Jul 4 2015

Another Week in the Rainforest!

Our stories are finished and hanging up in the classroom, please come and see them! They are brilliant and have excellent illustrations.
We practised again for sports day and had a go at throwing the howlers. It was tricky but Jack, Brendan, Charlie and Elijah managed to throw them a long way! We also practised for our 10 minute run round the recreation ground next Tuesday, trying to remember to jog rather than race!
Maths was all about practising adding and subtracting on the 100 square and there was more maths problem solving on Friday. This week we had to make groups of animals with 12 or 24 spots! Well done to Daisy, Martha and Brendan for great counting and problem solving!
Our explorer bags are ongoing. Some have finished adding a fastening and a handle. Thanks again to Lyn for her support and expertise. We hope to finish them next week and display them outside the classroom. They will be entered in the Cottage Garden Show on 18th July.