Feb 12 2015

A Fisherman came into Kenwyn Class

We had a great visit from Cameron the Fisherman this week. It was brilliant. He showed us many sea life creatures that he catches regularly and some that are quite rare but can end up in his nets or pots. Our favourite parts of the morning were: tasting the shrimps, crab and cod, learning how to kill a crab without hurting it, feeling how heavy the common crab can be, what a velvet crab feels like and how silky the shell is, how tasty the food is, how big a cod can get, where lobsters keep their eggs (hundreds of them) and how and why a lobster shoots its claw off. It was brilliant.
You might see Cameron’s boat near Mylor Harbour of fishing in Falmouth and the Helford. His boat umber is FH 609. By Gracie and Fleur.
Thank you Cameron for such an informative morning. You brought in so much sea life including: common crabs, spider crabs, velvet crabs, whelks, oysters, lobsters, black tipped star fish, shrimps and urchins – all live and a monkfish, cod, ray, lemon sole, pollock and a mackerel. The lobster with all the eggs was off to the lobster hatchery in Padstow following this visit.