A flying visit from Father Christmas! 13 Dec 2011

On Wednesday 7th December pupils, staff and our Pre school welcomed Father Christmas and his helpers who arrived by a search and rescue helicopter onto the school field. This was so magical following letters that had been received by the children from the big man himself. As a reward for their hard work this term he promised to pop in and the entrance he made was spectacular. The helicopter was huge and the noise was immense. Mrs Gilbert told us to hold onto our hats as the upthrust would blow them off.

Just before Father Christmas arrived our w0nderful PTA provided squash in christmassy cups and biscuits which created a lovely exciting atmosphere. We all loved every minute of the visit and were so surprised when we returned to our classrooms to find presents! Father Christmas must have sent his sneaky elves in to do that. Take a look at some of our pictures below: