Anglo-Saxon Day a HUGE Success 2 Mar 2012

On Monday 27th March, Tamar class took part in an Anglo-Saxon day.

All thanks to Mrs Carroll and Mrs Hughes, the class had an amazing time weaving, felt making, making replica coins and writing their names using illuminated letters. Before designing our illuminated letters, Mrs Hughes explained to us how monks would spend months or even longer writing books using these special letters and making each and every letter perfect.

The Anglo-Saxon activities lasted all day. To top it off, Tamar performed the story of Beowulf and shared a delicious feast with Kenwyn class.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Anglo-Saxon day the fun and exciting day it was, and a special thank you to Mrs Carroll and Mrs Hughes. It was a great day!

By Molly Kellow

On Monday the 27th of February Tamar class had an Anglo Saxon day. Mrs Carroll was running it with a cluster of voluntary staff. Mrs Hughes left her school for the day to help out, swapping with Mr Wild.

We took part in a series of activities all day including making our own Anglo-Saxon food. In the morning we were split up into 4 groups and began our first activity. There was copying coins, in which we were given a piece of shiny paper which we drew our design on in pen. There was also illuminated letters where we were writing our names in old fancy print. We made Anglo Saxon food using vegitables like:cabbage,carrots,herbs and other natural foods that they would of used.We made Rye bread to go with it.There was felt making when we shredded some sheep wool and layered it on bubble wrap before soaking it with water. Next we squeezed it together till the fibres in the wool was connected and it was dry, and then ran it under the cold tap before hanging it up to dry.

Lastly, the whole class took part in a production of Beowulf. The play went very well with Hamish as Beowulf, Owen as king Hrothgaa, Daisy as the Grendel and me as the Grendel’s mother. After the play the adults and children in kenwyn class shared our soup with us.

The day was a great success. Thank you everyone!

Iola L