Feb 9 2019

A Special Message to Tamar Class

Last week I reached out to Camille Seaman, an extraordinary photographer and polar explorer. Below are pasted my original message and her reply:


Dear Camille, My year 5 class in the UK and I watched your TED talk about icebergs. We were inspired by your heartfelt, passionate words and by your extraordinary photographs. Since that time, we have learned a lot about icebergs and glaciation and we have written some autobiographies of some icebergs: from their time trapped in glaciers, to their calving, and finally to their ultimate demise. We would love you to read our writing and we think you will be surprised by how much we love icebergs too. Please read and comment, or even mail back.
Regards, Mr Chris Wild



I am just back in Ireland after two months at sea in Antarctica photographing. I am deeply moved by your students works/words and hope you will share with them the importance of knowing what true empathy is. Their words are an important step for all of us humans as we remember to appreciate all that we have on this fragile but beautiful planet.
Here is an image to show them. Thank you for letting me know about their assignment. I have shared it on my facebook and twitter accounts.