A very special visitor … 14 Dec 2011

At 11.35 this morning, the sound of sleigh bells and rotor blades singalled the arrival of a very special guest at Constantine school. Shortly afterwards, Father Christmas himself touched down on the school field accompanied by his chief elf and escorted by naval personnel from RNAS Culdrose. It was a truly magical moment for all the children and on returning to their classes, they were even more delighted to find that presents for them had appeared whilst they had been outside!

Kenwyn class were asked to write down how they felt about the experience of meeting Father Christmas and here were some of their thoughts:

‘Very choppy, amazing, deafening and wet.’(Rufus)

‘It was an amazing experience because I had never seen Santa before so it was AWESOME!.’ (Chelsea)

‘Amazing, astonishing santa and his helper came, the rain was cold and the fierce wind on my spine was so cool.’(Hollie)

‘It was amazing and very windy. I loved seeing him. It was the best.’ (Lily)

‘Really good. I really enjoyed seeing Santa. It made me smile.’ (Charlie)

‘I haven’t seen anything like it before.’ (Armin)

‘Blown away in amazement.’ (Sadie)

‘A helicopter landed in our field and Santa was in it and all of those men worked for him. I am amazed!’ (Jemima)

‘I liked the look of the helicopter and seeing Santa but I didn’t like the part when it hurt Ethan’s ears.’ (Lucas)

‘Awesome, tensing, exciting, cool, cold, windy. It was a new experience.’ (Ben)

Some great thoughts and terrific writing there Kenwyn class. Father Christmas was obvisouly very happy with you and proud of all your hard work this year. Well done! 🙂