AR Feedback 19 Nov 2013

At Constantine, we are very fortunate to have a wonderfully active governing body. Marian Saunders is the English governor and her focus for this term is to look at the impact of AR in our school. Marian went around the school and asked children questions about how they felt about the new scheme.

The selection below has been taken directly from the report:

Feedback from children

I spoke with at least three children per year group ensuring appropriate representation of readers of all abilities.  The overwhelming response from the children was positive.  Nearly all felt that it was making them read more and that they got more out of their reading.  A sample of the responses to my standard questions is shown below.

What do you think about the AR scheme?

“ I like it a lot” 

“We get to read twice a day and it is really fun” 


What do you like most about the scheme?

Quizzes, quizzes, quizzes…. “I LOVE quizzes” “It guides you on what to read at the right level”

“It introduces new authors that I wouldn’t have thought of reading”

“I like looking at my quiz scores, I see what I got wrong and it makes me concentrate more next time”

“Makes me want to read more”

“Helps you understand the book”

“I definitely enjoy reading more because of AR”

“I didn’t used to read every day, but I do now and I’m improving”

“It makes me read more carefully as I know I will have to do a quiz at the end”

“I used to hate books, but now I love them”

“I have dyslexia and it has definitely helped me with my reading”


These quotes show and prove how popular AR is at our school. A massive thank you to Marian for her work in creating this report.