Feb 3 2018

A World of Dinosaurs!

Our dinosaur explorers are now learning about dinosaurs in Jurassic and Cretaceous times, when more dinosaurs roamed the Earth and there was more water and forests. They have researched at home and school making them budding experts in this prehistoric time! Look out for Barry, the dinosaur erupting from the display outside the classroom!

We have collected facts and even written poems about Jurassic dinosaurs. The scariest are the carnivores with their sharp teeth and claws!

Every day there are drawings or models of dinosaurs decorating our walls! What an enthusiastic class, extending their learning in their free time. Similarly there is usually a dinosaur drama in the role play area in the afternoon, where Tyrannosaurus Rex rules the corner! We have even shown visitors in there, we hope they come back!

Our Maths has been looking at addition and subtraction and is now all about counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, a precursor to multiplication and division. Well done to Piper and Ethan for completing the challenge puzzle on Friday. Alongside this we are always thinking about the size and weight of the dinosaurs we research and often wonder whether they would fit in the classroom!

Finally, our trip to Newquay Zoo to find out about dinosaurs and animals alive at the same time, is booked for 19th March. Although we have a minibus booked, our class numbers are rising and we will need some volunteers to drive too. If you can help transport, please let us know.

I wonder what is in store for our brave dinosaur explorers next week…