Jun 21 2016

A Part of Theseus and the Minotaur by David

The vast, sacred olive wood doors swung into the abyss and the blood stained, concrete labyrinth revealed itself to terrified human eyes. Immediately, the stench of human flesh burrowed its way into his nostrils and he suddenly stepped back. As fierce as a lion, he felt a rip of courage go through him at that point and he ventured in closer to the centre of the maze.  The hero nearly forgot about the twine that Ariadne had given him.

He thought of the moment when the Princess had betrayed her father for his love. Her pale, blue eyes reminded him of the quest he was on. While he was daydreaming about Ariadne, a ferocious roar echoed through the endless passageways. The ground shook and King Aegeus’ son dropped his sword and picked it up as quick as he could and looked 360 degrees around him .

Still alarmed  from the roar, he tiptoed onwards further into the labyrinth. As Theseus looked at his surroundings, there was horn marks and dried blood all along the walls. It was getting more frequent and that made his spine shiver…

After a few hours he came to a dead end and he got very confused. Ariadne said “Always go forward and down the stairs”. He thought he must have gone the wrong way somewhere. He followed the twine back up.

Quite surprisingly, the next roar from the Minotaur was so loud that he nearly fell back. Theseus dusted himself off and ventured on (as ready as ever).

Finally, he came to the centre of the maze where the roaring nearly deafened him. At first sight, the Minotaur looked undefeatable and immortal.

The fight was ferocious and bloody and both victims were majorly hurt. The Minotaur was one strike away from being killed when Ariadne ran in shouting “No Theseus, no!”

With one last strike, he pierced the sword into the monster’s heart and the Minotaur was dead…