May 4 2018

Africa and Habitats

We have started our African topic and have already explored the deserts in the North and the Savannah in the South. We have found out how camels adapt in the hot dusty desert and how rhinos are being hunted to extinction. We were extremely lucky to have Emma’s Mum in to tell us about her work with rhinos and we discovered they were very interesting creatures. We are now just beginning to find out about the rainforest in central Africa and have drawn the layers which all make habitats for different animals.

our role play area is developing too, with a giraffe, tent and lots of drawings of animals and scenes. We are looking forward to getting our binoculars out again to explore the dense rainforest or look for animals on the Savannah.

African drumming led by Alan was brilliant and we spend time beating out anal sounds and rhythms . Finally we have kept up our daily run, sampled football training and had two tennis sessions. No wonder we go home exhausted every day!

After the long weekend we hope to walk to Glebe Gardens and explore the hedgerows on the way looking for common flowers. Let’s hope the weather stays fine.