African Art Day 12 Feb 2014

What an extraordinary day we had on our African art day on Monday 10th February. The whole school was buzzing all day with energy and excitement as children created African inspired artwork. The atmosphere at the end of the day was described as ‘vibrant’ by one enthusiastic parent.

We had so many extra adults in school to help; at one time, we counted 42 different adults in school! That’s amazing! A huge thank you to all those parents who led workshops or gave up their time to help the children and staff. We would not have had such a successful day without your support.

So what did we do? Read on to find out and to view a selection of images. You can look at a larger gallery of images by clicking here.

Reception class made decorated purses with Mrs Savage, and string bowls and peg animals with Mr Anjari.

2014-02-10 11.37.08 2014-02-10 11.37.59 2014-02-10 11.38.02 IMG_0053

Year 1 painted beautiful African sunsets with silhouetted animals with Mrs Newton and made spectacular African masks with local portrait artist Charlotte Massey and Lizzie Watson.

DSCF3796 IMG_0056 IMG_0057 P1070531 P1070618

Year 2 made circular patterns using dried pasta with Mrs Gilbert and mixed media masks with Amber Keetch.

2014-02-10 11.28.05 P1070567 P1070614 P1070615

Year 3 painted camouflaged African animal skins with local artist and ex-governor, George Willoughby and created a fantastic collaborative collage and mixed media piece with local artist and parent Maxine Hart.

IMG_0046 P1070571 P1070576 P1070578 P1070604

Year 4 made African shields and spears with Mr Hitchens and Adire Eleko resist prints with Mrs Carroll.

IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_3385 IMG_3386 IMG_3387 IMG_3388 IMG_3389

Year 5 did T-Shirt printing with Mrs Gregory, clay masks with Penryn College teacher Ross Marhall and Silk painting with local artist Sally Spens.

IMG_0061 IMG_0072 IMG_0073 IMG_0077 IMG_0079 P1070532 P1070537

Year 6 made clay masks with Mrs Page, did silk screen printing with Mr Wild and made clay masks with professional ceramic artist, Linda Styles.

P1070541 P1070543 P1070546 P1070579 P1070582 P1070585 P1070587

Some of the children’s artwork will be on display at the Save the Children coffee morning at Constantine Church hall on Saturday 15th February. After half term it should all be on display around our school, so please do take some time then to come and have a look around our school.