An Interview with Helford Singing Leaders 3 Mar 2011

We have 4 singing leaders in Helford Class this year. Lets hear what being a singing leader is all about: How do you feel being a singing leader? It’s fun and you get to learn many songs. We learn them quickly and lead our class singing them too. (Darcy) Where do you lead singing? Mostly in the hall in assembly and also in our classroom. (Darcy) What is a singing register? When the register is done we sing it.  The teachers and the children take the register. You can sing in funny, silly, high, low, soft, loud and even opera voices! (Nancy) What is it like being the ony boy singing leader? It’s quite cool and also a bit frightening but I enjoy it. (Joris) How often do you sing? Every single day. (Jemima) What songs are you learning at the moment? Mostly African songs because our topic is about Africa. It’s fun and we love the drums too. We also sing in different languages.(Nancy) What is your favourite song to lead? Agi Zaggi Zumba and Kye Kye Kule they are great (Jemima) Interviewed by Mrs Gilbert