared before the lesson in case they didn’t listen. I want to do it again now.
I can’t wait for the rota to start.
We can earn points and get a reward when we have delivered ten hours of play leader club at lunchtimes.

Cornwall Spring Games 2022

Well done to our school team who came 4th out of 16 teams in the finals following their win in the first round of this event. This round was much harder with trickier moves expected from our team.
Comments from the day:

‘My muscles are aching as I worked so hard’.

‘I hope we made you proud Mrs G as we loved it, thank you for taking is’.

The splits was tricky for me but I am really good at the vault’.

‘That vault was really tricky but I did it and I am so pleased’.

‘Our team did a great job- I’m so proud to have come 4th, we did brilliantly!’

The children really were ambassadors for our school and they were a joy to take. Mrs G

Lifeguard Skills

Year six have been swimming this term at RNAS Culdrose and their progress has been great. Over the course of eight weeks their hour swimming lesson has enabled them to develop confidence, learn new skills, develop their stamina and stroke technique and some have even been able to move onto learning skills to help them rescue others.
We are so proud of all of them.

Concert Pianist

Year 5 and 6 had a real treat when concert pianist, William Howard, was in the village and he offered to perform for us.
William Howard is one of Britain’s leading pianists. William’s performing life consists of solo recitals, concerto performances, guest appearances with chamber ensembles and instrumentalists, and regular touring with the Schubert Ensemble of London, Britain’s leading group for piano and strings, which won the 1998 Royal Philharmonic Society Award for Best Chamber Ensemble and celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.

William really was an inspiration to us all and we felt extremely privileged to have watched him play.

ChoirFest 2021

Year 6 pupils made us proud having learned three songs in Latin to join the county choirs to perform in Truro Cathedral. The concert was amazing and our children really loved the experience of being invited to sing in this amazing building. The whole cathedral was full and our children made us so proud. ‘Cornwall My Home’ went down well with the children and audience alike. Well done 👏🏼

Children in Need 2021

Our ‘Kids Council’ choose charities to support each year and Children in Need is always a firm favourite where our children can help raise money for those who are less fortunate than ourselves.
We have had a wonderful array of pyjamas, slippers and other spotty non uniform along with some donations which is brilliant.
Two pupils have also been growing their hair in preparation for today’s fund raiser. Having had their hair chopped off now they have managed to raise £270! Wow, what super duper efforts – thank you.

Y3/4 Basketball Festival

A great event, where some of our younger pupils got the chance to enjoy and participate in events at our main secondary feeder school. A range of skills were practised and they also enjoyed some small sided games at the end of the morning. It was great for confidence building and trying something new. Many goals were scored too which was a bonus!

Heart Start

In Y6 we have been learning about how to respond in an emergency. The most important fact to remember is that you must keep yourself safe.
We use the acronym: DRs ABsC

D= Check for any dangers to you or the casualty

R= Try to get a response (this can tell you if the casualty is breathing or not)

S= Shout for help… you might need support or someone to call an ambulance

A= Open the airway fully

B= Check for breathing (up to ten seconds by looking, listening and feeling for normal breathing)

s= Shout or call for help if it hasn’t arrived

C= Chest compressions at a rate of 30:2 breaths if the casualty is not breathing.

We know that if a casualty is breathing and not injured that we put them in the recovery position.
we are going to be learning about dealing with bleeding, choking, cardiac arrest shock next.

we really enjoy the role play and learning about how we might, one day, be able to help someone who is in trouble.

Y5/6 Indoor Athletics

This was an extremely exciting event where nine girls and nine boys represented us taking part in both track and field events including obstacles, relays, vertical and standing long jumps etc.
It was quite noisy as there was so much cheering and also music playing when we were there. Everyone gave it their all and we came home proud of our achievements.


We are so pleased to be back in the pool at RNAS Culdrose weekly. This six lane pool is 25m long and 1.2m at the shallow end and 3.5m at the deep end. Our children progress so much here and we are fortunate to have four swimming teachers/coaches on our staff. This means we can cater for the differing needs of our pupils within each KS2 class from complete beginners to those who also compete at local and county levels.
Recently we have been working our our stamina, stroke technique and also learning some survival skills. You can see us sculling and treading water below… can you tread water for more than five minutes? These children can and they can do it with one hand above their heads too!

We really value the importance of learning this life saving skill, especially when we live in a county that is almost surrounded by water. Children from Constantine are given as many opportunities as possible to swim and improve their water confidence and abilities in a pool and in open water as these are valuable skills to have when so much of what Cornwall has to offer is near or around water.

Royal Albert Hall

Three pupils sang with the county choirs at the Royal Albert Hall which was the most amazing experience. Well done Florence, Faith and Casey. Back in school these children are members of our school choir and they are great role models to other pupils. It’s been wonderful to have more singing in school as we have really missed this during the last couple of years due to all the restrictions.

Swimming Gala 2021

Having not been swimming for over a year with all the restrictions, we had little time to practise for the gala this year. We used the time we did have to work on our strokes, style and stamina and then we were ready,.
We had some great races and were against some fast club and county swimmers from other local primary schools. Our children did an amazing job and came home with several gold medals. For many, this event was their first ever competitive swimming event which was really nerve wracking. We were delighted to win overall and the scores were very close as there was only one point between our school and Perranarworthal who came 2nd.
It was wonderful to see ex pupils supporting and time keeping at the event and presenting medals as sports leaders from Penryn College.

G7 Summit Conference for Pupils

We were lucky enough to have two of our Governors supporting our initial talks and sharing of ideas in schools before 2 children were chosen to represent our school. Well done Lily and Oliver for all of their hard work in preparation for the Mock G7 summit. It was an inspiring event where the ideas, and personal stories, from the children there, were heard. We have some very clear thinking amongst our children about recognising global issues, how they impact their lives and how they can make a different locally. The Children’s Charter has been drawn up as a result and it is exciting to think that a Trust Council will come into fruition as a legacy. 

Counter Balancing

Year six have been working creatively and in collaboration with a partner in PE to improve their balancing. Everyone has shown great levels of success on the floor, benches and apparatus.

Printing in Year 6

This printing is a form of fine art printmaking where the printing plate is cut into lino, or in our case, very thin polystyrene sheets. The lino is then inked, a piece of paper placed over it, and then pressure is applied by hand to transfer the ink to the paper. The result, a linocut print. Because it’s a smooth surface, the lino itself doesn’t add texture to the print.
This was great fun and took just over a day. Making our designs took time and then we experimented with different colours and the recreate patterns of our print and also added more than one colour.

Check out our work:

Cornwall Virtual School Games 2020

As the end of the first ever Cornwall Virtual Schools Games draws to a close along with National School Sport Week I just wanted to let you know what a week we have had! We joined over 10,000 unique participants and nearly 40,000 individual results registered, which is AMAZING!

It has been overwhelmingly positive week so many children getting involved and getting active with their teacher, families and friends in school and at home. We take our Physical Education, school sport and physical activity very seriously and always promote the enjoyment and fun elements with all our children and staff. As a bonus we were delighted to finish the week having been awarded with eight medals in the following categories:

Gold- Volleyball Year 4

Gold Volleyball Year 5

Gold Tennis Year 3

Silver Tennis Year 4

Bronze Tennis Year 2

Bronze Tennis Year 6

Silver Gym & Dance Year 3

Silver Making up the Miles Year 3

You can spot some of us in action on the attached videos:

Day 2 Boccia and Bowls

Day 3 Gymnastics and Dance

Day 4 Volleyball

Day 5 Tennis

The School Games has been great and have been enjoyed by us all and here are some quotes from our children and staff:

Erin Y4 “It helps me feel connected to my friend who I haven’t seen at all in lockdown “
Lucy Y4 “I like doing the miles and adding up over the day”
Sophie Y2 “I like the gym”
Morva Y1 “I have done lots of running”
Emilie Y1 “I liked the jumping high. I did one at home indoors and I’m going to do the ball one today at school”
Jimmy Y2 “I’ve been walking with my brother and sister and father”
Matthew Y2 “I love being active”
Alex y6 “it’s better doing things with friends”
Elijah “I was good at jumping because I do parkour “

Mrs G ‘Its great to see every child and adult in school active, happy and going for it. There is a real buzz in every classroom. This virtual year has really enabled us to focus even more on equality and inclusion which has been inspirational’

Miss M “it’s been great to get the kids active and focused on a common goal. They get so excited when they see our school in the videos”

Polwhele Cross Country Event 2020

Wow what a course!!  Beautiful grounds leading to a very challenging muddy and steep wood section.  Not for the faint hearted.

The children were all amazing.  They took the challenge on with super attitudes and big smiles.  We were up against some strong competition with large numbers per team so no team result for us this year.

We had some great individual performances.  Zephrin and Xavier just out of the medals both running a 4th place in their sections. Toby and Matty were in the top 15. Aoife was our only girl running for Constantine and achieved a very creditable race in the top 25. Fantastic attitudes from Nico and Thomas who were ecstatic with their own personal bests. We are very much looking forward to next year where we hope more children will take part. Huge thanks to Senara for managing our team.

Y3/4 Camp Delaware Day 3

Y3/4 Camp Delaware Day 2

More photos:

Y3/4 Camp Delaware Day 1

We had the pleasure of taking 52 children to Delaware Outdoor Education Centre for three days. It was such fun and the children did us proud. The instructors were so impressed. Here are some of their comments:

Dougie: they are a really great bunch, so enthusiastic and keen. We’d like you all to stay another few days.

Paul: I think these are the smallest children we’ve ever had here and they just get stuck in. They have enjoyed everything which has made it such fun for us.

Sue: You have some amazing archers. They are really good listeners too, who rose to the challenge of each game and skill.

Angie: We have really enjoyed your school being here. Usually 60 people eating in here is quite noisy but your children are so polite, they have good manners and great appetites. They are so happy too and they eat the vegetables and fruit and want more. It’s a pleasure to feed them.

We are always proud of our children when we take them anywhere so these comments reinforced exactly what we were telling the children. We are delighted to have been able to go on camp considering all the latest news about Covid-19 as it would have been such a shame to have missed out on this opportunity. They children made some great memories and learned a lot about looking after themselves and their belongings, sharing rooms, personnel hygiene, developing new skills and pushing boundaries.
The children participated in orienteering, traversing, climbing, abseiling, survival skills and archery. We also had a talent show, played bingo and had daily chores to do like setting the tables, washing and drying up, putting away and sweeping the floors. Here are a few comments from children:

I love our room and it’s great being with our friends.
I really like Sue who took us for archery- she was so kind and helpful and she taught me all the parts of the bow and arrow making it fun. She also taught me how to aim and I got a red on the target!

This is the best food ever. I want Angie to cook at our school- She’s as good as Anna.

Climbing was the best. I couldn’t wait to try the boulder wall and when I did it was so hard. I persevered and managed to get to the top on my third attempt. I was so pleased and all my friends clapped.

Orienteering was fun and challenging too. I liked using all the different maps. We did a lot of running and even went to the woods where we played star orienteering.  I loved using the compass and working in teams.

The teachers were fun and helped me at night. They tucked us in and made sure we were ok if we were missing home.

I can’t wait for my next camp as it has been so great.

Swim Gala round 2

Our team of sixteen swam their very best in the second round of the gala. Between them they brought home 7 golds and many second and third positions. We are eagerly awaiting the results to find out if anybody them will be going to the Cornwall School Games in June 2020.

Cross Country 2020

Well done to all 42 of our children who not only volunteered  them selves to take part and represent our school but they also all competed the long courses that were set for this years event. Despite this event being for year 4, 5 & 6 pupils we had some Year 3s who also wanted to give it a go. They were all awesome and you can see just how many were in each race for each age group in the photos. We so proud of them all and especially those who don’t normally run or come along to our cross country club and those who managed to earn themselves a place in the second round at Pool Academy. We also must mention Zephrin and Matty who medalled, both coming second in their races. Excellent results. The lunchtime 5k running will need to continue with Miss Puxley and Mr Wild now to ensure our team are ready for the next round.

Collaboration and Counterbalancing

Year six have been working together to encourage, praise and give advice for improving. Their collaboration and enthusiasm to rise to challenges is so inspiring. They are a pleasure to work with as they are so keen and want to do well.

The counterbalances may look easy but it is important not to bend limbs and to remain strong in your core. These skills came in handy when working on challenges later in the lesson where we had to swap places on small floor spots and hoops.

Peninsula Gym Finals

Well done to our four gymnasts who did amazingly well at the finals coming third over all out of many teams and congratulations to Phoebe-Bo for coming third individually overall. The level of competition was extremely high and they did themselves and our school very proud by performing so well.

A busy December for CPS Choir

Our choir have had a busy December, performing at the advent carol service, the village lantern parade, Our Christingle service and leading songs in assembly. A small group also Entertained residents at Parc Vro residential home which brought so much joy to everyone involved. The children even sang to a lady who was 103 years old!


Curriculum Gymnastics

We all learn to improve or skills in gymnastics at Constantine School. Agility, balance and coordination are all required along with great control in order to be successful. We work on our core strength and practise our skills on the floor, low and high apparatus. Year six are joining skills to perform a sequence working on their own skills as well as supporting others with tips for improvements. Headstands have been the most popular latest addition to our routines and the children have shown great perseverance and commitment to strive for excellence. Even Mrs Alexander and Mrs G were successful!


Peer Massage

An oasis of tranquility – Year six teach the school massage routine to Year four.

  • Harrison: I loved it, can we do it again?
  • Faron: Can I write it down so I can practise at home in my mum as she’d love this?
  • Brendan: We’ve been doing massage since Year four and it’s really good.
  • Elijah: It’s so relaxing.
  • Rona: It gives you time to think and do something nice for someone else.
  • Harry: It calms me down and helps my brain get ready for the next part of my learning.


Year 5 have all been inspired by the success of our swimming teams that they are all keen to improve their personal skills and stamina in the pool. We have been learning about lane discipline and some groups have been building their water confidence and swimming in the deep end (3.5m deep) All great fun!

Gymnastics 2019

Our gymnasts has a great competition against other schools in the Penryn Partnership. We entered nine children with five representing us in the club category and four in the school gymnast category. All children had to learn and perform a vault, floor routine and body management routine. In the club category Phoebe-Bo came 2nd overall and Alex cane 1st and our club team won overall. In the school team Martha came 2nd and the whole team came 2nd overall. We are so proud of them all.

Swimming success

We are delighted with the success of our swimmers at the gala this year. Every child can 1st or 2nd in their heats and this resulted in us winning overall. We are very proud of the curriculum swimming we provide and it was commented on by other primary colleagues how our swimmer style, technique and stamina stood out. Well done team CPS

Drug Education

Building on our knowledge and understanding from previous units in KS2 on alcohol, smoking and helpful and harmful drugs we have been taking a closer look at the different effects, signs, symptoms, dangers and laws around cannabis as an illegal drug in this country. The children have been practising their responses through role play to peer pressure in order to help them make sensible choices as they grow older. They even give great advice and have some very impressive responses to problem page letters.

Swimming & Rescuing

Our Year sixes are doing so well in the pool. Some have been working on self and partner rescue techniques. They have been using a straddle entry, life saving front crawl to reach the casualty, the extended arm tow to bring them back to the side, and a hold ensuring the airway is open to secure them until further help arrives. For a first attempt, this bunch were pretty amazing and willing to improve their performance – lifeguards of the future.

Self Rescue

In the pool Year 6 have been learning techniques to help them if ever they get into difficulties in open water. When treading water they have been trying to use less energy which is quite tricky in 3.5m of water, but at least there weren’t any waves today!

The children also learnt to respond to surf life saving hand signals, what to do if caught in a rip current, how to call for help and how the HELP position can preserve heat and energy when in open seas.

We have some super swimmers and their stamina if improving week by week.

Harvest Festival 2019

Huge thanks to all our families for their kind donations at our Harvest Festival today. Each class performed and presented various poems, readings, stories, prayers and songs which made it so enjoyable to be a part of. We were fortunate to have many parents turn up to help us walk down to the church and they also stayed and enjoyed the service too.

Macmillan Cancer Support

A great community gathering enabled us to raise funds for Macmillan cancer support. Cream teas, an amazing raffle, non-uniform day, cake stalls and a brick-a-brak stalk to keep the crowds busy as well as our school choir providing entertainment. Well done everyone.

Playground Climate Protest

Constantine Primary School staged their own mini Climate Protest on Friday 20th September. Joining their voices to the millions taking to the streets, pupils chanted ‘Stop Climate Change’ whilst marching around the playground, waving banners created in the classroom.

Mr Wild hailed the pupils as ‘global citizens in the making’. He said “This was an opportunity to engage the children in a very hands on way with an issue that effects us all. This small contribution to the cause has given the children a feeling of empowerment. Every voice matters and no-one is too small to make a difference.”

Pupils certainly made use of this opportunity to make their voices heard, sharing the message for change with determined clarity, along with the millions rallying to the cause.

Growing up up up!

In PSHE Year 4 have been learning all about the many changes that will happen as they grow older. Some can be controlled and we have choices over and others we will have no control over. It’s good to learn all about all kinds of changes so we understand what is happening and why.

Olympians Visit CPS

Today we were fortunate enough to meet Amy Smith. We all completed a circuit training session with her and Joe and then they lead an inspiring assembly. It was a great afternoon and whilst having fun and missing with athletes we have also been raising money for future athletes and our school. A couple of pupils even taught Amy how to floss!

A little more about Amy:

Smith was at the pinnacle of sprinting for British women and a member of the national swim team for a decade. She had a busy programme at the 2012 Summer Olympicswhere she competed for the Great British team in the Women’s 4 x 100 metre freestyle relay, finishing in 5th place in the final.

She also competed in the Women’s 50 metre freestyle winning her heat swim off to qualify for the semi final. She also made the semi final for the Women’s 100 metre freestyle but did not advance and swam the freestyle leg of the Women’s 4 x 100 metre medley relay in the heat stage.

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, she was part of the England 4 x 100 m freestyle team that won the silver and swam the heat for the silver medal winning 4 x 100 m medley team.

Smith has now retired from competitive swimming but instead turned her attention to helping coach the next generation of swimmers through her swimming consultancy Swim Swift Elite with partner Joe Roebuck.

More about Joe:

At the 2012 British Championships Roebuck won the silver medal, behind fellow Loughborough University student Roberto Pavoni in the 400 metres individual medley.This meant he qualified to take part in the event at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He went on to win gold medals in the 200 metres butterfly and 200 metres individual medley, earning himself Olympic qualification for both events.

In June 2012 Roebuck was confirmed as part of a 44-swimmer squad for Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Olympics; he competed in the 200 metres butterfly, 200 metres individual medley and the 400 metres individual medley.His best result was reaching the semi-final in the men’s 200 m individual medley. 

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, he competed in the 100 and 200 m butterfly and the 200 m individual medley.


HRCST Regatta 2019

Well done to our team who represented us at the annual sailing regatta.
Our all girls Constantine sailing team did really well and had lots of fun on such a beautiful evening at Port Saxon beach. They had a quiz, had to dis/assemble an Opi and a Pico, sail a set course and do a kayak race. All finished off with a sea shanty performance.

The girls represented Constantine brilliantly and had a great time. Well done to Grace, Isabell, Lydia, Rosa, Lowen & Nina and many thanks to all parents and volunteers who helped out.

Scooter Safety

Do you know the five scooter rules? Year 4 do. Never scoot alone.

Be Mindful of driveways.

Stop at kerbs.

Don’t scoot down steep hills.

Don’t scoot on the road.

We have had great fun practising our skills and more importantly learning a variety of ways to stop and be in control.


Super Swimming

Thats it for swimming this year. We had so much success in the pool with children growing in confidence, swimming further and trying hard to improve their stroke technique and stamina. Some children have even competed in the area and Cornwall School Games Qualifying events. We concluded this years swimming timetable with our Year 3 children achieving distance and water skills badges. From 5m to 400m was achieved which is fabulous.

Open The Book Party

Our Reception and Year 1 children did a fantastic job of acting out the story of Noah’s Ark in st Constantine Church to help celebrate twenty years of ‘Open The Book’. The children worked alongside our open the book team to rehearse and they performed to a full church of people. This was followed by drinks and biscuits which the children really enjoyed.

Our children love Wednesdays when our very own Open The Book team come into school and take assembly. The props and costumes are always so inspiring and encourage the children to want take part. We are also proud of the fact that our Open The Book team were the first group in Cornwall to start going into schools and they are still going strong. They love coming in each week as much as we look forward to seeing them.

Norman Nicholls Event

The St Keverne Football tournament was brilliant. Our Coach, Rob Gardner, suggested we take two teams this year as we have so many keen and fantastic players. Both teams were fabulous and played really well. Year six played together as this was the last opportunity for many to represent our school. Unfortunately they got knocked out in the quarter finals and our second team made up of pupils from Y2-5 won 1, free 2 and lost 2 matches. All the children did us proud, working well as a team and school, shaking hands at the end of each match and also giving three cheers for the opposition.

National Grades on the Horizon

As a member of Penryn Gymnastics Club, Alex spends many hours each week dedicating his time to train in the six men’s disciplines. He recently did well, gaining first place at the Cornwall Floor & Vault competition. There are 3 levels in the competition, Novice, Intermediate and County. Alex was awarded the title of County Champion for highest marks across all age groups. Now the hard work begins for National Grades in early Sept!

Good luck Alex. We all support you and wish you the best of luck. You are a great role model to all our pupils. You commit so much of your time and really do show the rest of us just how beneficial our learning powers can be.  Your energy, drive, commitment and enthusiasm is truly outstanding. We are very proud of you.

Constantine Ukelele Orchestra

Our local Ukelele Orchestra performed in the school hall to help raise funds for us. We are so lucky to be based in such a great community where we get so much support. The Ukelele Orchestra even has a member of staff, past staff and governors and even an ex pupil in it.  It was a great evening and everyone had a super time.

All visitors to school that night got to see the wonderful new Ukelele stand that Mr Ruberry has built us.

Junior Sports Academy

Rachel Knowles, Food technology teacher from Penryn College led the session and was very impressed with the children’s focus and enthusiasm. They made blueberry and banana muffins and smoothies. They all worked with a partner from a different school in their kitchen space. Well done Freya and Evie.


Games Club

Many children from different year groups enjoy games club.

We have many children enjoying games club this term thanks to Mrs Dye.

RNLI Beach Safety

Our annual visit from local RNLI Lifeguards was both entertaining and informative. Andy Beswick is a local lifeguard many of us know and he can often be found lifeguarding on Poldhu or at Porthleven beaches. He said we did very well on remembering what the different beach flags mean. As responsible citizens we now need to make sensible choices when we’re enjoying our local beaches and going in the sea. Not all our beaches are lifeguarded and there are many dangers we need to be aware of such as; tides, wind directions, waves, weather, rip currents, the sun, wildlife, other people and equipment.

You can find more information here:


In Year 4 we have been learning about electrical circuits, circuit symbols & vocabulary and investigating what materials conduct electricity.  Do you like our human model of a circuit and can you see who is the bulb?

This learning required a lot of our learning powers such as: team work, perseverance, collaboration, managing distractions, making links and questioning.

Play equipment

Our children have been without their play equipment since the end of the summer term last year. They all had a wonderful surprise at the start of this term when they returned to school to see the slide, bars and climbing wall had all been refurbished and made safe again. We had a grand opening and the children were so keen to all have a go. It was wonderful to see all our pupils from the youngest to oldest patiently awaiting their turn.  Luckily due to the good weather they have been able to play on it every day since returning to school. It has been a long time coming and our previous kids council helped decide on the new design that is now finally in situ.

Community Afternoon

The doors of Constantine school were opened to the community this week to enable everyone to have a good look around and see what we get up to in our village school today. Many people from the village and also surrounding areas attended and had a wonderful afternoon. Some hadn’t seen the school since it was rebuilt and many had never been into the school before. Everyone enjoyed a range of cakes and cream teas that had been made that morning by some classes whilst listening to classes sing, dance, present gymnastics, perform yoga and also play instruments. This was followed by a tour of the classrooms, school garden and grounds. The feedback was so positive that we plan to do something similar again in the summer and autumn terms. We are delighted with the feedback we received:

Christine: Yesterday was brilliant, I am so pleased I came along at the right time!  The children were great and so talented. The music is wonderful.

Mrs Newton: Wow what amazing talent there is at Constantine! You showcased the school so well this afternoon, well done to you all – amazing! xx

Mrs Smith: Well done to everyone, it was a really lovely afternoon, helped by lots of amazing cakes. The children are a huge credit to you all.

Tracey Clowes: I have always loved coming into Constantine School and I am always made so welcome. It really is a wonderful school in the heart of the community. The children are so lucky.


A visit from Rwanda

Tom lives in our village but works in Africa a lot and he visits the school we are linked to. He came in to show us a film he’d made about their country. It was really interesting. Tom explained all about Rwanda as a country and we even did some tasting of a passion fruit drink. As we have contacted and written to the children before they sent us one of their school jumpers which is being modelled below:



Heart Start

Year 4 are getting pretty good at remembering the sequence of events when arriving at the scene of an incident or emergency. Today we revised CPR and learnt what to do if someone is bleeding.

Nationals Schools Swimathon 2019

Our Year 4 & 5 pupils all took part in this years Swimathon and raised some funds for our playground equipment and camp. Every child had a target to beat based on a distance set at the start of term and they smashed it. Swimming continuously for half an hour takes a lot of stamina and commitment. Distances achieved range from 225m to 1250m and a total of 27,800m – that’s 1,112 lengths!

86% of these children, who have another year or two of swimming in our school, can swim well over the expected level of 25m (by the time they leave in Y6) in a range of recognised strokes . They also learn many self rescue and survival techniques- essential skills for us all as we live in a county almost entirely surrounded by water.

Cross Country

The county cross country finals were tough but Zephrin managed to earn himself a place following two previous rounds of competition. He is one of our most dedicated members of early morning cross country club and he is hard work and commitment paid off as he came 7th overall. We are absolutely amazed and so proud of this magnificent achievement. What a great role model he is to all our pupils.



Year 6 have been lucky enough to having Mr Excell from Penryn College teaching them for a PE lesson. They had fun learning all about the rules and skills involved in touch rugby. This is great for the summer rugby league that is coming up as well as transition as Mr Excell will be teaching some of these children next year for PE when they move up to Y7.


Songfest 2019- A celebration of singing

Lights, Camera, Action!

Following the success of Songfest 2018 we were delighted to be involved again for 2019!

This year’s theme was Lights! Camera! Action!- Songs of the stage and screen with a collection of songs, arranged by Lin Marsh, performed by over 50 local schools.

Seventeen pupils from Y4 took part and did us proud. The dedication to learning the words and actions to ten songs is immense and every single one of our children did a brilliant job.

it was also inspiring to see ex pupil Hollie Davies perform her own song that she has composed for her GCSE music examinations and Mrs Savage’s daughter Ohoebe sing an amazing rendition of Eva Cassidy’s ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. The older children were so inspiring for us all.

Huge thanks to Mrs Micklem for leading our school, also to Mrs Ruberry for supporting and to our parents for transporting and being part of such a wonderful audience.

Eden Camp Day 3

This morning we had the challenge of packing up to go home, clearing our snooze boxes, putting all our belongings in our big bags, putting the right things in our day bags and striping our beds. The older children set the example and also helped the younger ones and it all went very well.

After a land train ride back down to Eden central we all enjoyed a second amazing breakfast and then had a chance to explore wherever our groups wanted.  This required some collaboration and understanding of others requests in the time we had. It was brilliant fun.

Eden Camp Day 2

Another cracking day and so many members of the public have commented on our children’s enthusiasm and excellent behaviour. The staff at Eden have also been impressed with the  collaboration and team work from all our pupils.

We have had so much fun in our Storm Patrol and Potions and Commotions workshops today

Imy: Potions and Commotions is the best workshop ever. I love my wand.

Juno: This is the best time ever.

Erin & Faith: We want to stay for six weeks.

Henry: I don’t laugh very often but I am.

Penelope: I’m having the best time of my life.

Alex: Everything is my favourite today.

Rosie: I love being with my friends.

Charlie: The sandwiches are delicious.

Thomas: I’m enjoying collecting all the cups at meal times.

Mrs Dye: I’ve seen children believe in themselves and that has made my camp. Seeing all the children taking part,  having a go and being so helpful to each other has been a pleasure to be part of.

Miss Puxley: The children have been an absolute delight and they have been great company.

Mrs Ruberry: I’m already looking forward to the next camp.


Eden Camp Day 1

A fantastic first day at Eden with our Y3&4 children. We have had so much fun with Rainforest Rangers, learning to walk through the jungle, singing, playing music, chanting, drawing under torchlight, listening to wildlife and exploring wonderful Eden. The Secret Biome workshop in the dark was awesome. We felt so lucky to be the only ones in the rainforest biome (as Eden had shut  to the public) on Eden’s 18th birthday! Dinner time was amazing and we are all looking forward to breakfast now.

World Book Day 2019

We all had a wonderful time on World Book Day, dressed up as our favourite book characters. In a special assembly,  we were excited to hear the winners of our ‘potato book character’ competition, who were Ellie, Finley, Lula and Valerie. All entrants received a certificate and the winners also received a £10 book voucher, which was kindly donated by the PTA. Throughout the day, we were all able to enjoy a range of reading related activities, such as our ‘share a story’ session. During this, all members of staff chose a favourite story to share and the children were able to pick the one that they wanted to hear. Also, in the course of the week, we had many ‘Stop, Drop and Read’ sessions. When Mrs Gilbert came around with the whistle, we all had to stop what we were doing and read a book for 5 minutes! Thank you to all  parents for supporting the children with their fantastic costumes and potato models.

Take a look at the photos of their fantastic creations for the ‘potato book character’ competition.

Garden Work Party Day

We are extremely fortunate to have such  amazing families and staff who are willing to spend their whole Sunday preparing our school garden and grounds ready for the summer. Members of our PTA also helped and prepared fabulous refreshments and homemade soups and jacket potatoes for lunch too.

What amazing results thanks to Mirte and Mr Wild’s planning.

Heart Start

Our Y4 pupils are learning how to respond in an emergency. The British Heart Foundation Heart Start course for young people is an excellent way to start learning these skills. They already know how to check for dangers, check for a response, open the airway, check for breathing, call for help and put a breathing casualty in the recovery position. We even used our new skills and put them into practise at RNAS Culdrose where we have our school swimming lessons and the lifeguard was very impressed. We will be moving onto dealing with a non-breathing casualty, choking, heart attacks and bleeding next. Tomorrow’s first aiders are in the making- what great skills to learn so young.

Design Your Own Sports Shirt

85 pupils in our school entered a county wide competition to design and win your own sports strip. Amazingly one of our designs made it into the final five and also became one of the two winning designs. AGAME sports sponsored the event and as a result we now have 15 new sports toos in the design. Our hockey team were delighted and so proud to be the first ones wearing Phoebe’s design on the pitch for their first hockey league match of 2019.

The children played brilliantly, battling against the elements, strongly, with confidence and super defending. The final score against Mylor was 0-0 – although our players were very close to scoring several times.

Player of the week- Freya- for the most fantastic defending.


Football League

Our strong football team came 2nd in the league after winning every match (13) apart from one that they drew. The league ran throughout the whole of the Autumn term and the children played against all the other schools in the Penryn Partnership. What amazing results from a dedicated team with two awesome coaches (Rob & Gary) who give up their time weekly to support and train our children. Our boys also came third in the football tournament in February. What a great year for football at CPS!

We have the St Keverne tournament to look forward to next.


Italian Restaurant

Year 4 had an exciting visit to Pizza Express in Falmouth where they looked into the ingredients of dough and how pizzas are made. This links with our work on the Romans’ and digestion. A great time was had by all and we clearly have some amazing chefs in the making.

08.02.19 Newsletter

Swimming Y4

Its Year 4’s turn to swim and they had a great first session. Lots of great safe entries going on from turning & sliding, jumping, diving and straddle entries. The children also learned about lane discipline and etiquette in two groups as we have been working in our stamina and completing drills over a longer distance to really improve our strokes. One group was working on front crawl while another focussed on backstroke this week and they were working towards an efficient start from the wall as you can see from the attached video clip. The ten minutes playtime after an hours swimming lesson is always well deserved too:B9FEF599-53EE-40C3-9C12-F7A8304DE352

Gymnastics for our staff

Our teachers all took part in a training session where they extended their skills and knowledge in the teaching of gymnastics. Mabe School hosted the event and Mrs Walker from Penryn College organised it. Our learning powers of resilience, perseverance, collaboration and communication were all put to the test.

It was brilliant! They are all very keen and excited to get back in school and put it all into practise with their own classes. Can you spot any of your teachers below?